Best Red Thong RAYDAR

The 12 Best Red Thongs of 2023

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Best Red Thong RAYDAR

When you are in need of a boost of self-confidence, a reliable thong has you covered. And no, we’re not referencing the coarse, eye-wateringly red thongs your mom might have sported in the ’80s. Thong designs have come a long way, evolving into a variety of soft, breathable, and size-inclusive alternatives that cater to everyone’s taste.

Thongs, whether the G-string variant or the more modest styles, share the same principle: Dress and undress with ease, no need for complicated maneuvers. You can either slip them on directly or pair them with a comfy robe for a more sophisticated feel. Regardless of your approach, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong, especially considering that most quality thongs offer a sheer yet tasteful charm. And if you feel it’s too risqué, you can always layer with light, breathable clothing to balance out the boldness.

With the right thong, you can add a touch of elegance to your silhouette, a hint of adventurous color, or an all-over natural sleekness that blends into your body shape, giving you a beautifully confident air. Choose a red lacy variant for added allure, or go for a softer hue for a more subtle, feminine aesthetic. Thongs, indeed, are one of the unsung heroes of the lingerie world. Unlike heavy or complex garments, thongs give you control over your comfort and style, letting you customize your look with a simple slip-on.

To narrow down the best thongs in the market, we considered their color range, comfort, breathability, and durability. Among the ones we researched, some stood out for their unmatched color spectrum and silky smooth finish. Plus, they were the top picks by seasoned fashionistas.

Stay tuned for the best red thongs worth adding to your collection.

1. Yitty Nearly Naked Shaping High Waist Thong
  • Sustainable material
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Flattering silhouette
View at Yitty

A shapewear revolution brought to you by Lizzo’s brand Yitty, the Nearly Naked Shaping High Waist Thong is as much a statement of confidence as it is a piece of lingerie.

Its high-waisted cut and all-around medium compression shapes, firm, and celebrate your curves while providing breathability and comfort. Made from a mix of recycled nylon and elastane, it’s not just good for you but for the planet too.

The antimicrobial technology and moisture-wicking feature ensure you stay fresh and dry all day long. But don’t be mistaken—this isn’t your regular shapewear.

Many plus-sized women shared that despite their usual discomfort with thongs, this one was soft, wearable, and even gave their waist definition.

2. Parade Satin Shine Thong
  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • Stretchable
  • Back coverage and low rise
View at Parade

It’s about time to meet the undie of your dreams, the Satin Shine Thong by Parade. This fresh take on a classic has all the makings of your new favorite barely-there underwear, crafted from silky-soft sustainable satin.

The ruched waistband provides that much-needed stretch and comfort, while the back coverage and low rise keep things feeling liberating and light. This thong isn’t just about making you feel good; it’s also about doing good—its fabric is made from 92% recycled polyester.

Whether you’re lounging at home or stepping out, this little number ensures you’re not just wearing a thong, you’re wearing a Parade.

3. Etam Tulle Thong
  • Comfortable elastic waistband
  • Versatile
  • Sheer tulle fabric
View at Etam

Etam’s Tulle Thong is a classic, simple design that will always be in style.

The waistband is made of an elastic band that wraps around the hips, with a small amount of stretch to keep it where you want it. The rest of the garment is sheer with tulle edges completed by a cotton gusset at the crotch.

This thong is perfect for layering over other garments—it can be worn under skirts or dresses, or even on its own as a more fashion-forward look.

4. Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong
  • Odor-resistant material
  • Ultra-light fabric
  • Versatile
View at Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga’s Invisible Thong is an all-around winner. The ultra-light fabric feels like you’re wearing nothing, and the raw-edged finish makes it look like you’re not even wearing anything at all.

This thong is perfect for any occasion, from yoga class to a night out on the town. It’s made of odor-resistant material that keeps you fresh and comfortable throughout your day or night.

Plus, this thong appears invisible under leggings and most bottoms, so you can wear it confidently no matter what situation you find yourself in.

“Most comfortable underwear ever! Super soft, well made, and can’t be seen through leggings. It runs true-to-size to maybe slightly generous,” stated one wearer.

5. Kat The Label Alaska Thong in Red
  • Sexy and comfortable
  • Versatile styling
  • Mesh pannels
View at Kat the Label

If you’re looking for a thong that’s sexy and comfortable, this is a great place to start. Kat The Label’s Alaska Thong offers the best of both worlds: mesh panels on the front and cotton gusset on the back provide a subtle peek at your skin while keeping everything in place.

It’s a great addition to any wardrobe—you can wear it with jeans, leggings, or even a cute dress! And if you’re worried about whether or not this fabric will stretch out after washing, don’t be!

The lettuce-ruffled trim adds just enough detail without being overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for something pretty or functional, this red thong has you covered.

6. Intimissimi Lace String Thong
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Sexy and confident design
  • Refined geometric lace
View at Intimissimi

Intimissimi’s thong is an absolute must-have for the woman who wants to feel sexy and confident all day long.

The stretch lace is refined and geometric, with romantic ruffles around the waistband to add a touch of femininity to this otherwise minimal design. The thin sides are in elasticized microfiber, so they won’t slip or ride up as you move throughout your day—and the cotton gusset offers comfort and breathability.

If you’re looking for something that will make you feel confident in your own skin without sacrificing comfort or style, this thong is made especially for those looking for an invisible and sensual effect.

7. Victoria’s Secret No-Show Thong Panty
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Low rise
  • Secure fit
View at Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret’s No-Show Thong is a great choice for women who want to feel comfortable and confident in their underwear but don’t want to compromise on style.

The low rise of this thong means that it sits comfortably on your hips and doesn’t ride up when you’re active. The smooth moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry, so you don’t have to worry about sweat stains or chafing.

It has scalloped edges that make it look like a piece of lingerie but are soft enough to be worn under clothes without showing through or feeling uncomfortable against your skin.

The best part about this thong is that it is invisible under clothes. You can wear it with any outfit—even those made primarily of thick fabrics like denim or wool—without worrying about any lines showing through or bunching up at the waistband.

8. Bluebella Enya Thong in Red
  • No visible panty lines
  • Luxurious and sustainable
  • Stylish
View at Bluebella

Bluebella’s red thong is a simple, luxurious addition to your everyday wardrobe.

Made from recycled fabrics, it’s a great way to add a little style to your everyday life. The provocatively sheer front panel is embellished with embossed gold-tone hardware, while the elasticated waistband helps you achieve the perfect fit.

And no VPL means you can wear this thong with almost any outfit without worrying about awkward lines being visible through your clothing!

With so many ways to style this thong, there’s no limit to how much fun you can have.

9. Fleur du Mal Crystal Luxe V String
  • Comfortable
  • Luxurious statement piece
  • Glamorous design
View at Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal’s Crystal Luxe V String is a sight to behold.

Much like the name hints, this barely-there silk thong is the perfect way to show off your body in the most luxurious way possible. The crystal rhinestone back detail is just the right touch of sparkle and glamour, while the cotton gusset keeps you comfortable all day long.

Per the label’s recommendation, you can complete the set with the matching bra or let it peek out of your fave low-rise bottoms. Either way, this piece will have everyone talking.

10. Agent Provocateur Lorna Lace Thong
  • Sexy and stylish
  • Elegant details
  • Luxurious craftsmanship
View at Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur’s Lorna Lace Thong is a perfect example of the brand’s luxurious design aesthetic.

It’s no secret that AP is no stranger to the world of luxury and refinement. Their designs are always intended to make a statement, but this one takes it up a notch: made from Italian-designed Leavers lace, this thong has a reputation for being more than just another pretty face in the crowd.

From its luxurious French seam detailing to its finished satin bows with miniature rosebud detailing, this little number is as elegant as it is sexy.

11. Gooseberry Intimates Red Thong
  • Adjustable fit
  • Versatile style
  • Functional elegance
View at Gooseberry Intimates

For the past few seasons, Gooseberry has been on a mission to create clothing that’s both functional and beautiful.

The company’s thong is no exception. It’s made from floral-embroidered lace, which adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise simple piece. The mid-rise is minimal coverage, so you can choose what type of underwear you want to pair it with—or if you want to go commando (which we highly recommend).

The hand-cut scalloped trim lace is adjustable at the top and side straps, so if you’re feeling insecure about your rear end, this is the perfect way to show off its assets without being too revealing.

It’s one size fits most so that everyone can feel confident in their own skin while wearing them.

12. Calvin Klein Athletic Thong
  • Maximum comfort
  • Durability and softness
  • Innovative fabric
View at Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s Athletic Thong reimagines underwear in a surprisingly future-focused way.

The brand has taken its signature microalgae fabric and made it even better with a bio-wicking finish that keeps you cool and dry. It’s made from Pima cotton blend, which they claim has superior durability and softness.

The 4-way stretch fabric allows for maximum comfort, while the quick-dry logo waistband retains its shape wear after wear. The fully lined gusset provides comfort where you need it most—especially when you’re on the move!

What to Look for in Thongs


When it comes to thongs, comfort is the paramount concern. It’s essential to find a pair that fits properly, is not too tight or too loose, and doesn’t pinch or chafe your skin. The waistband and leg openings should be stretchy and flexible enough to move with you, not against you. Soft and breathable materials, like cotton or modal, can offer maximum comfort.


The material of a thong can significantly influence its comfort and durability. Opt for natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton for everyday wear, as they can prevent bacterial growth and promote good hygiene. Materials like silk or lace can be a perfect choice for a more sensual feel. Also, consider the washing instructions for the fabric – a delicate material may require hand-washing, which could be a deal-breaker for those who prefer more low-maintenance options.


Visible panty lines (VPLs) can be a real nuisance, especially when you’re wearing fitted clothing. Thongs that boast a seamless design can be a real game-changer in this aspect. Seamless thongs blend smoothly under clothes, providing an invisible look even under the most form-fitting outfits.


Thongs come in a variety of designs, and your choice will depend on your personal style and the occasion. A simple, minimalistic design is perfect for everyday wear, while a thong with decorative elements like lace, bows, or embroidery can add an element of sensuality for more intimate occasions. You’ll also want to consider the cut of the thong. Some people find a traditional G-string style comfortable, while others might prefer a wider T-back or V-string cut.


What is a thong?

A thong is a type of underwear characterized by a narrow piece of fabric that passes between the buttocks and is attached to a band around the hips. The design minimizes the amount of fabric covering the body, thus reducing the visibility of underwear lines when wearing form-fitting clothing.

What is the pocket in thongs for?

If you’re referring to the small piece of fabric often found on the inside of women’s underwear, including thongs, it’s known as a gusset. The gusset is typically made of breathable, absorbent material like cotton and serves as an extra layer of fabric for hygiene and comfort purposes.

Are thongs uncomfortable?

Whether thongs are uncomfortable or not largely depends on personal preference and the specific design of the thong. Some people find them uncomfortable due to the minimal coverage and unique fit, while others find them very comfortable and appreciate the reduced visibility of underwear lines. Choosing the right size and material, such as cotton or microfiber, can increase the comfort level of a thong.

How do you fold thongs?

To fold a thong, first lay it flat on a surface with the front side facing up. Then, fold the left and right sides toward the middle, so the edges meet or overlap slightly at the center. Now, fold the bottom part (the narrow fabric strip) upwards towards the top band. Depending on the size and design, you might need to fold it more than once. Finally, fold the top band down over the rest of the folded thong. You should be left with a neat, compact rectangle that’s easy to store.