Best Blue Cardigans RAYDAR

The 16 Best Blue Cardigans to Add to Your Wardrobe

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Best Blue Cardigans RAYDAR

When you want to upgrade your basic jeans and t-shirt combo, reach for a blue cardigan. You can layer it over a fitted top and finish off the outfit with ankle boots for a fashionable, on-trend ensemble.

Cardigans can come in a variety of lengths, ranging from cropped styles that hit at the waist to longer styles that reach the knees or even the ankles. The length of a sweater can affect its overall look and function. For example, a shorter cardigan may be more suitable for warmer weather, while a longer one can provide extra warmth and coverage in cooler weather.

When wearing a cardigan, you can use the front buttons or zipper to fasten or unfasten the garment, adjusting the fit and warmth as needed. You can also experiment with different layering techniques, such as wearing a cardigan over a collared shirt or pairing it with a belt to cinch in the waist and create a more tailored silhouette.

There are several different fabrics that cardigans can be made from, including wool, cashmere, cotton, and synthetic materials. The fabric choice can impact the warmth, breathability, and style of the garment. For example, a wool cardigan may be more suitable for colder weather, while a cotton cardigan may be more suitable for warmer weather.

In terms of styling, you can pair a cardigan with a variety of bottoms, including jeans, slacks, skirts, or skirts, to create a polished and put-together look. You can also accessorize with jewelry, scarves, or hats to add a personal touch to your outfit. Overall, they’re an incredibly versatile and stylish choice that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and personal style.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best blue cardigans on the market, including affordable picks from American Eagle and Nasty Gal as well as designer staples by Theory and Alice + Olivia! From classic navy to bold turquoise, we’ve rounded up a variety of shades to suit every style. Find the perfect fit with our selection of relaxed or fitted silhouettes. Start shopping and add some personality to your style today!

1. Mango Oversized Cardigan With Buttons

This blue sweater from Mango is the ultimate cozy cardigan! Made with thick knitted fabric, the piece is perfect for those colder days.

The straight design and oversize fit make for a comfortable and stylish look. Furthermore, the V-neck and long sleeves add a classic touch, while the button fastening on the front section allows for easy layering. Whether dressed up or down, this cardigan is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

2. American Eagle Cropped Cable Knit Cardigan

Snuggle up in comfort and style with this thick, soft cable knit cardigan. The straight design and oversize fit allow for a relaxed, laid-back look, while the V-neck adds a touch of sophistication.

Meanwhile, the long sleeves provide warmth on chilly days and the button front allows for easy fastening and layering. The thick knitted fabric is perfect for those colder days and adds a cozy touch to any outfit.

If you’re running errands or lounging at home, this cardigan is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. With its versatile style and cozy feel, you’ll find yourself reaching for it again and again.

“I absolutely love these cardigans! I love the button-up look and how you can dress these up or lounge around in them,” explained one buyer. “Super cozy and definitely a go-to in my closet this fall.”

3. Derek Lam Marcelyn Twisted Sleeve Cardigan

Inject some personality and flair into your collection with Derek Lam’s Marcelyn Twisted Sleeve Cardigan. The ribbed cotton blend is soft to the touch and provides a rich, textured look that is sure to impress.

The V-neckline and three silver 10C logo buttons on the front placket add a classic touch, while the novelty twist along the sleeves gives the illusion of a braid, adding a touch of whimsy to the design. The cropped length is a chic design element that works with many different bottoms.

4. alice + olivia Mendy Faux Fur Trim Cropped Cardigan

The fur-tipped cardigan is an excellent introduction to your wardrobe owing to its adaptability and chicness. The faux fur trim gives it a luxurious feel, while the cropped length and tweed stitch fabric keep it current and on-trend.

You can quickly and easily put this on over a shirt and jeans for a put-together appearance thanks to the concealed front hook and eye clasp. This soft minty blue hue is an understated way to add a splash of color to any ensemble.

To put together a cold ensemble, style it with a white cropped top and your fave high-waisted jeans. Round the look off with some blue earrings!

5. Tradlands Shelter Cotton Cardigan Harbor

Tradland’s Shelter Cotton Cardigan is a versatile and stylish piece that is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. The label’s highly-coveted style has just three buttons, giving a casual and comfortable vibe that’s great for throwing on over your favorite shirts and skirts.

Moreover, the cotton fabric will make you feel cozy, and you can dress it up or down for any event thanks to its classic design. This knit cardigan has the vintage feel of your mother’s 1970s wardrobe, so don’t hesitate to add it to your wardrobe.

6. Something Navy Mock Neck Cobalt Blue Cardigan

With this stunning Cobalt Mock Neck Cardigan from Something Navy, you’re sure to get some admiring glances. Wear this timeless cardi with confidence knowing it’s crafted from a high-quality merino wool mix designed to keep you warm and cozy all day long.

The faux horn buttons and charming boxy design make this an excellent choice for any event. The cobalt blue hue is a daring and self-assured pick, and it goes well with the label’s matching sweater pants or your go-to denim.

It will quickly establish itself as a go-to item in your trousseau, for certain if you plan to spend the day at home or out and about.

7. Theory V-Neck Cardigan in Cotton Blend

A well-balanced cardigan is hard to come by, but Theory has designed one that succeeds in every respect. This lightweight cropped sweater is constructed from a luxurious cotton mix. It has a ribbed V-neckline and lettuce cuffs, making it ideal for layering.

“Perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Lightweight, fun trim at end of sleeves,” stated one buyer. “Great by itself or over no sleeve dress in the office.”

8. Nasty Gal Marl Yarn Button Front Cardigan

Now that winter has here, it’s time to make sure you have all the necessities. Get ready for cooler weather in style with the Marl Yarn Button Front Cardigan from Nasty Gal.

With its buttoned knit construction, this sweater is ideal for layering up when the temperature cools. Classic details like a button front and long sleeves complement the slouchy silhouette, which exudes an air of casual ease. The V-neck provides a sophisticated accent that makes it simple to dress for any occasion.

This cardigan will quickly become a favorite; wear it with some blue sweatpants for a put-together appearance whether you’re errand-running or relaxing at home.

9. Hill House The Ollie Sweater

This cropped cardigan is the perfect way to add a little extra glamour to any outfit.

It has puffy sleeves and pearl-like buttons with rhinestone trimming, making it the ideal accessory to throw on over a dress. The fabric has a cozy sheen and just enough elasticity to keep you comfortable in all the right areas. Modeled by Nell Diamond herself on Instagram—and now available in sizes XS-2XL—this sweater is sure to be your new favorite piece for fall!

10. Rihoas The Lustrous Fluffy Cardigan

Get ready to stay toasty and cozy throughout the season with this soft cardigan! The feather yarn used to knit this sweater is ultra-soft and comfortable against your skin, making it the perfect choice for staying warm and stylish all year long.

In addition to being suitable for any event, its loose cut and central front buttons give you the option of wearing it open or closed. Long sleeves keep you snug on cold days, while the somewhat puffy sleeves and elastic cuffs give a bit of fun to the design. The luxuriously plush fabric will cling to you in a pleasant way.

According to one reviewer, “The second I saw this cardigan, I knew I had to have it. The color is gorgeous and just as vibrant in person. It’s incredibly soft and so pretty. In every timeline I exist on every world, I own this cardigan.”

11. LA Apparel Fisherman Cropped Cardigan

12. Alo Yoga Chenille Chalet Cardigan

Alo Yoga is giving us all the feels with this chalk blue cardigan.

It’s got a plush micro chenille that’s just begging to be snuggled up in, so you’ll want to wear it long after the chill of autumn has passed. The cropped cut gives it an edge that’s perfect for pairing with leggings or jeans, while the wide, flared sleeves add a sporty vibe.

And that deep V-neck? A little hint of skin at the collar makes it feel like you can be yourself without worrying about what anyone else thinks!

13. Benetton Dark Blue V-Neck Cardigan

Benetton’s blue cardigan is a classic, no-nonsense piece that you’ll be able to wear for years to come.

The V-neck and straight stockinette stitch knit make it easy to style with anything from jeans to skirts, and the ribbed knit at the cuffs and bottom keep it comfortable.

The Italian yarn is made from 100% merino wool—a soft, durable material known for its breathability and ability to regulate body temperature. Completing the design, its partial button opening allows you to customize how many buttons are fastened based on your preferences.

14. Whistles Cashmere Cardigan

If you’re looking for a little extra warmth on your shoulders, reach for Whistle’s cashmere cardigan.

It’s got a boxy silhouette that’ll make you feel like a blanket, but with a button fastening that will keep you looking sharp. The relaxed fit means it’ll work over any outfit—from jeans to pantsuits—so you can be comfortable and chic no matter what the occasion calls for.

And there are zero pockets in case you’re looking for something without any added bulk on your hips or thighs!

15. Princess Polly Lester Knit Cardigan in Blue

Princess Polly’s cardigan is another stunning way to keep yourself cozy on a cold winter day. It’s oversized and lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down or make you feel like a marshmallow—and it still looks cute!

The open design of this knit cardigan means that you can wear any shirt underneath, so you don’t have to worry about matching patterns or coordinating colors. Meanwhile, its relaxed sleeves let you move around freely without feeling restricted by tight fabric. And the drop shoulder lets your arms hang comfortably at your sides!

Plus, the knit is made of light blue and dark blue contrast yarn, making this piece truly unique.

16. Banana Republic Supima & Hemp Cardigan

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best blue cardigans. We know how hard it can be to find a good one, and we think these are some of the best out there!

How to Choose the Perfect Cardigan


Securing the right fit is vital for achieving a flattering appearance. Make sure the cardigan accentuates your body shape by avoiding any issues such as slipping off the shoulders or unsightly gaps for those with fuller chests. Strive for a cardigan that rests comfortably, whether above or below the waist, to create a stylish and cozy look.


The length of the cardigan significantly influences how you’ll incorporate it into your outfits. With options ranging from cropped styles to duster designs that sweep down to the ankles, there’s a multitude of choices to match your preferences. Evaluate how each length complements your existing wardrobe and personal style.


Cardigan materials span from lightweight options like cotton to warmer, thicker alternatives. During colder months, wool and cashmere serve as reliable sources of warmth. Cashmere, known for its breathability and adaptability, is an excellent option for transitional seasons as well.


Let’s explore the charming details that can set your cardigan apart. Look for features such as pockets, buttons, and collar styles to elevate your ensemble. Pockets contribute practicality, while distinctive buttons and collars inject personality into your outfit. When selecting a cardigan, choose one that not only provides warmth but also harmonizes with your wardrobe and highlights your unique style.


What are the various cardigan styles?

Cardigans are available in a wide range of styles, each boasting its distinct charm and characteristics. The timeless button-up cardigan is a versatile choice with its V-neck and front buttons, while the open-front cardigan offers a more laid-back and easygoing vibe without any closures. Draped cardigans come with a loose, cascading front that imparts elegance and a complimentary silhouette to any ensemble.

Longline or duster cardigans, which reach down to the knees or ankles, deliver additional coverage and warmth with a hint of dramatic flair. In contrast, cropped cardigans end around the waist, making them ideal for pairing with high-waisted garments or dresses. Shawl collar cardigans include a broad, folded collar for enhanced warmth and refinement, and wrap cardigans envelop the body to create a form-fitting, attractive appearance.

How can I properly care for and maintain my cardigan?

To prolong your cardigan’s life and ensure it stays in prime condition, adhering to proper care and maintenance practices is crucial. Start by examining the care label for specific directions on washing, drying, and ironing. When laundering delicate fabrics like wool and cashmere, choose handwashing or a gentle cycle with cold water to avert damage. Utilize a gentle detergent, ideally formulated for delicate textiles, to maintain your cardigan’s vibrancy and texture.

After washing, spread the cardigan on a clean, dry towel to dry, adjusting its shape as necessary. Refrain from hanging your cardigan, as this can lead to stretching and deformation. Instead, store it folded in a drawer or on a shelf. Eventually, some cardigans may experience pilling from friction, which can be easily addressed using a fabric shaver or sweater comb, ensuring your cardigan remains fresh and pristine.

How do you crochet a cardigan?

First, gather your materials. You’ll need a crochet hook, yarn, scissors, and a tapestry needle. Choose your yarn and hook size based on the pattern you’re following or your personal preference. Once you have everything you need, start by creating a foundation chain. To do this, make a slip knot on your hook, then chain the desired number of stitches for the width of your cardigan.

Next, begin crocheting rows of single crochets or double crochets, depending on the pattern you’re using. Work your way across the row, crocheting into each chain stitch. When you reach the end of the row, turn your work and start a new row. As you continue crocheting rows, you’ll start to see your cardigan take shape. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different stitches or patterns to add texture and interest to your project.

Finally, when your design is the desired length, it’s time to add the sleeves. To do this, you’ll need to crochet the fronts and back separately, then join them together with a few rows of shoulder stitches. Once your sleeves are in place, weave in any loose ends and give it a good blocking to smooth out any unevenness. And that’s it! With a little bit of patience and practice, you’ll have a beautiful crocheted cardigan to wear and show off.