Best Grey Bodysuits Women RAYDAR

Published: December 13, 2022

Last Updated: November 29, 2023

The 12 Best Grey Bodysuits For Women of All Shapes and Sizes

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Best Grey Bodysuits Women RAYDAR

A grey bodysuit is an all-around staple in your wardrobe, ready to be paired with almost anything for an array of looks. It’s effortless to team with bottoms of all sorts, and with the right layers, it can seamlessly transition from casual to sophisticated. To assist you in finding the perfect piece, we’ve picked out the best bodysuits that blend style with ease.

When shopping for a bodysuit, comfort and fit are paramount—look for soft, stretchy fabrics that offer a snug but not constrictive fit. Features like snap closures and adjustable straps can also enhance wearability, ensuring you can move freely and comfortably all day. It should contour your body and complement your figure, acting as a smooth base for your outfits.

Neutral bodysuits are foundational pieces for versatile styling, with grey providing a modern alternative to the usual black and white. It suits a wide range of occasions, from a laid-back brunch to a professional meeting. We’ve curated a selection of grey bodysuits that are at the forefront of fashion, promising to be essential players in your style repertoire.

1. Alo Yoga Airbrush Hot Shot Bodysuit
  • 4-way stretch material
  • Ultra-high cut legs
  • Butter-soft comfort
View at Alo Yoga

Wearing a bodysuit that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is essential.

Luckily, Alo Yoga‘s Airbrush Hot Shot Bodysuit was made for such an occasion. When worn, the ultra-high cut legs of this grey one-piece provide a smoothing and contouring effect.

As you move, the four-way stretch material conforms to your body, making this a perfect fit for women of all shapes and sizes. Wearing this with flared sweatpants can make your outfit appear put together even when you’re not trying.

As one reviewer explained, “I am pleasantly surprised, so much so I purchased it in the other colors. This bodysuit is butter soft and it is extremely comfortable to wear. I was wearing bodysuits from skims however due to the fit I wanted to try Alo and I am so thankful I did! I will definitely be purchasing from Alo from now on.”

2. LA Apparel Garment Dye Spaghetti Thong Bodysuit
  • Heavyweight cotton
  • Super high leg openings
  • Thong back
View at Los Angeles Apparel

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, look no further than LA Apparel’s garment-dyed bodysuit.

The label updated it with heavyweight cotton, so it’s sturdy enough to last through every day of your busy life. And its spaghetti straps, super high leg openings, and thong back mean that no matter what you’re wearing on top, you’ll feel great.

It provides the perfect understated layer underneath high-waisted bottoms—so go ahead and play up those legs!

“I’m addicted to this style, have tried most of the bodysuits and this is the most comfortable and flattering,” shared one shopper.

3. SKIMS Cotton Logo Bodysuit
  • Accentuates your figure
  • Convenient snap closures
  • Cotton gusset
Buy Now

It’s time to get your body back in shape. SKIMS’ Cotton Logo Bodysuit is here to help you do just that.

The classic cut and heather grey color will look great with anything you throw on top of it, while the cotton gusset keeps everything in place and makes sure that you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

“It’s so comfortable! Doesn’t feel like it’s squeezing your body or anything, but it definitely accentuates your figure a bit more,” explained one wearer. “Also, I love how easy the snap at the bottom is.”

4. Lulus Heather Grey Sleeveless Scoop Neck Bodysuit
  • Sleeveless bodice
  • Scoop neck
  • Open back
View at Lulus

The bodysuit for the girl who doesn’t want to get her hands dirty.

Lulus arrives with a modern take on the classic bodysuit, with a scoop neck and sleeveless bodice that’s fitted to flatter your feminine curves. The back is open, leaving you free to let your hair down and show off those flawless shoulders of yours.

The heather grey style looks stunning during any occasion—from lounging around the house to going out on the town!

5. Parade Sheer Support Bodysuit
  • Double-layered mesh
  • Full coverage
  • Fitted short sleeves
View at Parade

Your life is about to get a whole lot more luxurious.

Parade’s Sheer Mesh Bodysuit is made with two layers of mesh for extra support and breathability, and the fitted short sleeves and scoop neck make it perfect for pairing with leggings, tights, or even jeans.

The full coverage means that you can feel confident in any outfit—and the snap closure makes it easy to get dressed on your own!

According to one reviewer, “Parade makes the best body suits! I have a long sleeve, low-back mesh bodysuit that’s become a wardrobe staple so I had to give the short sleeve one a try and it did it disappoint!”

6. Free People Settle In Scoop Neck Bodysuit
  • Breathable fabric
  • Clean and unfussy cut
  • High-cut legs
View at Revolve

This is a staple piece of clothing that you should have in your closet.

It’s a wonderful pick for people seeking comfort in addition to understated style, thanks to its breathable fabric and unfussy cut. The bodysuit has some dimension thanks to the scoop neckline, and it can be worn comfortably with lower-cut garments like sweatpants or leggings.

Its high-cut legs make it a good match for joggers and other forms of casual attire. If you’re looking for a go-to basic then check out this grey one from Free People!

“I was looking for a comfy bodysuit to be tucked into leggings or jeans for an easy look. this is amazing, I need it in ten more colors! It hugs the body in an effortlessly sexy way. The somewhat scooped neck is perfect,” says one wearer.

7. Dynamite Nessa Sculpt Sleeveless Bodysuit
  • Flattering square neckline
  • Double snap crotch closure
  • Lined for comfort
View at Dynamite

You’ll want to wear this bodysuit every day, so you might as well make it a staple in your wardrobe.

The charcoal grey color is simple and timeless, and the square neckline is flattering on all body types. It’s double snap crotch closure makes it easy to get on and off, so you can be ready to go in an instant. And don’t worry about wearing it out in the rain—it’s lined for added comfort!

This bodysuit pairs perfectly with leather, but if you’re feeling more casual, try it with a pair of jeans or leggings. It works for both daytime looks and nighttime ones!

8. Abercrombie & Fitch Cotton Seamless Fabric Crew Tank Bodysuit
  • Body-hugging fit
  • Double-layered seamless cotton
  • Convenient snap openings
View at Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch‘s tank bodysuit is the best option if you’re seeking something that fits closely to the body.

The double-layered cotton seamless fabric will keep you cool on hot days, and the light grey hue will go with anything in your closet.

This bodysuit has two snap openings at the bottom of each leg so it won’t ride up when you’re walking around. If the colors seen here aren’t to your liking, don’t worry: it’s also available in brown and white.

9. richer Poorer Soft Stretch Modal V-Neck Bodysuit
  • Luxurious modal fabric
  • Embraces natural body shape
  • Silky moisture-wicking texture
View at Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer’s modal bodysuit is ready to be your new best friend.

It’s made from modal fabric that holds its shape and feels like heaven against your skin. The V-neck and slightly lower armhole are meant to hug your natural body without being restrictive like shapewear.

It’s made of ultra-soft modal and cotton fabric that holds its shape, so you can wear this with confidence.

10. Kittenish Charcoal Tank Bodysuit
  • Stretchy rib knit fabric
  • Double snap closure
  • Thong coverage
View at Kittenish

Fall in love with this super flattering tank bodysuit from Kittenish.

The charcoal color and stretchy rib knit fabrication make it perfect for pairing with your favorite pair of grey jeans. Elsewhere, its crew neckline is simple but still flattering—and the double snap closure means you can put it on in a flash.

It also offers thong coverage, so no matter how much or little you’re wearing underneath, you’ll feel totally secure and comfortable.

11. Forever 21 Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Bodysuit
  • Comfortable knit fabric
  • Turtleneck comfort
  • Snap-button cuffs
View at Forever 21

Forever 21‘s long-sleeve turtleneck bodysuit is a chic addition to any wardrobe.

It has a light grey color and features a trendy knit fabric that makes this top incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

This bodysuit’s snap-button cuffs provide the finishing touch you’ve been looking for to accentuate your best features. Pair it with leather pants or jeans for an extra chic look on date night or when you’re out with friends after work.

“First of all, I hate wearing bras, so this was perfect! Kept my girls in place and hid them well with the thick material.  Very satisfied. Oh, and the turtle neck was not tight at all. It was comfortable,” noted one buyer.

12. Something Navy Open Back Long Sleeve Bodysuit
  • Deep U-neck open back
  • Comfortable compression jersey
  • Versatile styling
View at Something Navy

This bodysuit is made of charcoal gray compression jersey material and features a deep U-neck open-back design.

It’s form-fitting without becoming suffocating. If you have long arms or just like a bit more warmth on cold days, this is a great option since the sleeves are about the right length to cover you without being too restrictive.

The garment has a snap opening at the crotch that allows you to easily pull it over your head without having to worry about any discomfort. Infinite combinations of looks may be made with this simple piece.

We hope you found this list helpful in finding the perfect bodysuit for your needs. There are a lot of options out there, and it may be difficult to determine which ones are really effective and worth your money. The good news is that among these ten alternatives, there’s bound to be something that appeals to you.

How to Choose a Bodysuit


A standout feature of a bodysuit is its close-fitting design. Regardless of the style you opt for, the fabric will conform snugly to your skin. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a bodysuit made from a material that caters to your preferences and suits your environment.

Consider bodysuits that utilize an innovative combination of fibers like bamboo, cotton, modal, silk, or other organic materials, along with flexible and durable elastics. These natural fibers enable the bodysuit to adapt to your skin’s needs, providing extra warmth without causing overheating.

To minimize discomfort and reduce perspiration, prioritize breathable fabrics when selecting a bodysuit.

Appropriate Sizing

Finding the right size is essential when purchasing a bodysuit. Compare the garment’s length to your torso’s dimensions to ensure a proper fit. In some instances, a bodysuit might fit comfortably in width but be either too long or too short in length. A too-short bodysuit can cause tightness and unease, whereas a too-long one may not deliver the desired sleek look.

Ease of Movement

A high-quality bodysuit should allow for a comfortable range of motion. Seek designs that incorporate strategically positioned seams and stretchy materials, ensuring unimpeded motion. This is particularly important if you plan to wear the bodysuit for activities that require flexibility, such as dance or yoga sessions.

Fastening Options

Bodysuits are available in various fastening styles, including snaps, hooks, and zippers. Select a fastening option that you find both practical and comfortable. For example, snap fastenings located in the crotch area can facilitate swift wardrobe changes or bathroom visits. The appropriate fastening choice can significantly impact the overall comfort and convenience of your bodysuit.


What is a bodysuit?

In essence, a bodysuit is a “single-piece, form-fitting or skin-tight garment that envelops the torso and the crotch.” To help you visualize, imagine a one-piece swimsuit crafted to display no visible seams on the lower portion of the suit. The primary goal of a is to create the impression of a seamlessly integrated, flawlessly tucked-in, and well-positioned shirt. Generally, they come with a snap-fastening crotch for effortless removal during bathroom breaks, while others are designed as one continuous piece of fabric.

Do you wear underwear with a bodysuit?

If you’re intrigued by bodysuits but unsure about the appropriate undergarments to pair with them, rest assured that you’re not alone. Online research reveals no definitive rule for whether or not wearing underwear with a bodysuit is necessary. Some experts believe that underwear is redundant and defeats their purpose.

However, many bodysuits come with a cotton gusset that ensures breathability in the intimate area. In the end, the decision comes down to personal preference and comfort.

How can you style a grey bodysuit?

Styling a bodysuit is entirely up to you and your personal taste. Some people enjoy wearing them under a sweater, while others prefer pairing them with an oversized blazer and blue denim jeans.

Bodysuits are commonly used as a layering piece, but the styling options are limitless depending on your comfort level and fashion sense. Contrary to popular belief, not every outfit featuring a bodysuit has to be overtly sexy. With the right styling, they can be incorporated into various looks that suit your personal style.

Are bodysuits comfortable?

The comfort of a bodysuit largely depends on the materials used, the fit, and personal preferences. When crafted with high-quality, breathable fabrics and tailored to fit well, these garments can provide exceptional comfort. However, if the sizing is incorrect, the garment may feel too tight or too loose, compromising its comfort. It’s essential to choose a bodysuit made of materials and styles that suit your body shape, climate, and activity level to maximize comfort.

How do you put on a bodysuit?

To put on a bodysuit, first, ensure all fastenings are open. Step into the garment with your legs, similar to how you would wear a pair of pants or tights. Gradually pull the bodysuit up, guiding your arms through the sleeves if it has them. Once the garment is properly positioned on your torso, fasten any closures, typically located in the crotch area. Finally, make any necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure fit!