Published: January 13, 2022

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Meet Brandon J$, Rising West Coast Rap Phenomenon

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Los-Angeles based artist Brandon J$ weaves through different melodies and bars throughout his music. Formally known as Yung Incredible, he’s been exponentially growing his fanbase and catalog for a bit over a decade now. More recently, he’s caught the attention of many through smooth singles like “Pressure,” “No Kizzy,” and the IAMSU-assisted “Blue Hunnids.” Brandon J$ has undoubtedly been putting in his 10,000 with new releases frequently, gaining recognition from his musical peers, friends, and his family.

Brandon’s music is built up of various layers. If you listen closely to his choice of beats and production, you will notice that it’s not your cliche West Coast sound. He often meshes R&B and hip-hop, delving into real-life experiences such as tragedy, heartbreak, and the come-up as a young Black man in the music industry. Lyrically, he’s inspired by life itself and his experiences as well as his friends. With new releases slated to drop sometime this year, Brandon J$ is anticipating a great run musically with loads of singles and music videos.

Kicking off the new year, we spoke with Brandon J$ about his California upbringing, taking the independent route, and new music this year. Check it out below!

For those who don’t know who you are, can you give them a good introduction?

 I go by the name of Brandon J$ AKA Yung Incredible from Stockton, CA currently residing in Los Angeles. Grew up in a city with no outlets so it’s easy to fall into the negatives such as gangs pimping and other negative influences. Music kept me out of trouble there are many times I could have gone left and followed behind my friends that did other things that lead them dead or in jail but I chose music thank God.

I have a young brother that looked up to me so I had to wear the shoes as a role model. Got my start in music from the jerkin movement and was a huge sensation during the jerkin movement. I’ve toured overseas Germany, Paris, London, and so on. I’ve worked with artists like Iamsu, 24hrs, Azjah, and over two million views on YouTube. 

When was the moment you knew you wanted to pursue music as a career?

The moment I knew I wanted to pursue music was gaining my first few loyal supporters and telling me to keep going. To this day they’re supporters of my music.

What are some of the challenges you face as a rising artist out of California and how do you overcome them?

Being an independent artist can be tough because you’re the dependent, you’re the one finically investing in yourself and making boss moves but I overcome that because I come from a family of hustlers and entrepreneurs. Nipsey Hustle was also an individual that kept me motivated we have a lot in common.

Tell us about your creative process. How do you take an idea and turn it into a form of artistic expression such as a song or music video?

My creative process is something I just let flow it’s hard to explain lol. Before making a record, I like to mumble melodie’s first then punch the lyrics 85% of my songs were created that way. With music videos, I like to watch old 90s-2000s visuals to get inspired and put them in my own format.

“Pressure” was a phenomenal single and visual complimented the record very well—what was the inspiration behind that song?

My single “Pressure” was inspired by a real-life emotion and feeling. Most men can relate when you pull up late-night you’re coming with the vibes, liquor, Netflix, and fun. Let’s just say my inspiration behind the song was definitely inspired by a real-life event of mines. 

How does your latest string of singles set the tone for your new music? What direction do you want to go in sonically?

Your going to love my new music more, I’ve grown as an artist far as finding my sound, been through some things so it’s more to talk about, and just grow as a human being and becoming business-oriented. my new music going into 2022 I want to sound different from the current artist sonically with the beats but keep my same flow.

With 2022 ahead of us, do you have any exciting projects that you plan on putting out in the next few months?

Brandon J4 will be releasing 2022 no actual date yet but for sure 2022.

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