Best Blue Sweater Women RAYDAR

The 12 Best Blue Sweaters to Add to Buy in 2023

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Best Blue Sweater Women RAYDAR

To us, the best part of wearing a sweater isn’t only how it looks; it’s also how it makes us feel. It’s beginning to feel like winter, so we can’t wait to get out our favorite knits and snuggle up indoors! An essential piece to layering effectively is the blue sweater—it’s the perfect complement to everything from jeans to leggings or even a nice pair of boots.

In general, sweaters don’t have many drawbacks: They’re the epitome of comfort on a cold day, complement any outfit, and inject an extra burst of life into your ensemble that a plain sweater can’t match. It’s the kind of weather that calls for layering, so we’re taking the plethora of sweater choices as a sign to buy as many as possible. As an added bonus, they should be comfortable, long-lasting, and well-made, and no, you don’t have to break the bank to get what you’re looking for.

A new sweater can be worn with just about everything this season, from leggings to jeans to skirts, making it the perfect personalized present. Keep scrolling to see all the cable-knit and big-buttoned blue sweaters that have caught our attention this time around!

1. Gap Shaker-Stitch Crewneck Sweater

You’ll be the star of your own movie in this stylish, long-sleeved sweater.

Gap‘s Shaker-Stitch Crewneck Sweater is an easygoing piece that will fit into your casual wardrobe, no matter what you’re wearing. The soft cotton knit and dropped shoulders make it perfect for pairing with jeans or a skirt, but it’s also great for dressing up with a blazer or just throwing on over your favorite tee.

With ribbed crewneck styling, it’s sure to keep you warm while looking cool—and when you want to add a little extra flair, there’s always the option to layer over it!

2. Alex Mill Button-Back Crewneck Sweater

If you’re looking for a new way to wear your knit sweater, this chunky cotton pullover is for you.

It has all the things you want plus a modern twist: balloon sleeves, back buttons, and a dropped shoulder. You can wear this on its own or over a shirt, it’s completely up to you!

But what we love most about this piece is that it’s affordable while still maintaining the prestigious quality that you’d expect from a label like Alex Mill.

“The color of this sweater is just the perfect blue. And it’s fantastic that I can wear it as a sweater or as a cardigan. Love the multi-functionality and uniqueness,” shared one reviewer.

3. Sanctuary Plush Volume Sleeve Sweater

Despite being knitted with a medium weight yarn, this crew neck sweater is surprisingly lightweight and comforting. The sleeves feature a blouson design, which means they’re longer and more voluminous than that of your typical knit.

They’re perfect for wearing with a pair of skinny jeans, or even over leggings if you’re feeling extra comfy! The pull-on design makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze; just slide your arms through the sleeve openings and pull the garment over your head. 

The relaxed fit means that this sweater is designed to be worn loosely on top so it doesn’t cling too tightly or make you feel like you’re suffocating in it; just enough to make you look stylish while still feeling comfortable!

4. FRAME Oversized Cropped Crew Sweater in Cornflower Blue

There’s something so satisfying about the look of this sweater. It’s a bit of a throwback—a little bit sporty, but definitely still luxurious.

The color is rich, and the fabric is soft and breathable. It’s perfect for layering under your favorite jacket or cardigan on those days when you want to look casual but polished at the same time.

It’s also knit from organic cotton yarns and comes in cornflower blue. The sweater features an oversized crewneck that’s cropped at the waist, giving it a relaxed fit that works well with everything from jeans to leggings.

Finishing the design, the ribbed cuffs, hem, and collar add just enough texture to make it stand out without taking away from its streamlined design.

5. Axel Arigato Carla Sweater

We love the idea of a sweater that’s made from a blend of merino wool and recycled nylon, but we also love the idea of a sweater that is as comfortable to wear as it is unique.

Axel Arigato‘s Carla Sweater is shaped loosely and comfortably due to the enormous cables that were clearly influenced by hand-knitting methods. The V-neck, cuffs, and hem are all ribbed for a defined look without constriction.

Furthermore, the addition of the brand’s signature A pin adds the perfect amount of sass. The loose design of this pullover ensures that you’ll be stylish and comfortable all day long.

6. LA Apparel Unisex Fisherman Pullover

A light, open-end sweater with a naturally broken-in feel.

LA Apparel’s pullover is knitted from yarns that have been broken down to create an airy fabric with a naturally worn-in look and feel. The result is a lightweight pullover perfect for warmer months.

This piece can be styled in many ways, but we recommend pairing it with jeans or shorts for a classic spring look.

“Soft knit and not too heavy, perfect for fall and easy to layer for colder winter weather,” stated one style enthusiast. “I ordered a small in this and it fits great—not too long in the arms, length is just past my waist, not too bulky. Exactly what I was hoping for in terms of look and fit!”

7. Tularosa Lovelle Zip Up Sweater

It’s a sweater, but it’s not just any sweater. It’s a sweater so good, you’ll be tempted to wear it every day.

This stylish knit from Tularosa is constructed of this super soft midweight ribbed knit fabric in an all-over blue pattern that looks great on everyone—even if you don’t have the same taste in fashion as your mom.

Not to mention, it also has a partial front zipper closure, you can dress it up or down according to your moods, without having to take off layers of clothing before getting dressed in the morning.

8. Vince Wool and Cashmere Mock Neck Sweater

You’re going to want to keep this sweater in your wardrobe for all seasons.

At first glance, Vince‘s take on the silhouette seems like any other wool and cashmere cardigan. But it’s not: its elongated shape makes it a joy to wear, and the mock neck is just the right amount of sexy.

The side slits make it easy to slip on and off quickly when you need to—and they also add a little something extra that makes you look like you’ve got some curves—but not too much. The rib trim is another nice finishing touch that doesn’t detract from the overall look.

9. Club Monaco Boiled Cashmere Cable Crew Sweater

Simply put, this is sweater perfection.

Classic and chic, this cable-knit sweater from Club Monaco is a must-have for any wardrobe. It’s crafted from boiled cashmere, so it’s really soft, and it has a roomy shape so you can wear it as a layering piece wherever you go.

The wide crewneck and dropped shoulders make this sweater perfect for relaxing days in sweats or dressing up for the office. Just pair it with jeans or sweatpants, and you’ll be ready to go all day long!

10. Sugarlips Jamie Pointelle Sweater

We all know that cozy, cozy sweaters are the best. Now you can get your cozy on with this long sleeve sweater, featuring pointelle details along the yoke and a relaxed fit.

This style is sure to keep you warm through the coldest of winter days, so don’t hesitate! With some black jeans and blue earrings, you’ll be the belle of the room.

10. Everlane The Alpaca Crew

Everlane‘s Alpaca Crew is the perfect sweater for a chilly winter day. With its ribbed pattern and crew neckline, it’s the kind of thing you’ll want to wear every day.

It’s soft, cozy, and warm—but not so thick that it feels like you’re wearing a cuddly animal on your shoulders.

So whether you’re feeling cozy for a date night or want to stay warm while traveling through the snow, this sweater is sure to keep you cozy all winter long!

“Beautiful color, cozy, and very warm. Looks smart and is now my most worn jumper,” explained one buyer. “Love it! I bought the size below for a more fitted look.”

12. PacSun By The Fire Slouchy Sweater

If you’re looking for a sweater that will make everyone stop and stare, this is the one for you. This sweater features ribbed knit fabric that allows it to stretch and move with you as you lounge or spend all day at the office.

As an added bonus, ribbed fabric guarantees a great fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. The turtleneck is functional as a neck warmer and fashionable enough to wear while still allowing a full range of motion.

And that boxy fit—it’s just the thing for lounging around in your jammies and feeling cozy AF.

What to Consider When Buying Sweaters


When selecting a sweater, it’s essential to consider the fiber composition. Blended materials can offer the best of both worlds, combining the warmth and softness of natural fibers with the durability and easy care of synthetics. Look for blends that contain a high percentage of natural fibers like wool or cashmere, complemented by a small amount of synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester for added strength and shape retention.


The texture and stitch of a sweater can greatly influence its appearance and comfort. Cable knit patterns provide a classic, cozy look and extra warmth, while ribbed or waffle knit designs offer a sleeker, more fitted silhouette. Additionally, consider the thickness of the knit – chunky knits are ideal for colder weather, while finer knits are better suited for transitional seasons or layering.


The fit and style of a sweater should align with your personal comfort and aesthetic preferences. For instance, if you prefer a close-fitting silhouette or frequently layer your clothing, opt for a slimmer fit. Conversely, if you value comfort and freedom of movement, consider a more relaxed or oversized style. The sweater’s neckline, whether it’s a classic crew, elegant V-neck, or casual hoodie, can also significantly influence its overall look and feel.

Sleeve and Hem Length

Sweater sleeves and hem lengths are other crucial factors to consider, as they can impact both style and functionality. For added versatility, look for sweaters with full-length sleeves that can be easily rolled or pushed up when needed. Alternatively, consider opting for three-quarter length sleeves for a more casual and relaxed look. As for hem length, a slightly longer hem can provide extra coverage and warmth, while a shorter hem can create a more polished, fitted appearance.


What is the essence of a sweater?

A sweater, at its core, is a garment woven with threads of warmth, tradition, and style. Fashioned to embrace the upper body and arms, this knitted piece can be born from a myriad of materials, including wool, cotton, or synthetic yarns. Its primary purpose is to serve as a stylish shield against chilly climes, but its diverse array of designs, hues, and motifs also offer an expression of personal style. In every wardrobe, from the North Pole to the southernmost tip of Argentina, you’re likely to find this versatile staple.

How do you properly clean a sweater?

The delicate fabric of a sweater calls for special attention during cleaning. Always start by consulting the garment’s care tag—your sweater’s very own manual for preservation. If it permits machine washing, opt for a gentle cycle with cold water, alongside a mild detergent, and dry it by laying it flat in a shaded area.

In the case of a hand-wash only tag, fill a basin with cool water and a touch of gentle soap. Submerge and lightly agitate the sweater, rinse it thoroughly, and then press out excess water using a towel before laying it flat to dry. It’s important to remember never to wring or expose your sweater to direct sunlight, as it can cause unwanted stretching or fading.

How can one creatively fashion a blue sweater?

The blue sweater, a sartorial nod to the tranquil sea and sky, offers a breadth of styling opportunities. For an effortlessly chic daytime look, marry your blue sweater with a pair of well-fitted jeans and brown leather boots. Throw in a chunky scarf in a contrasting color, and you’re ready for a coffee date or a casual work meeting. The sweater’s adaptability means it can be paired with a sleek blazer for a more polished look or layered over a button-down shirt for a preppy twist.

Yet, the blue sweater isn’t just about casual charm. It carries an air of refined elegance, perfect for evening ensembles. Pair it with black cigarette pants or a midi leather skirt for a sophisticated night-out look. Add a structured overcoat in a neutral color and heels to elevate the style. For a daring monochromatic outfit, match your sweater with trousers in a similar shade, creating a sleek silhouette. Completing the look, accessorize with silver or gold pieces for a touch of sparkle!

How do you repair a hole in a sweater?

It might seem like a daunting task, but fixing a hole in your sweater is indeed possible with a little time and patience. For small holes, darning is an effective solution. First, select a thread that matches the color of your sweater and thread it through a darning needle. Begin by creating a series of running stitches around the hole’s edge.

Next, weave the needle back and forth across the hole to create a “warp,” turn your work, and weave again to create a “weft,” essentially forming a new patch of fabric. For larger holes, or if the pattern of the knit is intricate, it might be best to seek professional assistance. Fixing your beloved sweater not only extends its life but also contributes to a more sustainable wardrobe.