Best Green Bodysuits 2022 RAYDAR

Published: October 31, 2022

Last Updated: November 29, 2023

The 12 Best Green Bodysuits to Shop in 2023

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Best Green Bodysuits 2022 RAYDAR

Many individuals choose monochromatic or neutral wardrobes as a safe bet. The green bodysuit, on the other hand, is the answer to many fashion dilemmas, since it can be worn year-round and yet appear sleek and put-together. Surprisingly, green pairs nicely with other vivid hues like yellow and orange, and a head-to-toe green ensemble is a knockout.

We’ve all struggled with lengthier hems that may be tough to hide beneath delicate fabrics like silk or body-skimming designs, so bodysuits are the best top choice to avoid the hassle of tucking and bunching. The turtleneck and longer-sleeved patterns work well as a foundational layer throughout the shoulder seasons, while the tank and shorter-sleeved designs are hard to put down in the sweltering heat of summer. Wear it alone to make your jeans and skirts appear more put-together, or layer it with other pieces for a style that won’t budge, like a sweater, cardigan, or coat.

We’ve got you covered with options ranging from a convertible bodysuit that can be worn all year round to flirtatious, cutout bodysuits that are great for a night out on the town. Continue scrolling to read our picks.

1. Alo Yoga Sleek Back Bodysuit

The Sleek Back Bodysuit is a contouring piece made from Alo Yoga‘s Airbrush fabric. It has a shelf bra for slight support, T-back, a scoop neckline, and a thong backside, making it ideal for wearing alone or as a base layer over leggings.

It’s manufactured by the most popular sportswear brand among Gen Z today, so you know it will give you some light, daily support as you practice yoga or pilates as an added bonus. With four-way stretch and a figure-flattering emerald green print, it’s made to look well on a wide range of body types.

“This bodysuit lives up to its name with a form-fitting cut. Normally I’m a size small but I felt better in a medium as the cut seems a bit short-waisted. Wore it to dance class and it performed well. A good-looking addition to my wardrobe,” one buyer shared about the garment.

2. Lulus Talking Smooth Olive Green Cowl Neck Bodysuit

You’ll feel like the sexiest thing in the room when you slip into this bodysuit from Lulus.

This style is perfect for a night at the club or even a romantic date—the lightweight fabric means it won’t stick to your skin or get too hot too soon, so you can look good and feel great all night long!

“Great color, great fit, and makes the ‘girls’ stand out. Very flattering bodysuit, comfortable—and you can dress up or down,” shared one reviewer.

3. SKIMS Cotton Logo Bodysuit

When you’re ready to go from zero to sixty, SKIMS’ bodysuit is your new bestie.

It’s the perfect blend of comfort and style, so you can wear it on its own or layer it under a button-down blouse for a more formal look. The style has cotton gusset and lining, so you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

And because every girl needs a little something extra in her wardrobe—and especially when it comes to something as simple as a bodysuit—the brand added tonal rubberized logo detail along straps and neckline to give it just enough edge.

“It’s so comfortable! Doesn’t feel like it’s squeezing your body or anything, but it definitely accentuates your figure a bit more,” stated one wearer. “Also, love how easy the snap at the bottom is.”

4. Knix LuxeLift Bodysuit

It’s time to get a little more comfortable with your bod. Knix’s LuxeFit Bodysuit offers medium support with a non-compressive fit.

It has the wireless, built-in support that you need when you’re working out, but it also has the luxurious feel of silk and the relaxed fit that lets you move around freely. The great thing about this bodysuit is that it can be worn on its own during your off days or layered under sweaters, jackets, and even other pieces.

Try pairing our body suit with jeans for a casual look or wear it with leggings for an active one. For an evening out, try pairing it with a blazer and heels—you’ll be ready for anything!

“I love the pop of color this body suit adds to my outfit. It chinches my waist and supports my breasts,” reviews state.

5. Los Angeles Apparel Sleeveless Wrap Front Bodysuit

This bodysuit comes in a gorgeous emerald green hue, and it has a sleeveless wrap design, a mid-scoop back, and everyone’s favorite high-cut leg opening.

Serving as a leotard adaptation of Los Angeles Apparel’s tank top, it has a sensual deep-v neckline supported by wide, stylish straps. The garment has also been fabric dyed and enzyme washed to create its one-of-a-kind color palette and luxuriously soft feel from high-quality cotton spandex.

“I like the item! It’s a little snug in the height of the bodysuit but felt it fit a ‘normal’ medium well otherwise. It also has a good thickness of the material,” one person said.

Another added, “I got this to dance in, and it’s a bodysuit but I don’t recommend dancing in it without any other layers. Overall, I love this bodysuit! I’ve gotten too many compliments in it!”

6. Forever 21 Sleeveless Knit Bodysuit

We’ve got a bodysuit that’s just begging to be worn under your favorite outfit.

This green knit bodysuit features a round neckline, sleeveless construction, and cheeky-cut bottom. You can wear it with our matching leggings for a look that will put the rest of the street to shame or just wear it with some jeans and a pair of sneakers for a more casual vibe.

Whatever you do, we know you’ll love how it feels on your skin—and how you can feel confident knowing that no one else has anything quite like this!

7. Yitty Smoothed Reality Thong Bodysuit

With this bodysuit from Yitty, you’ll get the perfect fit every time.

The three-row double-snap gusset closure makes it easy to adjust the bodysuit to your body and keep it there, so you can move freely without worrying about being uncomfortable or having to adjust your clothes. Elsewhere, its double-layered semi-sheer fabric is comfortable enough to wear all day long, but still provides light smoothing compression that will help make you look and feel your best under any outfit.

And the seamless design underneath clothing means that you can go from yoga class to brunch without anyone knowing how much effort went into getting ready for the day!

According to shoppers, “This is honestly the best a most flattering body suit I’ve owned. I want more colors.”

8. bebe Wrap Front Knit Bodysuit

This chic bodysuit, with its wrap front design and long sleeves, is the ideal base layer for all your jeans and skirts.

One of our favorite features of this garment, the long sleeves make it appropriate for work, but the sleek plunging V-neckline makes it just right for nights out on the town.

9. TA3 SWIM Lacey Shaping Suit

The shaping skills of the lacey bodysuit are second to none, and it comes in two different hues of the aforementioned: green and army green. The innovative fabric and innovative design subtly but noticeably slim the waist and shape the bust.

Meanwhile, the outside fabric is a lightweight activewear compression fabric, akin to a high-end sports bra, and the cut is somewhat low at the thigh and high in the back. One of the perks is that the straps can be altered and the bust padding can be removed.

“Just wow! I can’t even tell you how many bathing suits I have, that don’t even come close to this. Even the ones that say tummy control do not compare. The tie that sucks it all in amazing,” one reviewer says of this.

“With other suits, I’m always adjusting or they just don’t hold you in and you look droopy. Buy this suit u can’t go wrong. It will change your mind about your body. You will look and feel so confident.”

10. Tezenis Ribbed Cotton Cut-Out Bodysuit

Get ready to get your groove on in this high-cut bodysuit, which nips you in at the waist and lets you move with confidence.

It’s made from ribbed cotton so it’s comfortable, and it features side cut-outs for maximum movement. The bottom snap button closure gives you a secure fit.

This apple green piece is your ticket to a fun night out—or just a regular day of work!

This sleeveless bodysuit by Babaton has the label’s distinctive figure-smoothing fabric, a square neckline, and a thong-cut bottom.

The piece is constructed out of Contour, a high-end stretch fabric that feels like a second skin. It comes in a choice of two tones of green, is thong-cut at the bottom for comfort, and features an inside bra-strap holder that snaps closed.

“Absolutely love! I have Babaton’s Contour Bodysuits in other styles like the tank and t-shirt, however, this one is my favorite by far. It hugs all the right places and sinches and holds me in amazingly,” one person shared. “This can be dressed up or down and I definitely need it in every color”

12. Tobi Come To Me Neon Green Strapless Bodysuit

This strapless, seamless bodysuit is a must-have wardrobe classic due to its versatility and essentiality.

The thong-style bottom and snap fastening make it easy to slip on and off. It’s a versatile wardrobe classic that works equally well with denim shorts and high-waisted jeans, making it ideal for hot summer days.

How to Choose a Bodysuit

Material Selection

The choice of fabric is a critical consideration when purchasing the ideal bodysuit. For an elegant and refined look, seek materials with a smooth texture, such as silk or satin, which drape gracefully on the body and exude sophistication. For a more laid-back or edgy vibe, opt for cotton or ribbed fabrics that offer a cozy and relaxed feel.

Neckline and Strap Varieties

Selecting the appropriate neckline and strap style for your bodysuit can accentuate your features and create a flattering silhouette. From plunging V-necks to rounded scoop necks, high-neck turtlenecks to off-the-shoulder options, choose a neckline that suits your personal taste and comfort. Similarly, consider strap styles such as thin spaghetti straps, broader straps, or long sleeves, catering to different preferences and occasions.

Fit and Support

A properly fitted bodysuit should offer sufficient support and a flattering fit. If you require additional lift and shaping, look for bodysuits featuring built-in support elements like shelf bras or underwires. For a more casual fit, choose a bodysuit without structured support. Ensure the bodysuit fits snugly against your body without being excessively tight or loose.

Design Details and Embellishments

Bodysuits may include distinctive details and embellishments that set them apart and showcase your individual style. Consider features such as lace, mesh, or cutouts for a trendy and sophisticated look. Alternatively, a minimalist bodysuit with clean lines and understated details offers a timeless, classic appeal.

Fastenings and Gusset Construction

When choosing the perfect bodysuit, it’s essential to examine the fastenings and gusset design. Easy-to-use closures like snaps, buttons, or hooks contribute to practicality and convenience. Gussets, the small fabric panels at the crotch area, are crucial for comfort and hygiene. Opt for bodysuits with a cotton gusset for breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities, especially for extended wear. Some bodysuits also provide snap or hook gusset closures, simplifying bathroom visits without removing the entire garment.

Ultimately, when searching for the ideal bodysuit, consider material selection, neckline and strap varieties, fit and support, styling and versatility, design details and embellishments, and fastenings and gusset construction. By taking these factors into account, you’ll discover a bodysuit that enhances your figure, reflects your personal style, and offers maximum comfort and practicality.


How do you style a green bodysuit?

When it comes to styling a green bodysuit, the key is to create a well-balanced and visually appealing outfit that highlights the vibrant color. Start by pairing your green bodysuit with neutral bottoms such as white, black, beige, or tan. This allows the bold hue to take center stage while ensuring the ensemble remains chic and stylish.

High-waisted jeans, tailored trousers, or an A-line skirt are versatile options that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Layer your bodysuit with a complementary jacket, blazer, or cardigan to add depth and dimension to the look. Opt for outerwear in a contrasting shade or one that picks up on the green tones for a harmonious appearance.

Experimenting with prints and textures can elevate your green bodysuit outfit and make it stand out. Try pairing it with printed bottoms that incorporate shades of green for a cohesive look. Floral, animal, or geometric prints can provide visual interest and create a more dynamic ensemble. Additionally, play with textures by combining your green bodysuit with bottoms made from materials like denim, corduroy, leather, or suede. If your bodysuit features lace or mesh details, use these to create contrast with smoother fabrics.

Finally, accessorize your outfit thoughtfully to bring everything together. Gold or silver jewelry pairs beautifully with green, as do earth-toned pieces made of wood, leather, or beads. Reach for a bold necklace, hoop earrings, or stackable bracelets to enhance your look.

What colors can I wear with a green bodysuit to create a complementary look?

Complementary colors like burgundy, navy, or mustard are also great options for pairing with your green bodysuit. These rich, earthy tones contrast beautifully with green and can help you create a striking color-blocked effect. Depending on the intensity of the green and the complementary colors, you can achieve various moods, from bold and dramatic to elegant and understated.

Other color combinations to consider include analogous colors, which are colors adjacent to green on the color wheel. Shades of blue, blue-green, or yellow-green can create a harmonious and visually appealing look. Additionally, you can experiment with a monochromatic color scheme by pairing your green bodysuit with other shades of green, such as mint, olive, or forest green.

Ultimately, the key to creating a complementary look with a green bodysuit is to consider the specific shade of green and your personal style.