Bluebella x Ashley Williams Collection

Bluebella x Ashley Williams Launch Eco Collaboration Collection

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Bluebella x Ashley Williams Collection

Earlier this week, lingerie brand Bluebella joined forces with the iconic British fashion designer Ashley Williams to redefine what it means to unwind in style. The partnership leverages a blend of cutting-edge fashion and sensuality, presenting a 14-piece collection that is more than just a feast for the eyes.

A shared vision of empowering women and celebrating individuality is at the heart of the collaboration. Drawing inspiration from Williams’ signature aesthetic, the range features a dynamic array of nightwear, underwear, and accessories that testify to playful cuts, intricate patterns, and unexpected, heart-stealing details.

Among the standout pieces are bras, thongs, eye masks, and cami tops in an all-over kitten print. The back of the panties features a seductively sheer back panel for breathability and comfort. Elsewhere, the bold tattoo print boasts a pink backdrop across several garments. For those who want to cover up a bit more, the label also introduced matching shirts and trousers perfect for nighttime.

Bluebella’s founder and CEO, Emily Bendell, exuded excitement as she shared, “I have always loved the spirit of Ashley’s work, as well as her energy and subversiveness with such uniquely British humor in it. Her work is so refreshing and playful while remaining meaningful. We have loved collaborating on this unique collection that is just as suited to wearing at home as it is to styling as outerwear.”

Beyond the captivating designs, the range etches a mark in sustainable fashion with styles crafted using more than 50% recycled materials. It stands as an emblem of innovation, introducing pieces that are not only visually stunning but also echo a commitment to environmental consciousness.

As we eagerly anticipate Ashley’s triumphant return at the London Fashion Week later this September, her collaboration with the lingerie brand is a teaser of what’s to come. The collection offers a playground of possibilities, as the designer beautifully leverages her knack for juxtaposing whimsical kitsch with high fashion.

Bluebella x Ashley Williams Kitten Print Luxury Satin Trousers
  • Made of luxury satin
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sizes XXS to 2XL
View at Bleubella
Bluebella x Ashley Williams Tattoo Print Luxury Satin Soft Bra
  • Hook-and-eye fastening
  • Adjustable straps
  • Made of luxury satin
View at Bluebella