Best Gua Sha Tool RAYDAR

The Best Gua Sha Tools of 2023

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Best Gua Sha Tool RAYDAR

If you’re seeking a path to achieve radiant, well-toned skin, without resorting to intrusive procedures, the traditional art of gua sha and its modern, beautifying tools might just be your new best friend. These sculpted stones, usually jade or quartz, promise to unlock a world of natural beauty benefits, from stimulating circulation and collagen production to easing tension in your facial muscles.

When it comes to combining the best of traditional wisdom and modern skincare, gua sha and its impressive tools are in a league of their own. These sculpted instruments, usually crafted from jade or quartz, are believed to unlock a host of natural beauty benefits, from boosting circulation to aiding lymphatic drainage and toning facial muscles.

gua sha tools can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but each one is meticulously designed for specific areas of your face, whether that’s the delicate under-eye region, the contours of your cheeks, or the tension-filled jawline. This holistic practice isn’t just about achieving aesthetic results, it’s also an opportunity to dedicate a moment of calming self-care to your daily routine.

Read on as we disclose our favorite tools, featuring a budget-friendly gem that gives high-end counterparts a run for their money, and a deluxe tool that embodies the harmonious blend of beauty and indulgence.

1. Sacheu Gua Sha Stainless Steel

Sacheu’s Gua Sha tool is a modern-day version of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment that uses small, smooth stones or other objects to massage and scrape away dead skin cells.

The tool helps drain lymph fluids from the face, relieves tension from furrowed brows and clenched jaw, lifts and firms skin over time, and is anti-bacterial. Its stainless steel is non-porous, which prevents bacteria build-up that can transfer to your skin.

It’s also naturally cold to the touch and durable—plus, it won’t break easily if dropped.

“Trying this every day once a day not only helped my face to get tighter, but it helped my face to be more defined,” wrote one reviewer. “Overall, this is a good purchase.”

2. FACEGYM Multi-Sculpt High-Performance Contouring Tool

We love this tool for its ability to literally sculpt your complexion.

The six different edges are designed to lift, contour, and reduce facial tension—all while helping to release blockages in the muscles. Basically, it’s like getting a facial massage from your very own tool.

And because it’s hypoallergenic stainless steel, it’s safe enough to use on all skin types. To get the most out of these benefits, you can keep FACEGYM’s Multi-Sculpt Face Sculpting Tool in the fridge before using it.

This will help soften fine lines and depuff the skin while providing a cooling sensation that feels super luxurious on tired skin after a long day at work or school!

3. Mount Lai De-Puffing Rose Quartz Eye Treatment Tool

We’ve all been there: you’re trying to get ready for work, but your eyes are so puffy that you can’t even see the mirror.

That’s where Mount Lai comes in. The brand’s Rose Quartz Eye Massage Tool is inspired by Chinese acupressure points. It creates a soothing, cooling effect on the eye area.

It also has calming properties and aids in meditation and reflection—and it’s designed specifically to treat the delicate skin around your eyes. The product reduces puffiness and can help reduce eye bags, too.

Use it to aid in the absorption of eye cream or serum into the skin—so no more waiting around while you try to smooth out the lines underneath your eyes!

4. The Body Shop Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone

If you’ve been looking for a tool that would help you get rid of your puffy eyes and bags, The Body Shop’s gua sha is a great option. It’s made with rose quartz stone from South Africa and has a perfectly shaped face to hug your facial contours.

It’s easy to use—even if you’re a beginner! It feels super cool on your skin because of its smooth texture and helps your skin absorb your skincare products faster. The gentle pressure from the massage leaves facial contours appearing more toned and defined, which is perfect if you’re looking for an early morning glow before heading out to work or school.

And best of all? It’s budget-friendly too!

5. Public Goods Gua Sha

Public Good’s Gua Sha is another multipurpose tool that can relieve muscle tension, boost blood circulation, and keep your skin radiant and supple. Made of pure jade, it’s naturally smooth and durable.

The tool works by applying gentle pressure to specific areas of your face. This helps relieve tension in your muscles, increase blood flow to those areas, and improve the elasticity of your skin.

You can use it with any facial oil or lotion to boost the benefits of massage therapy and promote healthy skin. You can also use it alone to give yourself a simple facial massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

6. Supernal Cosmic Stone Xiuyan Jade Gua Sha Tool

It’s time to get your glow on! Supernal’s Cosmic Stone is designed to help lift and brighten the complexion, while also reducing puffiness and relieving tension.

This lightweight tool is made of Xiuyan jade—a stone that has been carved from natural stone that has not been chemically processed or prefabricated. The result? A sublime smooth finish that will have you looking like an angelic goddess.

It comes in a variety of shades ranging from light greens to yellow-greens, but each make for a chic bathroom accessory.

7. Muihood Gua Sha Spoon

Tired of getting your skincare products all over your fingers? We know the feeling—and we’ve found a solution.

Muihood’s Jade Gua Sha Spoon is great for precision work like cheek sculpting, draining puffiness, and jaw release. The spoon also makes for a more hygienic skincare application.

It relieves tense facial muscles and naturally lifts and sculpts the contours of the face. You can use it for both facial massage and acupressure stimulation.

It’s one of our favorites for its shape—it’s ergonomic, easy to handle and maneuver, and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort when you use it on yourself or someone else!

8. Skin Gym Jade Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool

The next time you’re looking for a new way to get a lift and sculpt your cheekbones, try out Skin Gym’s Jade Gua Sha!

It’s a modern take on an ancient beauty ritual, and it’s designed to lift and sculpt cheeks for more definition. Gua Sha can be used on the forehead to relax forehead muscles and target large and small facial areas—including under eyes!

It’s available in two different colors: rose quartz and jade.

9. Tata Harper Crystal Gua Sha Spoon

Tata Harper’s Gua Sha Sppon is a gorgeous, hand-crafted spoon designed to help you get the most out of your treatment.

The spoon is made from jade, which is thought to have healing properties that can help reduce inflammation and tension in the skin. By gently rolling the spoon over your face, you’ll be able to sculpt your facial muscles and reveal a lifted, depuffed, smooth and healthy-looking complexion.

The dual-ended design features a smaller end to reach delicate areas such as the eyes and acupressure points, while the larger end helps sculpt the cheeks, forehead, jawline and neck.

Each spoon will have its own natural irregularities which give them their unique character—there is no two spoons alike!

10. Wildwing Empress Stone

Wildling’s Gua Sha Tool is a great splurge item for anyone who’s looking to take their facial massaging skills to the next level.

The tool is artisan-crafted from sustainably sourced Bian stone, which means it’ll last you forever and ever—and each edge of the tool is intentionally designed and tested to yield the best possible results.

The stone emits energy known for antioxidant and anti-aging benefits, so you’re not just getting an excellent massage tool—you’re also treating your skin to some pretty cool health benefits!

How to Choose The Perfect Gua Sha


When selecting a gua sha tool, the material it’s made from plays a significant role. Traditionally, gua sha tools are made from natural stones like jade or rose quartz. These materials not only have a soothing, cooling effect on the skin, but they also carry their own unique energy benefits.

Shape and Size

Gua sha tools come in various shapes and sizes, each designed to cater to different parts of the body. Smaller tools with more intricate curves are perfect for the face, allowing you to get into the contours around the eyes and mouth. Larger, broader tools are more suitable for the body.

Smoothness and Edges

A good gua sha tool should have a smooth surface and well-defined edges. These characteristics allow the tool to glide easily over the skin without causing harm. The edge should be firm enough to stimulate circulation but not so sharp as to cause discomfort or injury.


With the increasing popularity of gua sha, there are many tools on the market, and not all are created equal. Ensure you’re purchasing an authentic stone tool from a reputable supplier. Counterfeit tools may not offer the same benefits and could potentially be harmful to your skin.


Lastly, consider how easy the tool is to clean and maintain. Stones like jade and quartz are fairly easy to clean with a mild soap and warm water. Keeping your gua sha tool clean is crucial to prevent the build-up of bacteria that could cause breakouts or other skin issues.