Best Mesh Top RAYDAR

Published: April 10, 2023

Last Updated: November 28, 2023

The 10 Best Mesh Tops to Shop Right Now

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Best Mesh Top RAYDAR

Scrolling through your social media feed or observing the latest fashion trends, it’s hard to miss the rising popularity of mesh tops. Adored by A-listers, fashion mavens, and your fashion-forward friends, mesh tops have become an undeniable must-have in recent years. That’s because these airy, stylish garments provide endless versatility and the ability to transform any outfit in an instant.

One of the most appealing aspects of mesh tops is their ability to work in various situations. For a daytime look, pair a delicate, floral mesh top with high-waisted jeans and a simple camisole underneath. Alternatively, transform your outfit for a night out by swapping the jeans for a chic leather skirt and opting for a bold mesh top with an eye-catching bralette or statement jewelry. The unique textures and transparency of these tops allow for endless experimentation with layering, making them a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

When it comes to selecting the perfect mesh top, it’s essential to consider factors like fabric quality, fit, and design. Some mesh tops offer a more relaxed fit for a casual and comfortable feel, while others feature a tailored silhouette for a polished and elegant appearance. Furthermore, the variety of patterns and colors available makes it easy for you to find a top that reflects your personal style and complements your existing wardrobe.

To help you navigate this trendy territory, we’ve conducted extensive research on the best mesh tops, assessing factors like fit, design, color options, and sizing. Our quest led us to consult with top stylists and experts, and we’ve narrowed down the best picks for your consideration.

Meet the experts:

Cassidy Mamula, an Los Angeles-based stylist that has worked with the likes of renowned names including Jordan Gross, Leah Adicoff, and Desiree Morales. She graduated from DePaul University and has done several commercial jobs, photoshoots, and red-carpet events.

1. onzie Sheer Lotus Crop Top
  • Comfortable sheer fabric
  • Bold statement piece
  • Versatile styling
Buy NowView at Revolve

Now, we know you love to make a statement with your clothing choices—but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort for style.

It’s made of sheer mesh fabric, which basically means it’s like a second skin—but even better. It’s like the best night out with your girlfriends, but in a top. The sleeves are long enough to cover your shoulders and arms, whilst the hem hits above the waistline.

“A fun pop of 60s style to your wardrobe. Easy to pair with many bottom pieces,” wrote one reviewer.

2. PINK Mesh Short-Sleeve Crop Top
  • Flattering shrunken fit
  • Classy crew neckline
  • Variety of colors
View at Victoria's Secret

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to crop tops, but this is one of the best.

The shrunken fit is so flattering, and the crew neckline is just right for showing off your skin—but not too much, because you’re still classy.

It comes in black, white, and pink—so it’s easy to find something that fits your style or mood. You can wear it with jeans or shorts, or even a skirt if you’re feeling bold! It’s also great for layering under a jacket or cardigan when the weather gets colder.

“Perfect to go on top of a very cute bra or even on top of a bathing suit,” shared one reviewer.

3. LA Apparel Micromesh Short Sleeve Crop Top Tee Shirt
  • Cool and breathable micro-mesh
  • Comfortable stretch
  • Versatile layering
View at Los Angeles Apparel

This tee is the perfect layer for the season!

You can wear it as a cover-up or as an extra layer in the summer, but don’t worry—the micro-mesh fabric will keep you cool. And even though it offers just enough stretch to provide comfort, the cropped tee still feels sleek and modern on your body.

It comes in white, black, and beige so you can mix and match it with all your favorite pieces!

“This far exceeded my expectations,” shared one wearer. “It’s tight but not too tight and the sleeves are the perfect length. Def going to become a staple!”

4. Lulus Black Mesh Ruched Button-Up Long Sleeve Top
  • Ruched bodice
  • Functional button placket
  • Long sleeves
View at Lulus

Lulus‘ Mesh Collared Top is literally everything you need, and then some.

A classic silhouette with a modern twist, the sheer mesh fabric and ruched bodice make the top an instant classic. All the more, its functional button placket at the front adds a touch of contemporary style—and makes it easier to get dressed in the morning!

Complete with long sleeves, it’s also cropped at the hem so that it falls just above your waist.

5. Edikted Marta Mesh Top
  • Square neckline
  • Lining for coverage
  • Comfortable and stylish
View at Edikted

You want to look good. You want to feel great. You want to be the best version of yourself, and you deserve to have clothes that help you do that.

Edikted‘s long-sleeved top is characterized by its square neckline, so it’ll fit your shoulders perfectly. Not to mention, the lining in the chest area will keep your skin from showing through the sheer mesh fabric.

It’s the perfect combination of comfort and style—and it’s available in your favorite neutrals like black and white.

“This top is so perfect. I love the way it sits on my body, and the material is great quality,” explained one wearer. “If you’re looking for a flattering top, this is it!”

6. Marcella Eloise Sheer Turtleneck
  • Thumbholes and extra length
  • Second-skin fit
  • Turtleneck design
View at Marcella New York

Nothing says winter like a turtleneck.

It’s got thumbholes and extra length around the torso, making it perfect for layering and keeping you warm. And since it’s made from a breathable material, you can wear it in any season without a worry in sight.

The second-skin fit means there will be no pulling or bunching up—just a comfortable shirt that feels like an extension of your body.

“I love this turtleneck and have worn it as a layering piece and on its own. The sheerness is not too sheer but just enough for a gorgeous look,” explained one shopper. “The fit is perfect and the fabric is soft.”

7. Free People On The Dot Layering Top
  • Lightweight layering piece
  • High neckline
  • Exposed seams
View at Revolve

We’ve got a feeling you’re going to love this lightweight layering essential from Free People.

The sheer long sleeve features dotted details and a high neckline with eye-catching exposed seams throughout, which means it’ll look great with any outfit, from jeans to skirts.

The thumbholes and eye-catching details will make it a standout piece in your wardrobe.

According to one reviewer, “I wore this out with stickies and nude bralette and felt so sexy and feminine! Love the barely there look of the white.”

8. Forever 21 Sheer Crinkled Oversized High-Low Shirt
  • High-low dolphin hem
  • Dropped long sleeves
  • Oversized construction
View at Forever 21

When you want to feel like the life of the party, but you’re not quite ready to drop all your inhibitions, this shirt is your new best friend.

With its oversized construction and sheer material, it gives you room to let loose and still keep it classy. The collared neckline and button-front closures will keep things tasteful while the dropped long sleeves with buttoned cuffs give you a little extra coverage.

All the more, it also has dropped long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and a high-low dolphin hem.

9. Miaou Long Sleeve Tee
  • Sporty and stylish aesthetic
  • Sheer fabric
  • Versatile styling
View at Miaou

It’s not just a shirt, it’s a statement.

Show your love for the game with this long-sleeved crewneck tee from Miaou, updated in sheer fabric. The mesh all-ver design is sure to get you noticed, whether you’re at the gym or on the field.

Get creative with how you style this versatile piece: pair it with leggings and sneakers for an athleisure look, or wear it under a blazer with jeans and heels for an after-work event.

10. Priscavera Mesh Superbloom Baby Tee
  • Sheer stretch Italian mesh
  • Custom superbloom print
  • Purl marrow lettuce edges
View at Desordre

Wear your love on your sleeve with this cute crop top from Priscavera!

The style is made with sheer stretch Italian mesh that hugs your body in all the right places. The label’s custom superbloom print is sure to make you feel like the world is yours whilst the purl marrow lettuce edges on the neckline and hem make for a chic finishing touch.

The cropped length makes this tee super versatile—you can wear it as an outfit on its own, or layer it under a coat for a night of the town.

In conclusion, finding the perfect mesh top is all about striking the right balance between style, comfort, and functionality. By considering factors like fabric, fit, layering options, and design elements, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a mesh top that not only looks fabulous but also feels great to wear.

What to Look for in Mesh Top


One of the main features of mesh tops is their sheer, airy nature. Regardless of the design, the fabric will drape gently over your skin. Thus, it’s essential to choose a mesh top made from materials that suit your preferences and adapt to the climate you live in. When selecting a mesh top, consider the fabric’s breathability and texture, as these factors will impact your overall comfort and satisfaction.


Getting the right size is crucial when buying a mesh top. Assess the garment’s measurements and compare them to your own to guarantee a proper fit. A well-fitted mesh top should offer enough room for comfortable movement without appearing too baggy or overly tight.


Mesh tops come in various styles, from long-sleeved to crop tops, and can be versatile when it comes to layering. Consider how you plan to wear the mesh top and what other pieces of clothing you’d like to pair it with. For example, a mesh top can be worn over a tank top, bralette, or even a dress for added texture and visual interest. Think about the neckline, sleeve length, and overall design of the mesh top to ensure it complements your wardrobe and personal style.


Mesh tops can range from being slightly transparent to completely see-through, so consider the level of transparency you’re comfortable with when making a choice. Additionally, mesh tops may come with embellishments like embroidery, sequins, or appliqués that can add a touch of flair to your outfit. Keep your personal style and the occasion for which you’re wearing the top in mind when selecting a mesh top with embellishments.


What do you wear under a mesh top?

When wearing a mesh top, the choice of what to wear underneath largely depends on your personal style and the level of coverage you desire. A simple, well-fitting bralette or bandeau can provide modesty while still showcasing the sheer nature of the mesh fabric. For a more conservative approach, opt for a fitted tank top or camisole that complements the color and design of the mesh top.

How do you style mesh tops?

Styling mesh tops allows for a great deal of creativity, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a casual, daytime look, try pairing a mesh top with high-waisted jeans and layering it over a colorful bralette or tank top. Accessorize with a statement necklace or bold earrings for added flair.

According to stylist Cassidy Mamula, “Mesh tops are some of my favorite pieces to style because they’re very easy to dress up or down depending on what kind of look you’re going for. For a night out I love doing a mesh top over a bralette for a sexy, flirty vibe. Simple triangle bralettes, balconettes, bandeaus, and halter bralettes are all styles I love for this kind of look. Opt for your favorite mini skirt or leather pant, pair it with a chunky boot or loafer, and voila!”

For a night out or a more formal event, consider wearing a mesh top over a sleek, fitted dress or tucked into a high-waisted skirt. Add a tailored blazer or leather jacket for an edgy, sophisticated ensemble. The key to styling mesh tops is balancing the sheer fabric with complementary layers and accessories to achieve a cohesive, fashionable look.

Mamula adds, “Lingerie is another versatile option that can be styled for many occasions, it just depends on how you use it! Silk and lace Teddys for example make for great bodysuits and can be paired with jeans, trousers, skirts, or leather pants. Silk slip dresses under an oversized jacket such as a trench, blazer, or leather coat is one of my go-to’s. I love to go for knee-high boots or tights with a pair of chunky loafers and the result is always to die for.”