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The 10 Most Comfortable Cropped Sweaters of 2023

A cropped sweater is an excellent year-round layering option. They’re perfect for cooler weather and look fantastic with jeans or leggings. Plus, they come in a plethora of colors!

It’s hard to overstate the adaptability of a good sweater. They’re so dynamic, you can wear them with everything from leather pants and corduroys to cargos and jeans! In the winter, incorporate these into your go-to outfit.  Wearing a sweater over a dress or skirt in the summer is an ultramodern and comfortable option. They can be dressed up or down depending on what sort of shoes you wear with them—heels make ensembles appear more professional while sneakers make them casual chic!

But the question is, how can you decide which cropped sweater would best complement your figure? You’ll find some of our top picks in the list below, spanning a wide range of prices and styles.

1. UGG Heddie Mock Neck Sweater

Cozy ribbed features adorn the mock collar, cuffs, and hem of UGG‘s Heddie Mock Neck Sweater.

Whether you’re wearing sweatpants or jeans, the slightly cropped length makes this the perfect complement. You’ll appreciate the cozy warmth of this knit, which is made from ecycled materials and has an all-over cable knit design.

The mock collar design allows you to wear it on its own or under a jacket or vest in colder weather, while still looking wonderful in warmer temperatures.

2. LA Hearts Freya Flowy Sweater

This waffle knit sweater is the perfect go-to this season.

The boxy slouchy fit is joined by long sleeves, a round collar, and a cropped length that will make it seem and feel like it was made to hug your body perfectly.

The best part? It comes in two colors: sand and sage which means no matter what your personal style is, there’s going to be at least one color that fits it perfectly!

3. Modern Citizen Marlowe V-Neck Cropped Sweater

Fall is the perfect time to show off your shoulders, and this cropped sweater has a cross-front detail that makes it easy to wear on or off the shoulder.

Paired with high-waisted bottoms and boots, you’ll be ready for any cold weather in this versatile piece. Available in white, gray, or black—choose the color that best matches your style!

“I received the Marlowe cropped sweater today, and it is perfect. It looks more expensive than it cost. Beautiful vanilla color and flattering fit,” shared one reviewer.

4. Urban Outfitters Kade Cropped Pullover Sweater

In a flattering cropped silhouette, this sweater is a wardrobe must. The ribbed sweater, with its contrasting shoulder and sleeve sections, is ideal for wearing over a camisole or basic tee.

The ribbed stitching gives it a contemporary feel, while the round collar makes it simple to layer over a basic shirt. This garment, which comes in both black and white, complements a wide variety of wardrobe options.

“Cutest sweater I own! It is such a staple piece and it goes with everything,” unveiled one buyer. Elsewhere, someone else added, “Such good quality and not too cropped; super cute for any occasion.”

5. Blvck Paris Whte Cropped Cotton Sweater

Long sleeves with ribbed cuffs and a cropped silhouette characterize this cropped sweater from Blvck Paris.

Super soft to the touch, this item is perfect for everyday wear. Pair it with skinny jeans and shoes for a laid-back evening out, or dress it up with heels for a day at the office.

6. Edikted Mimi Cable Knit Cropped Sweater

This cropped sweater from Edikted is ideal for layering over your favorite maxi skirt or high-waisted jeans.

It boasts a classic cable knit pattern and long sleeves, making it versatile and simple to layer. Another alternative that makes it simpler to layer over other everyday basics and opt for it over an oversized jacket or cardigan.

The cropped silhouette may be worn as an accent without drawing attention to the fact that the rest of your outfit doesn’t go together thanks to the large cut.

“Soft and cozy! This sweater is perfect to throw over any outfit during the fall. I’m obsessed,” shared one buyer. Another added, “This sweater is adorable! The style is really nice and it’s great quality.”

7. TOME Collective Cropped Sweater

In case you’re in the market for a nice and comfy sweater, this cropped version is an excellent contender. Made of caramel brown wool, it has a crew neck and three-quarter-length sleeves.

You can mix and match to your heart’s delight since this piece can be styled with your bottoms of choice. The sweater would look great with leather leggings or black jeans for a more refined appearance.

“This is an excellent quality sweater. It is quite cropped so you need high-rise pants, but that is exactly the style I wanted. It holds its shape and does not wrinkle at all, and looks high quality and expensive,” explained one wearer.

8. For Love & Lemons Amelia Crop Sweater

If you’re seeking the ultimate cropped sweater, go no further than For Love & Lemons’ Amelia Crop Sweater.

Besides its V-neck and puffy long sleeves, this pullover is distinguished by its iconic cable design. The knit ribbed trim at the sleeve cuffs is an extra layer of insulation for the colder months. 

It has a casual style that looks well with skirts or jeans, and it fastens in the back with a tie. Do yourself a favor and pick one up before they’re all gone; it’s a modern twist on a comforting classic.

9. Mango Openwork Cropped Sweater

You may dress up a cropped sweater with a skirt or shorts and heels or down with a pair of boots.

This openwork long-sleeved pullover comes in a trendy fuschia pink shade. This sweater features a medium knit, making it cozy without adding extra weight during the cooler months.

10. MORE TO COME Daya Crop Sweater Top

You can’t have too many of these sweater tops in your wardrobe. You can pair this shirt with your favorite pair of jeans or a skirt of any length.

Made from a breathable ribbed jersey knit fabric with a lettuce kerchief hem, this top is perfect for year-round wear. Its long sleeves may be folded up to provide a fashionable flair thanks to the cuffs at the wrists.

The round neckline has a dotted trim around it that adds some extra detail to make this top stand out from the rest!

The cropped sweater is a great way to add some edge to your look. It can be worn over shorts or jeans with boots, or even under a blazer for the office. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how to style this trendy piece of clothing!

What to Look for in Cropped Sweaters

Length and Proportions

The defining feature of a cropped sweater, its shortened length, is more than just a stylish statement – it’s an opportunity for you to play with proportions and silhouette. Whether it’s skimming the waistband of your high-rise jeans or hanging a bit lower to create a more relaxed look, the length should be chosen based on your comfort and aesthetic preference. Remember, the goal is to strike a balance between showing just the right amount of midriff and maintaining a cozy appeal.

Material and Texture

The tale of a sweater is often told through its material. Soft cotton and luxurious cashmere bring an easy comfort and inviting warmth, while more structured fabrics like wool or a blend can offer a crisp silhouette. Then there’s the magic of texture – a cable knit design can add a nostalgic charm, while a smooth, streamlined finish exudes modern sophistication. The material choice, besides enhancing the look, can significantly impact the feel and durability of your cropped sweater.

Style and Detailing

Cropped sweaters are a testament to the adage that good things come in small packages. With various styles ranging from classic crewnecks to trendy off-shoulder designs, there’s a cropped sweater for every fashion taste. Look for details that make the piece unique: a statement sleeve, a chic turtleneck, or a bold print. These elements can elevate a simple cropped sweater to a standout piece in your wardrobe.


Pairings The charm of a cropped sweater is in its chameleon-like adaptability. With jeans, it’s a casual day out; with a high-waisted skirt, it’s an elegant evening ensemble; paired with joggers, it’s a comfy at-home outfit. Embrace the cropped silhouette and experiment with different pairings. And while the cropped sweater dares to be different, it never strays from its prime directive – bringing warmth and style in equal measure to your outfit.


How do you style a cropped sweater?

Styling a cropped sweater can be as much fun as making one. Try pairing your sweater with heels for a classy look. Combat boots can add a bit of an edge, while sneakers keep things casual. Adding accessories can also enhance your outfit. A chunky necklace can make a statement, transforming your sweater from casual to formal.

Round sunglasses can give a vintage feel, while a small shoulder bag pairs well with both professional and casual outfits. And don’t forget about belts – since your waist will be visible, an eye-catching belt can be the perfect finishing touch.

What do you wear underneath a sweater?

What you wear underneath a sweater can depend on a variety of factors. Camisoles, t-shirts, and long-sleeve shirts are common choices, but some prefer to wear nothing underneath, especially if the sweater is thick and warm. For a more formal look, consider a button-down shirt. Regardless, the choice should be based on your comfort and the occasion. Always remember to check the care label on your sweater for specific washing instructions, and adjust what you wear underneath based on your comfort and the occasion.

How do you crop a sweater?

Cropping a sweater can be a fun and creative way to breathe new life into an old piece of clothing. One simple method doesn’t require any sewing at all. You simply put the sweater on, measure how much you want it shortened, mark this distance from the bottom all around the sweater, and then cut along the mark. Just be aware if your sweater has a kangaroo pocket, as you’ll need to cut either above or below the pocket. The charm of this method lies in its simplicity – the bottom of the sweater will naturally roll slightly as it gets washed and worn, giving it a relaxed, casual look.

If you prefer a more finished look, you might try hemming your sweater instead. This process is very similar to the no-sew method, but with an extra step. After cutting the sweater, you apply a soft stretch hem tape all around the bottom with an iron. Once it cools, you peel off the paper backing, fold the hem up, and fuse it in place. Sewing a hem adds a final touch that creates a soft edge while maintaining a neat, clean look.

Finally, if you’re handy with a sewing machine and want to keep the original waistband, there’s a method for you. Start by carefully cutting off the waistband. Next, mark and cut off the amount you want removed from the sweater. From there, you pin the waistband to the right side of the sweater, matching up equal sections. After that, you simply need to stitch the layers together. The result? A cropped sweater that looks just like it came from the store

How do you wash a sweater?

Taking care of your sweater, cropped or otherwise, mostly involves proper washing. Hand washing in cold water with a gentle detergent is generally safe for most sweaters. Avoid wringing them out, as it can distort their shape. Lay them flat to dry to maintain their form. Machine-washable sweaters should be washed on a gentle cycle with cold water. For cashmere and wool sweaters, check the manufacturer’s instructions, as they often require special care.

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