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bshp Talks about Her New Single “Sweet” and More

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bshp Press Photo

It’s time to update your playlists because British pop sensation bshp is about to make this summer sweeter than ever. With her honey-hued vocals and the addictive synth atmospherics of her latest track, “Sweet,” the musician has already proven her prowess as a fresh and dynamic voice in the music industry.

“Sweet” is a shining example of bshp’s unique ability to deliver power-packed performances. The single opens with a bold demand, “Tell me what I mean to you. Am I what you need?” The song narrates a story of yearning and desire. Furthermore, bshp’s knack for crafting contagious vocal melodies is on full display as she shifts seamlessly into falsetto, culminating in an irresistibly catchy chorus.

Earlier this year, bshp’s talent took center stage as her feature single “Oh Baby” with Nathan Dawe and Issey Cross climbed its way up the charts, reaching a successful Top 40 and landing at No. 35. With such diverse achievements under her belt, including fronting Jaguar’s entertainment division and recently signing a record deal with Universal Germany, the music starlet has carved her name into the genre. She perfectly balances soul-stirring power ballads and pulse-pounding uptempo tracks, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Ahead, we got to chat with bshp about “Sweet,” her musical influences, pursuing music full-time, and the year ahead. Continue scrolling to read our full conversation.

You released your latest single, “Sweet,” earlier this month, which is an incredible record by the way. Did the track take on the direction you initially wanted, or did the vibe change throughout the process?

Thank you so much! Honestly, this record was so fun writing. Punctual, the producers, had started on the production already, so they showed me the idea, and I loved it straight away and started putting down melodies. Then it progressed so naturally, I loved it as soon as I listened back on my way home. 

Is there a particular message that you’d like people to take away from it? 

I want people to just feel happy when they hear it. It’s a fun tune.  A lot of people talk too much on their phones without taking action, and if you’re anything like me, If I’m feeling a connection or spark, I just wanna meet you ASAP. So I guess I want people to stop wasting time and seize the moment. Life’s too short to be hiding behind a phone screen. 

Who are your personal idols and biggest influences musically?

I have so many influences, I listen to a lot of music, predominantly R&B. But I love a bit of everything. I feel you can pull inspiration from anything you connect with. I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Mariah, Whitney, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, and hundreds more. 

I still listen to all these artists, but being a writer you learn to expand your taste. I think that’s really important. 

Was there a definitive moment when you thought that you could take music more seriously? 

Music was always in my heart but as a passion. Honestly, it wasn’t until I left my full-time job because I had been signed, it was still all very new to me then. I’d only been writing and recording for just over a year. Sometimes I still can’t even believe that I’m lucky enough to do this full-time. 

Fast forward today, where do you feel like you’re at with music right now? From the sound to your visual aesthetic, how would you describe your work to a new listener?

The music industry like any creative industry, is a crazy place. You have to be thick-skinned and used to rejection, for sure. But on that journey, you kinda learn exactly who you are and who you wanna be, what you wanna portray as an artist. It’s a real process that takes time. 

“Sweet” is obviously a fun song. It’s not supposed to be too thought-provoking. But a lot of the music that’s to come includes a lot of heartbreak and rawness and will help my audience get to know me.  Each track does differentiate from one to another and that’s exactly what I want because there’s different sides to me, like most people. You wake up and feel different from day to day and go through things. 

So I like to just go into the studio and go with the flow and how I feel on that day. There’s no real strategy to it, so I wouldn’t be able to put it in a box, I wanna reach a lot of people for different reasons, so I feel like there’s a song for everyone with the releases coming out. 

In regards to the visual aesthetic, I want that to cater to each release, whether that’s the music video or the content, whatever it is. So you might see me dancing around having lots of fun, and for the next narrative, perhaps crying in bed looking terrible. ‘Cause that’s how I’ve felt when writing some of these songs. It all needs to translate with each release. 

You have a really great relationship with your makeup artist, Olivia Davey. Out of curiosity, what’s your go-to makeup look?

Liv is actually my best friend. She’s been in my life since we were little and I’m so fortunate to have her around me in a working environment too. It works really well because she’s like comfort as well as doing an amazing job. 

My go-to makeup normally when Liv’s not on board is not always so inspiring. I try and make sure I have a bit of tan at least and some good old lip liner. Other than that it doesn’t get too creative other than when I’m on camera. Hair has to be fleeky though. That’s important; otherwise, I’m having a bad day. 

To wrap up, what does the rest of 2023 look like for bshp? Can we expect more music or any special projects in the works?

More music! Which is such a privilege to say.  You will be hearing more and learning more about me, the different parts and sides to me, which I’m so keen to share. Some more performances are on the cards too, and to be honest, that’s my favorite part: performing. It’s why I started, so I really can’t wait for that.