When you think of Chicago, artists like Kanye West, Chief Keef, and Common come to mind to name a few. Although there’s a new generation leading the music hub in a different direction! One artist, in particular, that’s at the forefront of new rap phenomenons is Ausar. Born and raised on

Born and raised in South London, Loie is a fresh face to the music industry who offers mellow, R&B-infused tunes for fans alike to enjoy. The 22-year-old does everything from playing instruments such as guitar and piano to singing and songwriting. Loie’s unique upbringing, as wel

Rising Virginia singer and songwriter Shaolinn makes music from the heart that touches the soul. As a child, she recalls music having quintessential role in her life, being an emotional outlet and way to heal her trauma. Common themes in Shaolinn’s music consist of self-love, mental health, de