BeyondSonny Releases New Video “Sidestep”

Brooklyn-based rapper BeyondSonny enlists New York photographer Sarai Garcia for his new video “Sidestep.” The three-minute cut, directed by Stalin Llivichuzhca, paints a vivid picture of chasing a dream and all of the obstacles that it comes with.

Speaking on the song, the artist shared, “I want people to know that there’s always hope if we believe. The video is my perspective and it’s depicted in the actions Sarai takes through the visual. It’s okay if our beliefs change entirely in a single day. That’s what makes us better people. I want viewers to feel the warmth from the visual.”

“Sidestep” is the latest in a slew of singles coming from BeyondSonny this year, with more music coming soon. Watch the visual effort below.

In other music news, Darrel Cole pays tribute to his late friend in “Bruddah.”

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