Chloe Bodur

Chloe Bodur Unveils New Single “Static Flow”

Singer-songwriter Chloe Bodur releases visuals for her recent single “Static Flow” ahead of her forthcoming EP, Mavi. In the accompanying self-directed visual effort, she is joined by collaborator JD Reid as she explores the contradicting sides of her many contrasting personalities in the track.

Speaking on the song, Chloe Bodur shares, For this video, I really wanted to capture a sense of freedom and the ability to be one’s complete, authentic self without fear of judgment or scrutiny. At the beginning of the video I take off a mask and as the song develops I continue to peel back layers until I free myself into euphoria. We’re so heavily monitored these days with cameras in
our face 24/7 and a need to keep up appearances daily that it can be hard to just let go. To be present and be free.”

She adds, “For me, I’ve always felt a real sense of relief when after a long day at work—or school or wherever you can’t be your full, real self—you get in the car, put your favorite music on as you drive home, and you just exhale. I wanted to take that feeling and push it into a dreamscape.”

Watch Chloe Bodur’s new visual below and keep a lookout for her new EP this month!

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