Carianne Older Main Press Photo

Carianne Older Shares Her 5 Favorite Photographs

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Carianne Older Main Press Photo

LA-based film photographer Carianne Older is sparking a revolution not just with her pictures, but with the powerful narrative she weaves into each shot. With a client list that reads like a who’s who of today’s pop culture, Older goes beyond capturing moments, illuminating the fierce, fragile, and fearless facets of femininity.

Also known as Peggy Shoots Film, her commitment to breaking down gender barriers in the industry is manifested through her numerous sold-out workshops and mentorship programs. Older’s unique perspective on art and creativity doesn’t just focus on the images but on creating a path for others to follow. Her previous experience in the entertainment industry and her BA in Arts Administration and Production Management have forged a lens through which she views the world – a lens filled with optimism, strength, and a drive to redefine standards.

Now, based in the glamorous world of Los Angeles, Older has become a name synonymous with the modern trend of pop culture and the ever-evolving narrative of female empowerment. Her story of success, passion, and a distinct eye reveals a testament to the American dream, where talent meets determination, and art becomes a reflection of life’s very essence. The photographer’s portfolio includes familiar places and faces like SZA, Charli Puth, Sky Bri, Maggie Lindemann, and more.

Below, find out how Carianne Older is changing the face of photography and shaping a new era of inclusivity and creativity in our exclusive Q&A.


I was on the set of the “That’s Not How This Works” music video for Charlie Puth and Sabrina Carpenter. I was doing the on-set photography, and two of my images ended up being the single art from this shoot, which was super cool. I just love how the candle lights glisten and sparkle – such a cinematic little moment captured in time within this photograph. 


One of my recent favorite shoots for Playboy. For my shoots for Playboy, I pretty much do everything except for the hair and makeup. I chose the location and styled my model for this one. I don’t always do it all for my shoots, but sometimes it’s fun too! Playboy always gives me creative control over my shoots for them, so it’s always fun to go over the top and come up with an exciting idea to execute. 


Another recent fav – my shoot for Polyester Zine! I really wanted to horse girl down. A friend of the stylist and I work at a horse ranch nearby, so we asked if we could do a fun shoot there! It was so awesome to spend some time around horses while also taking photos at the same time.


Last year I got to shoot the icon herself, Dylan Mulvaney. Dylan’s stylist, Branden, and I had been chatting about working on something together – so we rented out one of my favorite Los Angeles locations, Ragdoll Pink Palace, and popped off on a perfectly pink shoot that fit Dylan’s vibe so well. These photos were so well received. People were dying for Dylan and I to work on something together, so when we posted, the comment section went crazy! It was so nice to collaborate with someone that fits right into my world of photography. 


The iconic roachkini for Campout Magazine for last year’s Halloween issue. If you know me, you know I love Halloween. Every year I try to take it to the next level with how weird I can get. When Christine from Campout brought up the idea of doing a roach-themed shoot, but sexy… You know I couldn’t resist! She made the roachkini from scratch, and it was such a hit – people couldn’t get enough of this shoot.