Blu DeTiger

Blu DeTiger Unveils Her New Song “Hot Crush Lover”

Today, singer-songwriter Blu DeTiger unveils her irresistible new single “Hot Crush Lover.” The pop anthem is accompanied by a Dill Kindrick-directed music video arrives packed with childhood nostalgia and carefree cool. Pastel pop and bodega candy serve as the backdrop for Blu’s surprisingly slimy performance.

“Hot Crush Lover,” her first single since 2021’s “Blondes,” is produced by GRAMMY Award-winning producer John Hill and co-written by Lowell. Opening with an energetic scream, the record weaves her tight signature baseline through a glossy pop-landscape and undeniably catchy hooks. The three-minute cut also comes while Blu is on the road, with tour stops in Paris, London, New York, and Atlanta later this year.

“’Hot Crush Lover’ is about letting go and opening yourself up to the possibility of meeting someone else. It’s about snapping out of how you’re feeling, gaining some confidence, and learning to have fun and live your life uninhibited,” Blue says. She continues,
“The video is meant to reflect this feeling. It’s wild, colorful, fun, to the point where eventually I’m dripping in slime.”

Most recently, Blu DeTiger worked with Olivia Rodrigo on a new version of “Brutal” for her new documentary Driving Home 2 U on Disney+ and is on GAYLE’s new record “e-z” featuring UPSAHL. Watch her latest video below.

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