Caroline Romano Main Press Photo

Published: November 17, 2023

Caroline Romano Explores Her Musical Evolution and Latest Single

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Caroline Romano Main Press Photo

Caroline Romano‘s latest single, “girl in a china shop,” marks another bold step in her musical journey. The Nashville-based alt-pop sensation crafted a song that mirrors the tumultuous nature of human emotions, blending a potent chorus with contemplative verses.

Romano’s self-awareness shines through as she reflects, “I often feel like I break everything I touch. I’ve come to view myself as one major juxtaposition. One thing I’ve learned is that as life moves on, things get broken in the process. Whether it’s relationships or my own heart, I’ve come to realize that it’s all too easy to shatter either one by my own hand. At times, it’s left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and with my own footing.”

At 22, Romano has already proven her prowess in capturing the essence of young adulthood. Her music, characterized by its unfiltered honesty, resonates deeply with her audience. From her debut album, Oddities and Prodigies, to her more mature 2023 EP, A Brief Epic, her evolution as an artist is evident. The July release spawned fan favorites like “Then I Woke Up” and “St. George,” with more tunes coming down the pipeline.

In “girl in a china shop,” Romano confronts fragility and the ease with which things can shatter, whether it’s relationships or self-esteem. “This is my attempt at acknowledging that, in a way that summarizes the chaotic feeling that is navigating myself and other’s emotions,” she admits. This single serves as a raw, introspective piece that epitomizes her growth both as an individual and as a musician.

To learn more about the artist, we spoke to Caroline Romano about her evolution, using music as a way to confront emotions, her style, and what to look forward to next.

The year is coming to an end pretty soon. Looking back, how do you feel about everything you’ve put out and accomplished?

I’m really happy with and proud of the music I put out this year. I’ve been wanting to put out a project like A Brief Epic for some time now, and I am just so glad with how it all turned out. I feel like I’ve grown a lot this past year as an artist and a songwriter, and I’m very excited to be where I am now at this point in 2023. 

How would you say that your artistic journey has changed or evolved since you first started making music several years ago?

I think my music has grown up with me over the past few years. I released my first song when I was 16. I’m 22 now, and I’ve written about everything that’s changed and happened in that time. It’s more self-assured, intense, and raw than it was back when I first started writing. I’m excited to see where my music will be six years from now. I hope it’s somewhere great. 

Talk to me about “girl in the china shop” — how did you come up with the title, and what experience inspired you to write this song?

I wrote down the idea for “girl in a china shop” in the notes app of my phone in my car.  It was a few days after my 22nd birthday, and I was feeling old and young and genuinely just confused about everything in my life. I think the years of twenty-one to twenty-two saw me make more mistakes than I ever have before. I was feeling desperate to leave that trend behind with another year, but I didn’t feel any different. I still felt like I was breaking everything I touched, whether it was relationships, my own heart, or external circumstances. I felt like I couldn’t get life right. 

You also mentioned feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, which I’m sure many people can relate to. For you personally, what’s the best way to land back on your feet after a heartbreak or disappointing moment?

For me, I’ve found the best way to move on is to wake up with the mindset that every day truly is a new beginning. It sounds cliche, but it works, and it took me a long time and a lot of heartache to actually start believing that. The odds are the best really is still yet to come.

Has writing music helped you develop self-confidence?

Writing music has absolutely helped me develop self-confidence and to better understand myself in general. Songwriting is the most cathartic thing in the world for me, and seeing other people relate to the songs I write has brought me a lot of peace within myself.

“girl in a china shop” is actually one of your first singles since releasing A Brief Epic in July. Where do you want to go in terms of music direction after this?

The music I’ve been writing in the time between ‘A Brief Epic’ and “girl in a china shop” is definitely leaning more into the rock/alternative pop sphere. My new songs still have the storytelling lyricism, but sonically, they’re a bit heavier. I think my emotions and circumstances in this period of time have just felt intense and loud, and I’ve been writing music to match those feelings.

How about when it comes to style? What do you like wearing these days?

I’ve really been into wearing the big t-shirt and oversized jeans combo lately. Any cool band tee with some baggy pants is pretty much my day-to-day wardrobe at this point. However, I’m almost always into a mini skirt, button-up combo. I can fluctuate between an edgy vibe versus a more classic look on any given day.