Chxrry22 The Other Side

Published: September 29, 2022

Last Updated: October 3, 2022

Listen to Chxrry22’s Ethereal Debut EP ‘The Other Side’

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Chxrry22 The Other Side

In the realm of R&B, Chxrry22 is making a name for herself as an artist. She already released two songs this year, and now she’s back with her first  EP, titled The Other Side

In each of the seven songs, Chxrry opens out about the difficulty of putting one’s own wants aside in order to focus on one’s job and one’s troubled personal relationship. Records like “Do It Again” and “Us” on The Other Side convey the narrative of longing for a lost love, while “Alone” and “Wasteland” reveal bittersweet inner-battlegrounds, where she eventually reinforces her dedication to herself. 

Both the artist’s first song, “The Falls,” and the second, “Call Me,” which followed it, were released and were met with high appreciation from listeners and reviewers. Chxrry22 is sure of her role as an artist and a champion of young women’s rights. Her big screen debut is a turning point in her career, a tangible threshold over which she can now picture herself walking.

Listen to The Other Side below.