Best Fringe Skirts RAYDAR

The 10 Best Fringe Skirts of 2023

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Best Fringe Skirts RAYDAR

Fringe skirts are a bold and eye-catching fashion choice that can easily become the standout feature of your outfit. No matter if you opt for a classic black or white garment or something over-the-top, this trend is sure to make a statement.

If you want to make fringe the focal point of your ensemble, you should choose an outfit that does it justice. Mini skirts with long-flowing fringes that move with your stride are one option, while midi skirts with short jagged fringes give textural variety and depth. In general, it’s a lively and stylish accessory that can be used to inject some motion into a static look.

Color-wise, you can make your fringe skirt the centerpiece of your wardrobe by using subtle accessories and keeping the rest of your complementing garments simple. Choose a neutral color palette and opt for classic, minimal accessories. This will allow the fringe to truly shine and not compete with other elements of your outfit.

With a little imagination and self-assurance, you may employ this trend to create a very distinctive and striking appearance. Keep reading for 10 of our favorite fringe skirts this season, so you can get all the styling inspiration you need to rock this silhouette.

1. Meshki Fringe Mini Skirt

Elevate your style with Meshki‘s Stephanie Skirt, a chic and sophisticated piece that exudes effortless glamour.

The high-waisted cut and asymmetric hem of this piece give it a contemporary edge, making it the ideal garment for fun evenings out. The thigh split and invisible zip fastening offer a comfortable and flattering fit, while the beaded tassel detailing adds a touch of elegance and movement.

Get the full effect by wearing the skirt with the label’s matching black bandeau top, or go for a more casual approach by teaming it with a tee and sandals. No matter how you choose to style it, this versatile piece is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

One wearer excitingly wrote, “Such great quality and can be used as a statement piece or as a subtle little touch of flair for an outfit!”

2. Showpo Shaira Wrap Mini Skirt With Fringing

Showpo‘s Shaira Skirt will have you set to make an entrance.

This sultry and stylish garment, with its asymmetrical high-low silhouette and dramatic fringed hem, is ideal for your next evening out on the town. An exposed center back zipper guarantees a comfortable and simple fit, while the fixed knot and draping tie accent lend an air of refined simplicity.

Style the skirt with your favorite going-out tops and heels for a sophisticated and trendy appearance. Whether dressed up with a stylish blouse and shoes or down with everyday basics, make it a closet essential.

3. Banana Republic Sevilla Suede Fringe Skirt

If you’re looking for a timeless, high-waisted skirt, go no further than Banana Republic‘s Sevilla Suede Fringe Skirt. It has long strips of luscious suede that swing and twirl with every step.

Both flared from the waist to the hem and outlined in a beaded fringe, this A-line skirt has a hidden zip with hook-and-eye closure at the wearer’s left side. Its versatile camel brown hues make it a great pick whether you’re headed to the runway or just the bar.

“The picture does it no justice, once you put this skirt on you can see all the many ways you can wear this fall beauty,” shared one reviewer.

4. superdown Penelope Fringe Skirt

This black satin skirt is a showstopper! The surplice design wraps across the body and is fastened at the hip with a decorative tie, creating a flattering silhouette.

The ruched detailing adds texture and dimension to the fabric, while the silver-tone beaded fringe trim adds a touch of glamour.

The hidden back zipper closure ensures a seamless fit, and the fully lined construction adds structure and coverage. Wear this skirt with a sleek blouse and heels for a chic evening look, or dress it down with a casual top and sneakers for a more laid-back vibe.

“I love this skirt! It’s so cute with a black bodysuit and gives a nice look to your waist,” shared one reviewer. Another added, “She’s fabulous. Very well-made and the perfect way to spice up an outfit.”

5. Just Bee Queen Charlie Miniskirt

Just Bee Queen’s Charlie Miniskirt is the perfect summer favorite, thanks to its on-trend hue and lightweight, non-stretch linen construction. The elastic waistband and drawstring tie details on this design make for comfortable wear.

The front zip closure makes it easy to throw on if you’re wearing it over leggings or tights—just be careful not to snag your skirt while zipping up! A braided fringe trim finishes off this lovely skirt with a hint of bohemian flair.

6. Fleur du Mal Fringe Skirt

This fringed miniskirt is the ideal option if you want to highlight your waist and legs. Featuring a swaying fringe accent at the hemline, this ultra-flirty design is a fun and feminine touch to any ensemble. 

The invisible side seam zipper closure ensures that it stays in place while allowing you to easily slip on and off—perfect for those days when you want to wear your favorite sandals or flats! This timeless item comes in both black and a pale blue that can be worn at any time of year without looking or feeling dated.

7. Dodiee Layered Fringe Midi Skirt

Dodie’s midi-length fringed skirt with many layers is a standout piece.

It has a comforting lightness to it and evokes joy with its floaty motion effects. The strategically placed and opulently finished practical form-knit panels create complicated forms.

Available in camel or neon green, this skirt is definitely on the pricey side but worth the investment for the gorgeous way it compliments the body and makes you feel like you can walk on air!

8. Milly Saylor Wool Fringe Skirt

In a subtle black color, this skirt is one of the more relaxed looks in the round-up. Milly’s softest wool is used in this wrap-over style that has a deliberately asymmetrical hemline.

The wrap’s greatest qualities are highlighted by the fringe that adorns its edge. It’s also lined so you never have to worry about showing too much leg when you move around.

9. Boot Barn Fringe Tiered Suede Mini Skirt

If you’re looking for a great fringe short skirt, go no further than this one from Boot Barn.

To start, it’s crafted from a suede material, so it’s nice and pleasant to the touch. Second, it has three levels of fringed panels that will complement your outfit well.

Thirdly—and most importantly—this mini skirt comes in two colors: black and brown! If you’re looking to round up your ensemble, go for a white tank top and some boots. Now all that’s left to do is choose a color!

10. Forever 21 Faux Suede Fringe-Trim Mini Skirt

This mini skirt is a total vibe! Made of soft and buttery faux suede, it’s the perfect mix of cozy and chic.

The elasticized waist gives it a comfy and flexible fit, while the asymmetrical hem and fringe trim add a touch of drama.

The A-line silhouette from Forever 21 is super flattering, making it a go-to piece for any occasion. If you’re out on the town or just chillin’ at home, this skirt will have you feeling like the ultimate boss babe.

We hope this list helps you find the best fringe skirt for you! If there are any other skirts that should be included here, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading!

What to Look for in Fringe Skirts

Material and Construction

When shopping for any clothing item, including a skirt with fringe detailing, the fabric and construction are paramount. Genuine suede or leather will give your fringe a natural swing and a luxe aesthetic, while synthetic materials can be more affordable and easier to care for. The quality of the fringe cut, its attachment to the skirt, and the overall seam strength also contribute to the durability and overall look of the piece.

Length of the Fringe

The length of the fringe adds character to the skirt. Short fringes provide a subtler nod to the trend, while longer fringes make a dramatic statement. It’s essential to consider the occasion and your personal style when deciding on the fringe length. Also, think about how the fringe’s length will work with your height and body shape, as it can influence the overall proportion and balance of your outfit.

Fit and Style

Like any skirt, the style and fit are key to making it look flattering. Choose a silhouette that enhances your figure, whether that’s an A-line, pencil, mini, or maxi skirt. The fringe should complement the skirt’s style and not overwhelm your frame. Consider whether you want the fringe as an accent (like on the hem or side slit) or as a key feature (covering the entire skirt).

Care Requirements

Fringe detailing can make a skirt more challenging to care for. Check the garment’s care instructions before buying. Can it be machine washed, or does it require hand washing or dry cleaning? Consider your willingness to follow these instructions, as proper care will prolong the skirt’s life and keep the fringe looking its best.


What do I wear with a fringe skirt?

A fringe skirt is a statement piece that exudes a playful and chic vibe. When deciding what to wear with it, consider balance and silhouette. As fringe skirts often carry volume and movement, pairing them with a fitted, simpler top will create a balanced look. For instance, a tucked-in solid-color blouse or a sleek turtleneck can complement the skirt without competing for attention. A fitted t-shirt or crop top would work well for a more casual setting.

For footwear, ankle boots or strappy heels can offer a stylish edge that works well with the fun, boho aesthetic of a fringe skirt. If you want to play up the look for a night out, consider a pair of statement heels and a flashy clutch. Accessories should be kept minimal, letting the skirt take center stage.

How do you make a fringe skirt?

To make a fringe skirt, you’ll need a base skirt, fringe trim (available at fabric stores), a sewing machine or needle and thread, and basic sewing skills. Start by measuring the base of your skirt to determine how much fringe you’ll need. Cut the fringe trim to fit, then carefully sew it onto the skirt.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you might attach the trim to the hemline for a classic fringe skirt or add layers of fringe all over the skirt for a more dramatic effect. Remember, it’s crucial to use a color thread that matches your fringe to make the sewing blend in seamlessly.

What should I wear underneath a skirt?

When it comes to what you should wear underneath a skirt, it largely depends on the skirt’s material and the occasion. For more sheer skirts, a slip can provide added coverage. Regular or seamless underwear in a color close to your skin tone will be unnoticeable under most skirts. Wearing tights or leggings under the skirt in colder weather can provide additional warmth while contributing to a stylish layered look.

What top should I wear with a fringe skirt?

Choosing a top to pair with your fringe skirt should ideally depend on the occasion, the skirt’s color and style, and your personal aesthetic. If the skirt is more on the flamboyant side with heavy fringe, opt for a simple, fitted top to create a balanced outfit.

However, if the skirt has minimal fringe, you can play around with more detailed tops like a ruffled blouse or an off-shoulder top. A monochromatic look can also be a striking choice; pair a black fringe skirt with a black satin blouse for an elegant, cohesive look. Always remember, the key to a successful outfit is harmonizing the components, allowing each piece to contribute to the overall look without overwhelming it.