Chanel Loren

Chanel Loren Releases her Debut Single “Playlist”

Sydney-based artist Chanel Loren enters 2022 with her debut single and accompanying video “Playlist.” Directed by Neil Sura, the three-minute clip formally introduces alternative-R&B’s newest and most promising voice.

“I wrote ‘Playlist’ a few years back after reflecting on a ‘situationship’ I had with a guy. Things got messy and I was struggling to express my emotions. I wanted to understand those feelings so I made a playlist called ‘Him’. I never wanted him to hear it… It was kind of my way of getting closure about the situation and knowing I’m not the only one who has experienced heartbreak,” the singer shares.

Chanel Loren’s latest venture arrives in partnership with Sony Music as she encapsulates a delicate and confident energy from start to finish. Watch “Playlist” below.

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