Bread Beauty Supply Review: Hair Care Made Easy

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Bread Beauty Supply has been a leader in promoting diversity and inclusion in the haircare industry since its inception in 2020. The company’s founder, Maeva Heim, is vocal about her desire to amplify the voices of people of color, and particularly Black women when it comes to hair care. Each new product from the line challenges conventional wisdom about how to best care for your hair.

Each item in their catalog has an unfussy layout that gets right down to business. The label takes great pride in selling just the stuff its customers really need, therefore you won’t find any superfluous goods here with exaggerated promises. Curls don’t have to be picture-perfect, and that’s something that Bread Beauty Supply recognizes and incorporates into its branding. They advocate for all curl types to feel comfortable rocking their own unique look as they handle the meat of the situation. Their primary goal is to provide you with the essential hair care equipment your curls need, from its intense wash kit all the way to hair oil and travel-friendly options.

Below, we delved into the brand’s product lineup, which has been raved about by several users and content creators across the Internet. Continue scrolling for an in-depth guide on all that Bread Beauty Supply has to offer and how to incorporate it into your current hair regimen.

Hair Cream

Bread’s hair-cream provides a semi-defined, delicate grip while also nourishing and repairing your hair. The gentle cream coats your hair with weightless sheen, curl definition, and a sweet marshmallow scent. The label wanted to make a leave-in that could be combed through all types of hair, thus they designed it to be multifunctional. In an effort to be more sustainable, retire the plastic container in exchange for the gorgeous, reusable glass jar that the formula comes in.

Positive Bread Beauty Supply Review: “I recently made this purchase on a whim. I am very satisfied with this purchase and one of my top faves. I receive the most benefit out of this product when I apply it in the shower. It defines, softens, and moisturizes my hair like no other. It’s a complete one and done. No additional products are needed.”


Bread’s hair-wash was developed to clean hair softly and consistently, using inspiration from co-wash and hair cleansers. According to the brand, it has the same sort of cleaning ingredient that you could get in a high-quality face wash, and it smells like milk from a bowl of Fruit Loops. Some elements, like lemon tree oil, may act as a hair tonic and make your hair shinier and much stronger, while others, like argan oil, hydrate your hair and scalp and protect it from ordinary harm.

Positive Bread Beauty Supply Review: “I wasn’t sure if this was for me as I have really dry but not too curly hair but I must say I am amazed at this wash. Unlike other products that are hydrating and weigh my hair down and kind of don’t give me the clean sensation, this one feels deep cleaning and hydrating at the same time. The smell is playful and unexpected. Love it!”


The much sought after hair-oil offered by Bead Beauty Supply increases luster without silicones or sticky buildup and has a pleasant strawberry lip balm scent. This daily formula can handle both low and high-porosity hair types thanks to its balanced combination of antioxidant and nourishing oils.  Hair-loving components like safflower oil and Australian Kakadu plum, which are used in other products from the brand, feed the scalp with powerful moisturization. Capric triglyceride is another ingredient that aids in repairing the hair’s surface and keeping moisture in curly hair.

Positive Bread Beauty Supply Review: “My hair is currently in recovery from years of heat damage so it doesn’t reflect light very well. I use a couple of drops every day and it really helps give the illusion my hair is healthier than it actually is. Just like lipgloss: juicy, fruity, glossy. I’m obsessed. A bottle was gifted to me in exchange for a review, but I’ve previously purchased with my own coins as well.”


For the scalp-serum, Bread wanted to create a scalp treatment that felt refreshing and cooling while also removing dead skin cells and dandruff without the use of harsh scrubs. The answer was an exfoliator that was soft enough to use regularly without irritating the scalp whilst providing soothing comfort when needed. It works well with braids, cornrows, and other protective styles with key ingredients like chinaberry extract and eucalyptol. Meanwhile, mandelic acid gently eliminates dead skin cells and oil from the higher layers of the skin, enabling hair to develop near the skin’s surface for extraction.

Positive Bread Beauty Supply Review: “I have locs and this scalp serum has done wonders. I tend to get a dry scalp and this hydrates and soothes the scalp in between my wash days. I also love the consistency—a little goes a long way! Thankful for this product.”


This intensive hair mask from the brand is a fast-acting, potent emulsion that leaves hair feeling as light as a cloud anytime you use it. This product is both silicone and sulfate-free, so you can use it every time you wash, or on rare occasions for an intense treatment. Starflower oil, one of its main constituents, is recognized for revitalizing lifeless, dry, brittle hair. Meanwhile, the Australian Kakadu plum is a wonderful fruit that is great for dry and lifeless hair since it helps with moisturization and hydration.

Positive Bread Beauty Supply Review: “This is my favorite conditioner! It makes me happy that it is full of amazing ingredients and no silicone! It feels luxurious AF. The scent makes me feel like a cupcake. It is very comforting to me! Don’t ever stop making it! I have a lot of hair but on the finer side and it makes my curls super hydrated without looking weighed down!”


For the healthiest, most bouncy hair possible, use a mud mask like Bread Beauty Supply’s before shampooing. The product is formulated with a detoxifying combination of kaolin and bentonite to revive lifeless curls, boost shine, and gently exfoliate the scalp. It also contains an assortment of antioxidant-rich and hair-nourishing ingredients to reset the hair. Spread thickly on your scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes before continuing with your regular hair-washing regimen to get the best use out of this wonder worker.

Positive Bread Beauty Supply Review: “This product is great! It smells natural and it was really easy to apply and also de-tangled my hair quickly. I left it on for about 20 minutes and washed it out with the Bread hair-wash. My hair was super soft for two days and was very easy to manage. It didn’t tangle and wasn’t knotted!”


Macadamia oil’s moisturizing properties help smooth hair, making it seem healthier and shinier. Bread’s interpretation of this mixture is a single, cold-pressed, and incredibly high-grade oil that can do everything and more; it’s a liquid luster that works wonders on your hair and skin. Using it topically up to twice a week is recommended. The advantages of heat absorption from seam treatments may be amplified by using it as well.

Positive Bread Beauty Supply Review: “This is everything I want in an oil! It’s super hydrating yet not too heavy. It helps decrease frizz and makes my hair so shiny without weighing it down or making it greasy. I love that it’s fragrance-free and can be used for the body too. I have super fine 3B curls and this helps make my second-day hair so much more manageable.”