Brooke Justine Temp Photo

Published: September 29, 2023

Last Updated: September 28, 2023

Brooke Justine Chats Fashion, Closet Essentials, and More

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Brooke Justine Temp Photo

With a decade-long tenure in fashion, Brooke Justine is a seasoned pro who has done it all—retail, buying, styling, you name it. Now, she’s translated that vast expertise into a lively social media presence, where she revels in the joys of personal style transformation, evolving from early days of uncertainty to a confident blend of vintage and modern essentials.

Her fashion philosophy transcends mere clothing, extending to minimalist accessories and a keen eye for the unfiltered authenticity in her Gen Z contemporaries. While Brooke enjoys her role as a public fashion figure, she’s equally passionate about cozy, quality time at home—a balance that not only makes her relatable but also refreshingly real in an industry often criticized for its artifice.

Ahead, Brooke Justine spoke to us about working in fashion, her go-to comfort rituals, and what’s next as she eyes a fresh adventure in the beauty industry.

Before we dive in, I’d love to know more about you. What’s your background, and what were your early experiences with fashion? 

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over 10+ years, I started my career in fashion by working in retail and as an intern for Free People wholesale in Los Angeles. From there, I was able to network and connect and grow my fashion knowledge from being in sales, a Buyer, working in showrooms and trade shows, becoming a stylist, and now working in social media! 

What initially made you want to hop on social media and share your favorite outfits and fashion finds? 

I always loved following other content creators posting their style and felt the courage to start posting photos of me. I am sure those photos looking back now, look so cheesy, but I was able to really find my own personal style and what made me feel like me. I loved showcasing my outfits, and personally, my style is always changing depending on the season and how I am feeling that day. 

With you being so transparent about your fashion choices and your followers sharing their stories, how would you describe your style evolution over the years? 

My style has definitely changed! I think I was a little insecure and not knowing what made me feel confident vs. buying something just because I saw it on someone else or on a mannequin. My style now has felt the most me than it ever has. I love wearing vintage pieces mixed with closet essentials (everyday basics, a good pair of denim). 

Tell us about your go-to closet essentials. Do you have certain garments, bags, or shoes that get tons of mileage? 

My closet essentials are definitely a good vintage pair of denim, an oversized faux-leather jacket or a blazer, and sneakers. If you never know what to wear, this is an easy go-to outfit that will make you look put together! 

What about your approach to accessories — how do you decide what works best with each look? 

I love simple accessories – I am always wearing gold or silver hoops, lots of rings, and maybe a dainty necklace. I have always been a less is more kinda girl. 

When you look at your Gen Z peers, what do you love the most about them? Who are you loving right now? 

I am loving the individual and free style everyone has at the moment, I love how style is becoming more and more acceptable to be unique and true to themselves. My biggest inspiration at the moment is Matilda Djerf – she is the perfect example of elevated basics mixed with vintage and thrifted pieces. 

Being everyone’s fashion inspo can be pretty consuming, I imagine. What does “me time” encompass for you? 

I am a major homebody! I love staying home, watching a movie with my fiance and puppy, candles, and taking out dinner with a super comfy outfit. I love love love being home.  

I know that you travel back and forth from Nashville and LA pretty often — does your approach to getting dressed change by location? How does your style at home differ when traveling? 

My style is definitely the same in both locations. For Nashville, the style here is a bit different than my personal style, so being able to confidently showcase my style here is exciting. 

Lastly, what are you looking forward to exploring next in your career? 

I want to look into exploring more beauty! I love doing natural glowy makeup and sharing my skincare routine, so I would love to really dive into this world. I feel like I have tested the waters lately, but I am ready to jump right in!