Can You Use Concealer As Foundation RAYDAR

Can You Use Concealer As Foundation? Yes, and Heres How!

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Can You Use Concealer As Foundation RAYDAR

Many of us are familiar with the use of concealer for covering up imperfections like dark circles or blemishes. But have you ever considered taking it a step further? The concept of using it as foundation is gradually gaining traction. It’s an intriguing idea that opens up new possibilities in the realm of makeup.

The question isn’t just “Can you use concealer as foundation?” but rather how to do it effectively to achieve the desired look. The idea may seem unconventional, but it’s not as far-fetched as it might appear at first glance. With the right techniques and understanding of the products, it’s possible to use concealer in place of foundation and still attain a smooth and flawless appearance.

In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of using it as foundation, exploring different product types, application methods, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of this approach. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup artist or a curious enthusiast looking to try something new, this guide may provide you with fresh insights and inspiration.

Double Down on Shade

One of the cardinal rules of using concealer as foundation is to recognize that it requires a dance of two. The product you use for hiding a blemish won’t be the same one used to brighten dark circles. To successfully use it as foundation, you’ll need two shades:

One that’s darker and matches your foundation.

One that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation or skin tone.

These two shades are used to cover dark spots and to brighten and highlight respectively. It’s crucial not to go more than 2 shades lighter to avoid unwanted contrast. Also, care should be taken to select concealers free of parabens and phthalates.

Prime & Plump

After hydration, primer application becomes the bridge between skincare and makeup. Primers with SPF can protect against harmful UV rays, while those minimizing pores can create a smoother surface. Avoiding specific product mentions, it’s essential to find a primer that works with your unique skin requirements.

Primers create an even skin tone, control excess oil, and add longevity to your makeup. Whether you need protection from the sun or want to minimize the appearance of pores, the right primer will enhance the overall effect of your makeup.

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Lighten Up First

Using a lighter concealer first creates a strategic highlight that elevates the look. This initial application focuses on areas like under the eyes, cheekbones, nose bridge, chin tip, and the Cupid’s bow. The key here is patience. Instead of immediate blending, allow the product to sit momentarily. This waiting time prevents shearing and ensures that the lighter concealer maintains its intensity, providing a radiant and lifted appearance.

Spot-Treat Second

Addressing blemishes and dark spots requires a different approach, involving the use of a concealer matching your foundation. Precision is vital here, as this step targets imperfections like red spots, sides of the nose, and lower cheeks. Using a dual-sided applicator or a small, pointed brush ensures accuracy, delivering just the right amount of coverage where needed. This customized approach allows for a natural look that enhances your features while hiding imperfections.

Blend, Baby, Blend!

Blending is the transformative step where individual applications become a cohesive masterpiece. Using a dampened beauty sponge or blender, blend carefully, starting with the areas dotted with darker concealer. This sequence helps maintain the integrity of the lighter areas, preventing accidental blending into areas needing more coverage. Proper blending technique ensures a natural, seamless transition between lighter and darker concealers, resulting in a flawless finish.

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Powder, Bronze & Blush

Once the concealer is expertly blended, it’s time to set the look with your chosen powder. A light dusting helps lock in the makeup, creating a lasting effect. For those desiring a sun-kissed look, bronzing might be preferable. Skillful application adds warmth and dimension, enhancing the contours of the face. Adding a swipe of blush brings life and color to the cheeks, rounding off the makeup with a youthful glow.

Finally, a spray of a quality set and refresh spray can lock in your look, keeping it fresh and vibrant throughout the day. This final touch ensures that your makeup stays put, allowing you to face the world with confidence and grace.

Professional Insight

“I use just concealer to even out the skin with a lot of clients,” says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Robert Sesnek. According to him, spot-treating with concealer lets the skin breathe and uses much smaller amounts of product. A combination of creamy or buildable formulas depending on skin needs can achieve the desired look. Using more than one concealer shade to address multi-tonal skin is also a pro tip.

Tailoring to Skin Needs

Depending on skin type and individual needs, various techniques can be adopted. Mixing the concealer with a moisturizer or face oil allows for adjustable coverage. Resisting the urge to cover spots that don’t need it, being mindful of the tools, and understanding how to blend are essential skills.

Some artists recommend using a flat foundation brush for large areas, while soft-bristled detailing brushes work well for eyes, nose, and mouth. The final touch with a damp sponge can ensure a seamless and airbrushed finish.

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Final Verdict

The art of using concealer as a foundation is more than a mere trend; it’s a skillful technique that can enhance one’s natural beauty. By understanding the shades, textures, and blending methods, a minimalist yet effective look can be achieved. Whether you’re aiming for a fresh summer appearance or simply looking to embrace a lighter touch, the mastery of this method offers a novel and appealing approach.

The choice to use concealer as foundation may not be for everyone, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be an enriching addition to your beauty routine.