Bubble Introduces The Reset: Exfoliate and Repair Bundle

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This week, skincare label Bubble expands its product lineup with two new products: the Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask and Float On Facial Oil. Available as a two-step total skin do-over or individually, the duo rebuilds your face from the pores up.

The Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask is meant to be used once a week after cleansing and removes dead skin cells as well excess sebum to reveal more radiant skin. It’s infused with a mix of powerful fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids such as basil leaf extract, raspberry seed oil, turmeric, and apple fruit extract among other ingredients. Similar to the brand’s Come Clean clay mask, the formula aids in cleaning dead skin cells, however, it’s not recommended to overdo or use alongside other exfoliating products.

Meanwhile, the Float On Facial Oil serves as a lightweight facial oil that protects and rejuvenates your skin barrier for hydrated skin. Key ingredients include safflower seed, neem seed, prickly pear, and buriti oil. Bubble recommends using this product any time that your skin needs restoring. After cleansing, apply a moisturizer then follow up with a few drops of the facial oil and let it absorb for 1-2 minutes.

Retailing at $32 USD (or $18 USD for the exfoliating mask and $19 USD for the facial oil), the products are available to purchase on Bubble’s website. See the announcement below.

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