Best Bliss Eye Creams

Published: November 24, 2022

Last Updated: November 23, 2022

The Best Bliss Eye Creams For Brightening and Hydration

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Best Bliss Eye Creams

Now that you’re older, your eyes are starting to show it. That’s OK—it happens to the best of us. But if you want to look as young and beautiful as possible, then it’s time to start using eye creams. And we’re not talking about just any old cream here! Bliss eye creams are the perfect all-in-one solution for just under $30, making it great for both those just getting started and skincare enthusiasts.

Applying eye cream regularly may aid in the fight against the telltale symptoms of aging. In addition to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, eye creams may also reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, relieve weary eyes, and fortify and protect the skin around the eyes. The best part? They are easy to use!

As an added bonus, using an eye cream can help your skin absorb your makeup more effectively. That’s why it’s important to use an eye cream before putting on any other makeup, including foundation or concealer. Using an eye cream before applying foundation or concealer can prevent the foundation or concealer from pulling away from the delicate skin around your eyes, making it easier to blend in.

Ahead, we took a quick dive into some of the best eye creams from Bliss alongside real reviews from real people. Continue scrolling to learn more about them.

1. Rest Assured Eye Cream

We propose Rest Assured Eye Cream if you’re seeking a product that may revitalize your eyes and restore their natural radiance after a long day. Bliss’ COMPLETE-EYETM Complex, which contains vitamins A and E to help tighten skin while moisturizing it, is the ideal mix for avoiding fine lines and wrinkles. Caffeine tightens the skin, while niacinamide helps diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. On top of that, it’s just $25!

Positive Bliss Review: “I’ve been using for approximately two months and have noticed a tremendous difference in my dark circles. This s the only product I’ve ever tried that has made a considerable difference. I wear glasses and it makes my under-eye area look so much brighter friends are starting to comment how much better they look. I have become a huge Bliss fan since the products I’ve tried not only work but don’t irritate my sensitive skin.”

2. Bright Idea Eye Cream

Vitamin C and a proprietary tri-peptide are used in this eye cream to preserve collagen while also brightening and rejuvenating the skin around the eyes. Spa-quality collagen protectors work in tandem to keep skin supple, and a special vegan combination hydrates while diminishing the look of fine wrinkles over time. For optimal results, use this item in conjunction with the Bright Idea Serum and Moisturizer from the same line.

Positive Bliss Review: “My dermatologist recommended Citrix vitamin C eye cream to prevent signs of aging, battle fatigue, and diminish under-eye circles. Honestly, I like this Bliss product just as much and it is half the price. It goes on very smoothly—a little goes a long way, so I feel like this product will last a while. After a few days of using it, I noticed that I wasn’t scowling over dark circles or dry fine lines.”

3. Eye Do All Things Brightening Eye Gel

If you’re searching for an eye cream that may diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, this gel is a fantastic choice. Its faint blue shine conceals under-eye darkness and makes your eyes seem brighter thanks to its caffeine, peptides, and plant stem cells. This product has been dermatologist-tested and shown to be safe for use around the eyes.

Positive Bliss Review: “This eye cream is a lifesaver. Perfect for anyone always on the go and tired. This eye cream effortlessly hydrates and cools the eyes to make it look like you got a full night of sleep. I love the way the eye roller feels cool on my skin! Will definitely be purchasing again.”

How to Use Bliss Eye Cream Properly

Use the tiniest amount of eye cream you can to cover your entire orbital area. It’s best to apply in a gentle patting motion so that it penetrates into the skin, rather than rubbing it in with your fingers. You should also avoid applying eye cream directly near or on the eyelid itself—this can cause irritation and redness after application. Instead, focus on applying it around your orbital bone; that’s where your cheekbone meets your nose.

Another tip: If you have sensitive eyes, be sure to test out any new products by applying them toward a small area first before using them all over your face.