Best Checkered Pants For Women RAYDAR

The Best Checkered Pants to Liven Up Your Wardrobe This Season

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Best Checkered Pants For Women RAYDAR

Checkered pants are everywhere right now, and with good reason. They’re comfortable and flattering, but most importantly they’re fun! When it comes to finding the best checkered pants to buy, there are plenty of options out there—from high-end designer brands like Yueqi Qi and VETTA to budget-friendly options from Forever 21 and Frankies Bikinis. But which ones should you go for?

Pants with a checkered pattern have been a wardrobe staple for eons. Quite a few people have noticed how sleek and classy it looks despite its simple design. Like its close relative, plaid pants, this pattern is created when bright colors are combined across and down to form a grid of squares.

Checkered pants are a wonderful option for any formal occasion that also has to have a relaxed attitude. This print is versatile enough to be worn to the workplace or a wedding, and even a weekend brunch when coupled with a solid-colored shirt or jacket. The versatile checkered design is flattering on both sexes whether worn or employed in a variety of contexts. If you want to add something special to your wardrobe, this is a great option to consider.

Finding the perfect bottoms might be challenging since there are so many to choose from. Fear not, however, since we have compiled what we believe to be the greatest available here to save you time and effort. If you’re interested in reading about our favorite pairs of checkered pants, keep scrolling.

1. Forever 21 Checkered Print Jeans

Forever 21‘s checkered print jeans are a great example of how to get the look without breaking the bank. They’re not only affordable, but they also offer all-over checkered patterning and a relaxed fit with five-pocket construction and belt loops. The black and taupe-colored denim pair come in at just $24, making them an excellent choice for those looking to add some style without spending too much on their wardrobe!

2. GUESS Originals Checkered Carpenter Pants

The Checkered Carpenter Trousers from GUESS Originals are a fantastic pair of pants for casual wear. These trendy high-rise trousers are made from a soft fabric and feature a bold checkerboard design, side pockets, and a handy utility loop. The pants are available in a green and white combination, as well as beige and white. In addition to having GUESS logos emblazoned throughout the cloth, these pants cost less than $100, making them a worthy steal.

3. VETTA The Wide Leg Trouser

These checkered trousers from VETTA may be the ones you’ve been hunting for. They’re constructed of ultra-luxurious Tencel and have a chic checkerboard pattern. They look great dressed up with shoes or dressed down with a simple tee. If you desire the look of full-length wide-leg pants but don’t want to compromise on leg comfort, these could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

4. Frankies Bikinis Chilli Checkered Cargo Pant

Frankies Bikinis’ Chilli Checkered Cargo Pants are the most stylish cargo pants you’ve ever seen. This one-of-a-kind checkered pattern is an excellent way to inject some personality and style into your clothing. This pocketed jacquard comes in blue and purple as well, making it simple to pair with complementary halter tops and other accessories like hats and sandals.

5. PacSun Eco Purple Checkerboard Boyfriend Jeans

You can dress up or dress down with the new Purple Checkerboard ’90s Boyfriend Jeans from PacSun. With a purple checkerboard design and a lengthier stacked inseam that’s roomy all the way up the leg, these classic high-rise jeans are made all the more comfortable. These go well with a white shirt and simple jewelry since it’s an affordable standout piece.

6. Yueqi Qi Checkerboard Print High-Waisted Trousers

These trousers are a statement, and they do not disappoint. The high rise and checkerboard print make them look like a pair of classic vintage pants, which is exactly what you want when dressing up in formal wear. The two diagonal pockets to the sides add extra style points as well. The price tag may be steep but these pants are worth every dollar!

7. 12th Tribe Halley Brown Checkered Trousers

You’ll be ahead of the fashion curve with the Halley Brown Checkered Trousers from 12th Tribe. Featuring the classic trouser cut and the season’s must-have checkered pattern, these are a must-have for those looking for a brown silhouette. Put on repeat with a corset top or a thick sweater and these pants will become your go-to.

8. Daydreamer Eclipse Wave Knit Pan

The Daydreamer Eclipse Wave Knit Pan is a chic addition to any ensemble, thanks to its black and white wavy checkered pattern. These trousers are comfortable knits that come in a variety of colors, including the standard black and white and a vivid magenta. Extra ease and comfort for those long days at the office or after-hours events is provided by the elastic waistline.

9. Back Beat Co. Organic Cotton Checkerboard Pant

Captivating and versatile, the Organic Cotton Checkerboard Pant by Back Beat Co. may be worn both casually and formally. The elastic waist and loose, straight-leg design of these lightweight knit trousers make them as wearable as they are stylish. Additionally, they are available in an eye-catching papaya hue, making it easy to choose the perfect match for your wardrobe. When paired with the label’s coordinating cropped top, these pants are equally at home or at a party, thanks to the pattern.

10. HYPEACH SoCal Checkered Denim

If you’re looking for a successful application of a checkered pattern, go no further than the Checkered Denim from HYPEACH. This label’s designs are influenced by the sunny climate of Southern California, making them ideal for both urban and outdoor settings. These trousers are great for any event that calls for a little flair without a lot of fuss because of their loose cut and wide leg.

What to Wear With Checkered Pants

Checkered pants are an interesting way to dress up your favorite sweater or blazer. They’re also fashionable enough to wear with a crop top and shoes in the summer, or in the autumn when it’s chilly but not frigid. But what about matching these pants? It might be difficult at first since, unless you purchase online, there aren’t many possibilities for choosing anything that matches nicely with checkered pants. The good news is that there are several ways to ensure that your clothing is flawlessly coordinated!

Crop tops are undoubtedly an excellent choice and they’re all the rage this year. They’re flirtatious and playful, but they can also be dressed up or down depending on your clothing. In the winter, you can wear long sleeves and cardigans, or you can pair solid-colored shirts with tartan trousers to make the whole ensemble stand out. Wear crop tops and checkered pants over a basic white tank top or shirt for a more casual look.

Consider wearing them with a sweater or jacket if you want to add some more elegance to them. As long as you match them with the proper pair of bottoms and shoes, they may look fantastic. When it comes to clothing pieces like this one, it’s preferable to stay with classic hues. If you want some exciting bursts of color in your look, we recommend opting for an oversize plaid shirt or leather jacket with checkered trousers on top.  This outfit is guaranteed to get noticed by those around you as well as other outfits due to its distinct style statement that will set it apart from all others that wear comparable things.

How to Make Checkered Pants

Now you can create easy, stylish pants without spending a ton of money. This tutorial will teach you how to make a checkered design on pants using paint and other supplies that you probably already have in your house! Save money while looking like you made them yourself.

What Color Shirt Goes With Black and White Checkered Pants

Even though black shirts and shoes are a closet staple, wearing them with black and white checkered pants can grow tiresome. To shake things up, consider teaming them with a colorful shirt that contrasts in color with your shoes. Not only is this a great example of how to wear color, but it allows you to layer clothes on top of one another—perfect for layering under winter coats, sweaters, or blazers.