Butch Dawson Shares New Single “Hummer”

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West Baltimore Based rapper and producer Butch Dawson shakes up the scene with his eclectic new single, “Hummer.” This comes after a successful release of his last album Ollieworld. It’s followed by a series of genre-bending singles throughout 2020. Butch Dawson is known for combining unique sonic elements into his music, birthing his idiosyncratic style, which has proven to keep the listener in awe and hungry for more. 

Butch Dawson starts “Hummer” with a hypnotic intro. One half of a two-part song. In this dream-like section of the song, he accompanies the ethereal-sounding guitar with his mellow vocals. The combination of the two allows for a nostalgic take, putting the audience in their comfort zone. Nevertheless, he’s able to mesh the lyrics with the composition, singing ‘If I call you back, then will you stay right next to me. I can’t leave you alone, your love is too strong, like ecstasy.” allowing the moment to stick with the listener like darts on a wall. 

In the other half of the song, Butch cranks up the energy. Bringing in 808’s paired with hard-knocking drums and ominous synths, allowing for a mosh-type atmosphere to emerge. Butch Dawson then intensifies the song with his lyrics. Rapping, “Woke up, I might run it (yeah) / Drop top, I might fuck up the summer / Big body, Ass look like a hummer, (yeah), What’s a molly? / Don’t need that to fuck her, (yeah).” Enveloping the lyrics into a flawless flow.  

The visuals for the song allow the viewer to indulge in an exhilarating experience. Shot in black and white, the video showcases the rappers’ gritty nature. Directed by ThugM0m and Butch himself. 

Butch Dawson has proven himself time and time again. Steadily building a cult-like following. The rapper is on his way to making himself a household name. His latest release showcases his versatile nature. From producing and writing the song, to directing the music video. In conclusion, Butch Dawson has been consistent and has delivered beyond expectations. If you are looking for an artist to support, look no further. “Hummer” is available on all streaming platforms.

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