Best pink Flare Pants 2022 RAYDAR

The 13 Best Pink Flare Pants to Buy in 2023

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Best pink Flare Pants 2022 RAYDAR

Even the classics can be reinvented into something more exciting to wear. This season’s flared styles are a prime example of this phenomenon since they have repeatedly reemerged over the decades. Pink flare pants, available in a variety of washes, are a great compromise between skinny jeans alternatives and popular boyfriend styles; they can be worn up or down.

You can choose from a number of different designs while shopping for any of these flared pants. Denim, leather, jersey, and linen are just some of the several fabrics that may be used to make them. You have the option of wearing patterned trousers with patterned tops, or vice versa. Solid-colored pants may be matched with a wide range of solid, printed, and embellished tops. 

Flared pants also come in a wide range of designs and silhouettes. A bell-bottom legging or bootcut jean is a kind of bottom garment that is typically fitted at the waist and thighs and flares out at the knees and below. Flared bottoms with a slit are another popular trend because of their sleek and contemporary appeal. On the other hand, flared trousers often have a wider leg opening below the waist. Flared pants, whether high or low on the waist, are always stylish and sophisticated.

Numerous labels, like Revice Denim, BDG, 16ARLINGTON, Garage Clothing, and others, provide their own takes on the style in various washes, fabrics, and silhouettes. And who knows, maybe you’ll completely forget about your collection of slim jeans in no time. Here are 12 of the most stylish selections for women’s pink flared pants to peruse while you collect your thoughts.

1. Revice Denim Venus Flares / Pink Halo Pant

Los Angeles-based label Revice Denim has created a new pair of pants—the Pink Halo Pants—to help you stand out this season.

These ultra high-waisted trousers are reminiscent of the Y2K era and are made from PU leather with a 22″ leg opening. In particular, when worn with a cropped corset top, the high waist of these jeans is designed to accentuate your figure.

2. Dolls Kill Diva No Excuse Needed Flared Pants 

Dolls Kill’s Diva No Excuse Needed Flared pants come with a matching crop top that’s reminiscent of the ’00s and has buttons embroidered with rhinestones.

These low-rise flared trousers contain a hardwired faux thong that channels the thong pants craze of the moment. Wearing everything pink from head to toe is a certain way to attract attention, which is why this shade of pink works well on both the pants and coordination crop top.

3. Los Angeles Apparel Loop Terry Flared Pant

Whether you’re lounging around or getting ready to hit the slopes, these loop terry pants will take your outfit to the next level.

Flared at the bottom, they may be worn low or high on the waist for a casual or dressy appearance. If you have a longer torso or broader hips, you may want to order a size higher than your usual since this item is designed to sit just above the hips.

The baby pink hue of these pants looks great with Los Angeles Apparel’s matching squareneck bra or a chic baby tee.

4. BDG Corduroy Low-Rise Flare Pant

We can’t get enough of the retro vibe, and the BDG Corduroy Low-Rise Flare Plant has it in spades.

These are the ideal blend of modern and vintage with their low-rise cut and narrow legs that flair out significantly below the knee. It arrives in a stylish shade of muted pink and features a concealed zipper fly and a single button at the top.

5. River Island Pink High-Waisted Flared Jeans

Flared cuffs and slits at the hems of the legs distinguish these high-rise, slim-fitting, and stretch-fabric classics from the pack.

Although like many others on this list, they include a traditional 5-pocket design and belt loops. Sustainable bonus: it’s crafted from cotton that was ethically acquired via a collaboration between River Island and the Better Cotton Initiative.

6. BDG High-Waisted Flare Jean In Painted Floral

BDG’s High-Waisted Flare Jean arrives in a floral design that makes it a missing statement piece in your wardrobe.

The sleek cut of these visually stunning high-rise jeans makes them a wardrobe mainstay. You may seem like you stepped out of the ’90s with these modern takes on the classic slim jean, complete with a full flare just below the knee, five pockets, and a hidden zip fly.

7. Free People Penny Pull-On Flare Jeans

Penny Pull-On Flare Jeans from Free People are bringing back glamour fashion in a big way. These loose jeans are washed in a soft pastel pink and have a flattering mid-rise silhouette accompanied by a longer stacked inseam and flared hem.

The stretch denim and elastic waistband make these a cinch to slip on and off, and they’ll do a great job of accentuating your curves without much effort on your part.

“These jeans are comfortable. The elastic band really helps if you hate wearing jeans. I do have to pull them up every once in a while and they’re tight around my skinny thighs, but it’s worth it. More importantly, they make my stomach and butt look so good,” one reviewer noted after giving these a try.

8. Garage Clothing Odessa Flare Pant

These high-rise flare trousers have a checkerboard design and are slim through the thigh and flare out at the knee and hem.

The 32″ inseam and extra-wide elastic waistband complement the polyester and elastane blend’s stretchiness. Pair with a racerback t-shirt or tank top outfitted in white to match that of the slit-complementary print.

“I bought this last weekend and I loved the way it fit on my body, super flattering!! The colors and design are so trendy! The material is ribbed and stretchy, super comfy,” one buyer shared regarding these pants.

Another person added, “I just got them and I am obsessed! The material is amazing, the waistband doesn’t dig into you and they’re great for my longer legs. I want them in every print!”

9. Boohoo Utility Pocket Wide Leg Tailored Trousers

Take on the world with wide-leg pants, a style that transcends seasons and will look great on you at any time.

These loose-fitting trousers sit high on the waist and have wide, flared legs that elongate the body and draw attention to the aforementioned. Widening at the waist or hips and retaining the same width as the hem, these women’s wide-leg trousers accentuate every body type.

10. GANNI Corduroy Flared Trousers

These flared corduroy pants by Ganni are a nod to the ’70s in style, but they make a statement with their vibrant carmine-pink color and gold-tone signature buttons.

Stretchy fabric makes these trendy pants, which have a high waist, belt loops, two side inset pockets, and a hidden zip fly with top buttons. With its wide legs and ankle-grazing hems, this ensemble is a certain way to stay stylish all season long.

11. 6Arlington Thea Flared High-Waist Trousers

Pleated, elasticized, and floor-length; these are the hallmarks of 16ARLINGTON’s Thea Flared High-Waist Trousers in coral pink.

Seated on a high waist and descending to trend-led flared legs, these pants are made from a flexible fabric that is perfect for the dance floor. As an added bonus, they have concealed side pockets.

12. Moschino Heart Buttons Stretch Satin Trousers

Pair your favorite top with the Heart Buttons Stretch Satin Pants for a seasonally stylish appearance.

These casual trousers feature a normal rise, a pleated front for a dressier look, hand pockets up front, and a loose, wide leg that stops just before the ankles. All eyes will be on the three heart-shaped buttons along the front of these pants.

13. H&M Flared Pants

H&M’s spin on the highly coveted pink flare pants is constructed in a woven, crinkled fabric that boasts a regular fit.

These are a fantastic choice because of the high waist, the tight drawstring that ties at one side of the waist, and the diagonal welt pockets. The legs of these trousers are flared from the knees down, and they’re made of recycled polyester.

What to Look for in Pink Flare Pants


When embarking on your flare pants shopping expedition, the first checkpoint is the texture of the fabric. High-quality materials such as denim, corduroy, or even tailored suit textiles not only assure durability but also determine how the pants will flow and flare. Rigid fabrics lend a striking, pronounced flare, whereas softer materials like silk or jersey provide a gentler, fluid flare. Beware of those deals that appear overly attractive; they could conceal subpar fabrics that might lose their charm after a few laundering sessions.


The main event, undeniably, is the flare itself. The intensity of the flare can dramatically transform the overall style and ambiance of the pants. A minor flare subtly acknowledges the trend without completely diving into the 70s vibe, whereas a radical bell-bottom design shouts out retro glamour. It all hinges on your individual style and how fully you’re ready to commit to the flare!


Then, the fit of the pants is crucial. A properly fitted waist and hip region can enhance the appearance of the flares, forging a flattering silhouette that extends the legs. Whether you’re drawn to high-waisted designs that pull in at the waist or lean towards a low rise that hugs the hips, ensuring the correct fit in these areas will make your flare pants look as wonderful as they feel.


Lastly, bear in mind the length. The optimal length for flare pants is just skimming the ground, covering your shoes without dragging on the street. This presents a lengthening effect for a tall, graceful look. Remember, the length might fluctuate based on the shoes you intend to pair with, so think about bringing your preferred pair to the changing room. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to go out and discover your dream pair of flare pants!


What are flare pants?

Flare pants, also known as bell bottoms, are a unique style of trousers that are fitted from the waist to the knee and widen dramatically from the knee down to the hem. This design creates a distinct silhouette that adds an element of drama and flair to any outfit. They were a fashion staple in the 60s and 70s and have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, marking their enduring appeal in the fashion world.

What should I wear with pink flare pants?

Styling pink flare pants might seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be quite fun. Because of their bold color and distinctive cut, pink flares naturally become the centerpiece of any ensemble. To balance this out, it’s best to pair them with tops in neutral or subdued colors.

For instance, a classic white button-down or a simple black turtleneck can provide a visually pleasing contrast without overshadowing the pants. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to play with patterns, consider tops with subtle prints that incorporate hints of pink to tie the outfit together.

What shoes should you wear with flare pants?

To no surprise, the choice of footwear can significantly influence the overall vibe of your flare pants outfit! Typically, heeled shoes are the go-to option for many, as they help elongate the legs and let the flares fall more naturally. This could range from elegant stilettos for a dressed-up look, to chunky heels or wedges for a more casual or retro vibe.

However, if heels aren’t your thing, don’t fret. Platform sneakers or ankle boots can also work wonderfully, adding a touch of edginess while maintaining the balance of the silhouette. Just remember to keep the hem of your pants just skimming the ground to create the most flattering look.

When were flare pants popular?

Flare pants, with their roots in the 1960s and 70s, were the quintessential trousers of the disco era, embodying the spirit of freedom and flamboyance of the time. Though their popularity may have dwindled in the 80s and 90s, they made a major comeback in the early 2000s, and are once again at the forefront of fashion in the current era. This cyclical nature of fashion trends reaffirms that the distinctive style and appeal of flare pants are truly timeless.