CandyCan Is An Innovative Gummy Company With A Purpose

Over the past few years, supplements in the form of sweets and fulfilling snacks have been popping up and it’s certainly a step in the right direction. One of the latest, and arguably most appealing and purposeful brands, is CandyCan.

The “functional gummies” currently only come in two functions: Focus Gummies and Sleep Gummies. Both contain a variety of flavors ranging from Strawberry, Mango, and Lemon Lime. Although with the direction that they’re currently going, there might just be some new flavors and functions in the coming years.

Unlike your typical gummy candy which is high in fructose corn syrup and artificial colors, the Focus and Sleep gummies are GMO-free, plant-based and gluten-free, and only contain 2g of sugar. That’s a major step in the right direction with each serving containing a total of 60 calories and 3g of net carbs.

Priced at $50 USD for 12 bags per case or $42.50 USD when you subscribe and save 15%, these gummies can be found via CandyCan’s online website.

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