Charlotte Tilbury Cream Bronzer Review RAYDAR

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Cream Bronzer

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Charlotte Tilbury Cream Bronzer Review RAYDAR

With a rich legacy of crafting iconic beauty products that have transformed everyday makeup routines, Charlotte Tilbury has done it again — unveiling a product that beckons summer days and sun-kissed glows. Say hello to the Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Cream Bronzer, the latest gem in the cosmetic brand’s lineage, which made its grand entrance on May 19, 2022.

Synonymous with elegance and a hallmark of quality, Charlotte Tilbury’s first cream bronzer promises not just a cosmetic addition to your beauty regimen but a revolution. In a crowded market of beauty products, it introduces an element of freshness, promising an effortless glow and an incredibly blendable formula that is set to work magic on a spectrum of skin tones.

Now, for those familiar with the esteemed make-up artist and her brand, expectations are towering. However, as we continue, you’ll uncover why this bronzer is grabbing headlines and why it might just be the magical product you didn’t know you needed in your makeup bag.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer
  • Sun-kissed glow
  • Lasts up to 16 hours
  • Sweatproof
  • Price point
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First Impressions

The first thing that captures your attention as you unbox this product is the grandeur that accompanies Charlotte Tilbury’s creations. The substantial compact with its mirror, so generous that you can view your entire face with ease, speaks volumes about the thought put into not just the product but the entire user experience.

Delving deeper, the bronzer itself presents a creamy texture that is neither overly moist nor dry — a balance achieved through a careful selection of ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and silky polymers. This results in a powdery cream essence that feels hydrating yet not oily, promising easy application and comfortable wear throughout the day.

Evidently, this bronzer does more than just sit pretty in its luxurious packaging. At first glance, its quality becomes palpably clear — a hint of your finger on the surface retrieves a satisfying amount of color, ready to grace your skin with a seamless glow.


In this lush concoction, a few ingredients play starring roles. The hyaluronic acid ensures that your skin stays happily hydrated, steering clear of the greasiness that sometimes accompanies bronzing drops, and evading the chalky fallout seen with many bronzing powders or sticks. This comes as a refreshing change, offering a solution that cares for your skin while enhancing its natural beauty.

In addition, the inclusion of polymers and resin forms a virtually weightless film over the skin. Far from a hindrance, this film helps in blurring out textures, blemishes, and even those pesky fine lines that appear when we smile too much or frown too hard. It is paired with finely milled pearls, which add a soft opalescence to the bronzer. This isn’t about becoming a human glitter ball; it’s about achieving that healthy glow that makes you light up a room.

The Texture

It’s not just what is in it, it’s how it feels on the skin that takes this bronzer to a level above. Described as a “powdery cream,” it evades easy categorization, being neither wet nor excessively emollient, hence sidestepping the typical pitfalls associated with either category. This curious description translates to a product that feels delightfully smooth, and hydrating without giving way to an oily aftermath, and one that blurs to perfection, thanks to the soft-focusing effect of the silica incorporated into it.

For those with oily skin, this formula is a sigh of relief, offering a non-oily, blurring, and hydrating option. It feels comfortable to wear, with a long-lasting promise that caters to the needs of a wide spectrum of skin types, including those who have often felt left out of the cream bronzer discussion.

Creating The Look

Charlotte Tilbury recommends hitting the high points on your face that naturally catch the sun to create a harmoniously bronzed look. And if you’re eager to define your features while you’re at it, reaching for a dense, fluffy brush might just be your best bet. It lends itself to a natural, targeted application, allowing for gentle patting and swiping motions that blend the product perfectly, erasing any potential harsh lines and leaving a seamless glow in its wake.

Shade Range

Offered in a range of four shades spanning from light to deep, it aims to cater to a variety of skin tones. However, this range, while a commendable effort, leaves room for improvement. The considerable jumps between the shades point towards a gap that could be filled, potentially offering a more nuanced selection to cater to an even wider array of skin tones. The call for an expanded range is a gentle nudge towards inclusivity, encouraging the brand to step up and provide for everyone seeking their perfect match.

Should You Buy This Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer?

With this bronzer, Tilbury delivers a product that straddles a rare middle ground, offering a natural, velvety finish that seems to imitate real skin, avoiding both the overly shiny and the dry ends of the spectrum. It lasts all day, a vigilant companion in your beauty journey, adding a subtle bronze glow that defines and sculpts softly, enhancing rather than overshadowing your natural beauty.

In the end, the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Cream Bronzer stands as a noteworthy addition to any beauty collection. The product has a creamy yet non-oily texture that brings a touch of sunshine to your daily routine.