Published: August 17, 2022

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

Upgrade Your Activewear Collection With These SET ACTIVE Leggings

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When it comes to sweatpants, one brand has emerged as among the most popular in the ever-expanding field of training clothing. With SET ACTIVE leggings, you’ll be able to use them for anything from yoga and Pilates to running and walking, biking, and even simply relaxing around the house.

Leggings have to stand up to the high expectations you place on them, given how much wear and tear you anticipate them to endure. If you’re going to wear them all the time, they better be comfy and long-lasting. With leggings that fit tightly with just the right amount of breathability, you can conduct your cardio and strength training without having to continually modify your ‘fit’.

No matter what kind of workout you do—heavy lifting, lengthy marathons, Pilates with planks, restorative yoga with calming walks—the appropriate leggings will make all the difference. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll probably also perform better. It’s a great notion, right? You can use that time to concentrate on really working out instead of worrying over what to wear to the gym.

SET Active leggings come in four different designs, so which one is ideal for you depends on what you want to use them for. There are a wide variety of lengths and colors available for each type. As a result, we’ve developed a list of the greatest uses for each of the styles. To find out more, keep scrolling down.

LUXFORM® Leggings

When it comes to comfort and style, LUXFORM® fabric is hard to beat. Leggings with a barely-there sensation are perfect for transitioning from the office to the gym. The SET logo appears on the left ankle of these high-waisted leggings, which have a 7/8-length hem.

Athleisure is elevated to a new level of luxury with its buttery-soft, ultra-smooth material. Low-impact activities, such as yoga or pilates, are best suited for these leggings.

Sizes Available: XS to XL

Sportbody™ Leggings

This is a pair of high-rise leggings you’ll never want to leave the house without! To keep you cool and dry, the SPORTBODY™ Leggings are engineered to move with your body and wick away perspiration. Double-linked waistbands sculpt around the hips and waist of these leggings.

The technical characteristics of SPORTBODY™ fabric have been elevated to a whole new plane. Along with a smoothing effect and great breathability, it’s designed to move with you while you exercise, wick away perspiration, and keep you cool. Ideal for exercises with medium to high degrees of impact, such as spin, HIIT, and much more.

Sizes Available: XS to XL

Sculptflex® Leggings

SCULPTFLEX® Leggings is a seamless pair of sweats that combines the greatest features of your favorite training gear. While they’re elastic and supportive, they also look great and don’t sacrifice any compression for comfort.

When it comes to compression, SCULPTFLEX® is one of SET ACTIVE’s strongest fabrics. Even when you’re doing some pretty large motions, this fabric will move with you because of its strategically placed ribbing and seamless construction.

Sizes Available: XS to XL


You’ll be unable to function without SET ACTIVE’s Sweatpants once you put them on. For the ultimate in comfort and style, these sweatpants are constructed from the brand’s ultra-premium, super-soft fleece.

SET Sweats are warm and comfortable, meant to be somewhat roomy, and constructed of 100% cotton fleece. No matter how often you wear them, they’ll keep their quality. And according to the activewear label, you’ll wear ’em a lot.

Sizes Available: XS to XL

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