Best Women's Boxers RAYDAR

The Best Women’s Boxers of 2023

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Best Women's Boxers RAYDAR

For an attire that encapsulates comfort and style throughout your day, women’s boxers are a non-negotiable wardrobe staple. Unlike traditional women’s undergarments, these relaxed-fit shorts provide unrestricted ease that reflects the sensation of, say, lounging at home on a lazy Sunday or enjoying a casual day out. Due to their unique design, these boxers offer a comfortable, breathable alternative to conventional undergarments, maintaining an air of cool composure without highlighting areas you’d rather downplay.

Women’s boxers are more than just an essential item—they represent a shift towards valuing comfort and freedom in women’s fashion. Whether you’re partial to the classic white, favor fun patterns, or lean towards the sophistication of deeper hues, a pair of women’s boxers is waiting to align with your unique aesthetic. The true strength of these boxers is their adaptability—wear them beneath your day-to-day attire for ultimate comfort, or sport them alone as sleepwear or loungewear for unmatched ease.

Women’s boxers come in a range of cuts and fabrics, from tailored cotton blends to softer, drapier materials like silk or modal. Regardless of the style, the process of slipping into them remains the same: step in, pull up, and let comfort envelop you. If you’ve chosen a pair that’s too loose, don’t fret—many models feature adjustable waistbands for the perfect, personalized fit.

Curious to uncover which women’s boxers might transform your daily comfort? Keep reading. This guide is brimming with insights, covering a spectrum from economical selections offering unparalleled value to cutting-edge designs that are redefining the landscape of women’s undergarments.

1. SKIMS Boyfriend Boxer
  • Lightweight stretch jersey
  • Soft elastic waistband
  • Versatile
View at SKIMS

SKIMS’ Boyfriend Boxer is an essential addition to any woman’s underwear drawer.

It’s made of lightweight stretch jersey, which means that it’s soft and comfortable, but also durable and long-lasting. The waistband features a soft elastic band that will keep your shorts in place without digging into your skin or feeling too tight.

The double panel V in the front adds visual interest, while the faux front fly stitching gives you a clean look that you can wear under anything—even formalwear!

“These are so comfortable. I lounge in them and sleep in them. They are my uniform when I’m at home. The band could be better,” wrote one wearer.

2. Eberjey Organic Sandwashed Cotton Gender Neutral Boxer
  • Relaxed fit and high-rise
  • Soft and push interior
  • Comfortable lightweight fabric
View at Eberjey

Eberjey’s boxer shorts are a comfortable, lightweight alternative to traditional shorts. They’re gender-neutral, too!

The fabric has a relaxed fit and high rise that’s perfect for sleeping or lounging around in. Its interior is soft and plush, with an exposed elastic waistband for comfort.

The shorts are also structured, with a drape that gives them a modern look without adding bulkiness. They feature a faux fly with button detail on the front of the waistband.

3. Alo Yoga Icon Ribbed Boyshort
  • Stay in place fit
  • Ribbed jersey
  • Comfortable feel
View at Alo Yoga

If you’re looking for a pair of boyshorts that won’t ride up, Alo Yoga’s Icon Ribbed Boyshort is a good start.

With its curve-flattering cut, ribbed jersey, and ultra-comfy feel (not to mention the brand’s trademark logo waistband), this pair of boyshorts are sure to become your go-to for lounging around the house or running errands.

The best part about these briefs is how versatile they are—they can be worn with a dress or a pair of jeans and still look great! And if you’re feeling really bold, try pairing them with some lace stockings for an even more sassy look.

One reviewer explained, “The fit on these was very flattering! They feel like I’m wearing nothing and very comfortable, soft, and lightweight against the skin.”

4. Thinx Modal Cotton Boyshort
  • Full coverage
  • Comfortable modal cotton
  • Eco-friendly material
View at Thinx

Thinx’s Cotton Boyshort is a full-coverage style that comes in a variety of neutral colors, from black to slate grey.

It is made from eco-friendly modal cotton and has an extended gusset for extra coverage. This boyshort has a little extra length in the leg, which is perfect for those who want a little more coverage than your average pair of undies.

This undergarment fits true to size and is breathable, buttery-soft, and machine washable. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something with a little bit more coverage than your standard thong or brief.

This underwear makes a great base layer under dresses or skirts when you’re feeling extra self-conscious about visible panty lines—it provides all the coverage you need without making you feel like someone else might be able to see what color underwear you chose today!

5. Victoria’s Secret Logo Cotton High-Waist Boyshort Panty
  • High-rise design
  • Comfortable cotton-spandex blend
  • Elastic waistband
View at Victoria's Secret

The boyshort is a classic, and Victoria’s Secret has done it up right. Their cotton-spandex blend makes for a panty that’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

This high-rise style stays in place and is perfect for showing off your curves with full-back coverage. It’s also got an elastic waistband with stretch, so it will fit comfortably no matter what size you are. 

Available in 11 colors, it also provides an unexpected twist on the classic “borrowed from the boys” look.

“Absolutely love these. To wear with sweats especially or just to bed. Super comfy,” stated one shopper. “So cute. Kind of hot, honestly.”

6. American Eagle PJ Boxer Short
  • Easy on and off
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and relaxed fit
View at American Eagle

American Eagle’s PJ Boxer Shorts are another great option for those looking for a comfortable, low-key pair of boxer shorts.

The elastic waistband makes them easy to wear, and the button front makes them easy to take on and off. They’re also perfect for lounging around in when you don’t want to wear anything too tight or restrictive.

You can easily pair these boxer shorts with a T-shirt or tank top to wear around the house. They’re also affordable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about wearing through them quickly!

7. Gooseberry Intimates The Homme Boxer White
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Seam-free sides
  • Functional detailing
View at Gooseberry Intimates

Gooseberry Intimates’ The Homme Boxer is like a breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect blend of style and comfort, with a roomier fit that makes you want to wear them daily.

The boxers are made from 100% cotton poplin, so they’re lightweight and breathable—perfect for summer nights. They also have an enclosed front flap with working buttons, which adds a little extra detail to your look.

Plus, the seam-free sides let your legs breathe while providing coverage where needed most! These boxers are also great for lounging around the house because they’re so comfortable and durable.

We recommend sizing up one size for a more relaxed fit—but no matter what size you choose, these are sure to be your new favorite go-to underwear this summer!

8. MeUndies Boyshorts
  • No-roll elastic waistband
  • Flattering fit
  • Comfortable
View at MeUndies

MeUndies’s Boyshorts are a great way to upgrade your sleepwear collection.

The fit is flattering on the hip, giving you a full-coverage look. The no-roll elastic waistband makes them perfect for lounging around the house or running errands, while the soft fabric will keep you comfortable all night long.

With several shades to pick from, they’re sure to match your style and mood. If you’re looking for something cute and comfy, this is it!

9. Everlane The Linen Boxer Short
  • Breathable linen fabric
  • A-line shape
  • Comfortable elastic waistband
View at Everlane

Everlane’s womenswear is designed to be minimalistic yet stylish. Their boxer shorts are made of light, breathable linen fabric and feature a super-high rise that keeps everything in place.

The elastic waistband is comfortable and will never dig into your skin or cut off your circulation. The 5″ inseam provides comfort without compromising on style.

An A-line shape gives the boxer shorts an extra boost of sex appeal, while the proof that boxers aren’t just for the boys makes them perfect for everyday wear no matter who you are or where you’re headed.

“These are perfect on my body. Great length, lightweight but not see-through linen, and they sit perfectly on my waist without riding up or ballooning out. Thank goodness,” raved one reviewer.

10. Negative Underwear Whipped Boxer
  • Soft modal stretch fabric
  • Cotton gusset
  • Princess seam details
View at Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear’s Whipped Boxers are made of a high-rise, mid-thigh length, wispy soft micro modal stretch fabric that creates a subtle, vertical stripe effect.

The drop-needle stitch creates a heathered creamy beige Italian coastline sandy tone—all in all. They’re a perfect match for any gal who wants to look good while she stays cool.

The front V princess seam details will make you feel like royalty, and the cotton gusset will keep you fresh all day. Ultimately, they’re the perfect combination of comfort and style—and we think you’ll love them as much as we do!

What to Look for in Women’s Boxers

Comfort and Fit

Comfort should be the top priority when shopping for women’s boxers. They should fit snugly, without being too tight or too loose, allowing you the freedom to move about your day without any discomfort. A well-constructed waistband that doesn’t dig into your skin, coupled with a decent amount of room in the crotch area, will ensure a comfortable fit.


The material of the boxers can make or break the comfort level. Breathable fabrics such as cotton are ideal as they allow air to circulate and keep you cool and dry. If you prefer a little stretch for better fit and flexibility, look for boxers with a touch of elastane or spandex in them. Be sure to avoid any fabric that feels itchy or irritating to the skin.

Cut and Style

Women’s boxers come in a variety of cuts and styles. Some are designed to sit low on the hips, while others are high-waisted. You also have options when it comes to leg openings: some boxers have wide legs for a loose fit, while others feature more tailored, close-fitting cuts. The best cut and style for you will depend on your personal preference and what you find most comfortable and flattering.

Design and Colors

While comfort and fit are of primary importance, the design and color of the boxers can also influence your choice. The options are endless, from solid, neutral colors to playful prints and patterns. Whether you prefer something classic or something with a bit of personality, there’s a pair of women’s boxers out there to suit your taste.


What is the hole in boxers for?

The hole in boxers, also known as the fly, is a design feature that provides convenience for men when using the restroom. It allows for easier access without needing to remove or pull down the entire garment. This feature can be either a simple slit or have a button or other closure mechanism.

Can you wear pads with women’s boxers?

While you technically can wear pads with women’s boxers, it may not be the most comfortable or secure choice. Boxers tend to be loose-fitting, which might not hold the pad firmly in place as well as tighter-fitting underwear. However, it’s all about personal comfort. Some people find it works just fine, while others prefer to wear a different style of underwear when using pads.

How do you fold boxers?

To fold boxers, start by laying them flat, front side down. Fold them in half lengthwise so that the sides meet. Then fold the crotch up towards the waistband. Finally, fold the boxers in half again, this time horizontally, so that the waistband touches the bottom of the shorts. Now they’re neatly folded and ready to be put away.

What are boxer briefs?

Boxer briefs are a style of underwear that combines the length of boxers with the close fit of briefs. They are similar to shorts and reach partway down the thigh, typically making them longer than regular briefs. They are designed to provide the coverage of boxers but the support of briefs, and they can be a comfortable choice that avoids some of the bunching and rising problems that can occur with traditional boxers.