Blessed Booster

Blessed Announces Blessed Booster Series For Health And Wellness

EHP Labs’ sister company Blessed has announced its Blessed Booster series, which contains a collection of health and wellness products in capsule form. There will be three initial Booster supplements with their respective purposes: Debloat & Gut-Fix, Skin Glow, and Healthy Hair.

With the release of the Blessed Booster series, Blessed is leaning into a more lifestyle and health direction rather than being a vegan-friendly and plant-based protein powder. Arguably, it serves as a good link for the brand as Blessed is known for being powered by clean ingredients that appeal to more than just your average fitness fanatic.

The gut health and beauty products are a fitting expansion for the Blessed brand and definitely hint at the possibility of even more supplements to follow. Their sleek and appealing look are sure to attract a wide range of new consumers, and hopefully within the next few days, we’ll be able to see that come into full effect.

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