Chloe Florence RAYDAR

Chloe Florence Chats With Us About Her New Song “Synergy,” Tattoos, and More

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Chloe Florence RAYDAR

Those seeking connection can find comfort in music, which also offers a haven for both performers and fans. It’s a sentiment that hits home for Montreal-based artist Chloe Florence.

Her passion for singing and composition, as well as her extraordinary honesty, show brightly throughout her discography, marking her as a unique performer who fuses elements of pop and R&B into a style of her own. Being born into a musical family, she inherited her great-exceptional grandmother’s talent for imagining a song’s arrangement and lyrics. Chloe’s talent for bringing her stories to life through her enriched melodies is simple to grasp when you include in the nomad flavor of a Gypsy great-aunt.

Her current track “Synergy,” which boasts guest appearances from Myles Lloyd and production from Lucas Liberatore, sees the musician stepping back into the spotlight. In an unprecedented team effort, she has uncovered the peaks and valleys of self-discovery via the lens of a reoccurring late-night romance. The record follows a slew of other high-profile releases from the burgeoning music star, including September’s “All In” and June’s “Naked.” Thus far, Chloe’s catalog has been all bops that you can play no matter the season, and “Synergy” is no expectation.

“Sonically, ‘Synergy’ embodies the tipping point, right before one confesses their feelings for the other. They’re addicted to playing with fire as they haven’t been burned… yet,” she says. “There are feelings hidden under covers and subliminal messages found between the lines of their late-night conversations—in bed and during late-night drives. The lyrics depict the situationship as lustful, mysterious, dangerous, and intense.” 

Below, we spoke with Chloe Florence about her ethereal new song, how fashion and beauty play a role in her art, and what she looks forward to next. Continue scrolling to see our conversation.

Congratulations on your new record “Synergy,” what inspired this particular record and what do you want your fans to take away from it?

I was casually dating for a little while, trying to figure out my likes and dislikes, navigating new territory after ending a relationship I had been in for two years. There were a few people I saw myself getting serious with, but I found I kept getting stuck in this place of lust. Dating was corrupt to me, it was all long nights and scandalous meetings.

I think people my age—in their twenties—are truly terrible at falling in love; we always seem to get in our own way. I wanted to make a song that felt sexy and fun but also embodied that fear and longing for something more than just sex. I’d hope it could help someone recognize that maybe they’re in a similar situation and make them want to rectify it… Either by ending the situationship or confessing their feelings and trying for something deeper.

I think this type of sexual dynamic is something that most people experience at some point or another, and sometimes you just have to romanticize it to get through it—so whether “Synergy” helps someone face it or fantasize about it, I’m indifferent. I say to each their own, as long as it makes you feel something. 

Myles Lloyd complements your vocals seamlessly, offering up his one-of-a-kind sound to the track. How did the two of you originally meet and what made him the perfect fit?

We initially connected on Instagram and gave each other mutual support—sharing, commenting, that kind of thing. We admired one another’s work from afar for a while. When it came to Synergy I just knew that his style would compliment mine beautifully, and I was right. 

This song comes off the heels of “All In” and “Naked,” the latter of which introduced you to a lot of new fans. Where would you say that this particular track stands in terms of your catalog?

I think this track is simply a continuation of this new batch of singles. “All In”, “Naked”, and “Synergy” are the start to a new era for me since they’re quite different from my first two projects. My goal for this upcoming music is to showcase that I am boundless in terms of genre. I’m more interested in telling the story of my generation than trying to fit a mold. 

One thing that always stands out to me is the amount of time you pour into the creative direction behind your records, whether it be your cover arts or music videos. How important are fashion and beauty to your artistry?

Creative direction is everything to me. Visuals often come to me as I’m making the music and I’m always subconsciously creating worlds around the songs. It’s one of my favorite parts of releasing music. I get to involve so many amazing creative people in this big project that was initially a loose concept in my mind. It’s so much fun. 

As a musician who’s always on the road shooting content, what is a beauty or skincare tip that you live by?

Do your research, figure out your skin type, and find a solid skin care routine you can stick to. Oh, and always double cleanse. 

Can you tell me about your tattoos, what do they mean?

Oh my, I have a lot of them. The general idea with my tattoos is that they are representative of me. I hold this duality of being both feminine and masculine, yin and yang, so my tattoos are representative of that.

For instance, I have flowers whose stems turn into barbed wire, a butterfly with flaming wings, a knife with flowers growing from the blade… but most notably I have the word “catalyst” tattooed on my arm because I make music and art with the hopes of it evoking a reaction or action from the listener.

Pivoting back into music, what are you looking forward to the most as you continue to grow as an artist?

I am looking forward to growing my audience and connecting with all sorts of people around the world. I love to perform so to get to do so for a much bigger audience would be a dream. I am also looking forward to collaborating with more amazing creatives to make timeless music and corresponding visuals. I’m all about evolving, so to continue to do so is what I am most excited/happy about.