Published: July 1, 2022

Last Updated: August 4, 2022

Cardi B Enlists Kanye West and Lil Durk For “Hot Shit”

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Teased earlier this week at the 2022 BET Awards, Cardi B shares her new song “Hot Shit” featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk. The record serves as the lead single to the Bronx rapper’s upcoming sophomore album, reportedly slated to release later this year.

Cardi kicks off her verse with bars alluding to Chanel and Jimmy Snuka among other topics such as her detractors. In the song, she raps, “Pretty when I wake up, I’m a bad bitch at breakfast / Still might slide on a opp (It’s electric).” The line serves as a nod to the song’s sample, 1983’s “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffiths, produced by Tay Keith. Elsewhere, she raps, “I’m so poppin’ I don’t ever gotta get introduced (‘Truced) / One thing I never call up, you know it’s a truce.”

Lil Durk helms the song’s second verse, rapping about women, drugs, and paying homage to late Chicago rapper King Von. “I know that Von hit her, she pulled up on my block in Jimmy Choo,” he closes the 16 off with. Other standout lines include: “They just came outside in 2020, pull up in that 21 / I keep my side, switches for me and I’ma die for 21.”

Meanwhile, Kanye makes a reference to Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, rapping, “They can’t stop me now, uh, I been poppin’ out, uh / Cardi, where your sister at? I need Henny now, mm-mm.” Since his publicly documented split with Kim Kardashian in 2021, the rapper has mingled with a number of other notable women including Chaney Jones and Julia Fox. Ye seemingly shoots his shot with the reality star and social media influencer.

“Hot Shit” is Cardi B’s first single since 2021’s “Up,” which debuted at #2 on the Hot 100 and was RIAA-certified platinum in the same year. Kanye West, on the other hand, is coming off the heels of February’s Donda 2 which was exclusively released on the Stem Player platform, a music gadget that Ye had created in partnership with KANO. Lil Durk dropped the deluxe edition of his seventh studio album 7220 with 13 new songs and recently performed for Apple Music Live this week.

Listen to Cardi B’s new single “Hot Shit” below.