Best Yeezy 500 Releases RAYDAR

The Best Yeezy 500 Releases: Earthy Tones Meet Futuristic Designs

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Best Yeezy 500 Releases RAYDAR

There’s no denying the adidas Yeezy 500‘s continued significance as a staple shoe in adidas and Kanye West‘s signature lineup. Its 2018 debut marked the introduction of a novel kind of footwear constructed of soft suede uppers, breathable mesh linings, and shock-absorbing adiPrene foam. Since its launch in the “Blush” hue, several other colorways have been added to the upper’s already extensive repertoire.

And yet, in spite of having been around for nearly four years at this point, the silhouette has never deviated too much from its initial conception. Its color palettes have been unique, but they’ve never used more than a handful of basic hues, with the designs often returning to the same familiar territory. The 500 was visibly and unabashedly rooted in earth tones, as shown by the “Salt” and “Bone” among others. After a long period of repetition, though, adidas started to take some minor leaps forward with colorways like “Soft Vision” and “Enflame.”

Ahead, we delved into some of our favorite releases of the Yeezy 500 since its initial debut in 2018. Continue scrolling to read more about the understated silhouette.

Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow

With a midsole reminiscent of adidas’ Feet You Wear technology from the 1990s, the Yeezy 500 “Super Moon Yellow” debuted in a pale yellow finish across its suede and mesh upper. The initial December 2017 release of the silhouette’s laid the stage for one of the footwear company’s most recognizable silhouettes, suiting the shoe’s distinctive name.

Yeezy 500 Salt

The “Salt” iteration of the Yeezy 500 maintains the same monochrome aesthetic as previous installments of the chunky sneaker. The upper is constructed from a variety of materials, including cow suede, quality leather, mesh, and nubuck, and it is given a light grey coloration here. While luminous trim around the eyelets increases visibility in low light, a rubber wrap over the midsole in a similar shade adds longevity.

Yeezy 500 Utility Black

Kanye West and adidas released the “Utility Black” colorway in July 2018 after a prototype copy began circulating online. The bulkier build is balanced by the retro-inspired model’s sleek, all-black appearance, something seen on various other silhouettes from Yeezy. This color scheme stands out from the typical “triple black” look because of its unique tonal emphasis, combining various different monochromatic hues. The top is a mix of mesh and suede and is finished in a semi-faded black rather than the standard jet-black seen on sneakers.

Yeezy 500 High Slate

This high-top version of the 500 model is a much-needed upgrade from Kanye West and adidas. Appropriately released in the winter of 2019, the new design has a slate-hued neoprene base covered in suede panels and accented with tumbled leather. The tongue is locked down by rope laces, and the sidewall is fortified by a textured mudguard. Rubber outsole with a sculpted midsole and undulating tread patterns provide a contrasting look and feel.

Yeezy 500 Soft Vision

The upper of the “Soft Vision” colorway is made from a blend of cow suede, quality leather, and breathable mesh and has a monochrome pastel finish. In order to provide additional support and resistance to abrasion, the model’s midsole is rubber-wrapped around the Adiprene cushioning. This sneaker is fashioned in a pastel pink all throughout. Meanwhile, the design is finished with a gum rubber outsole.

Yeezy 500 High Tyrian

The upper of the high-top “Tyrian” colorway is constructed from a variety of materials, including a foundation of blue elastane with overlays of black leather and brown suede for a more eye-catching look. The rubber wrap around the upper’s base adds sturdiness and wear resistance, while the cushioned collar and tongue provide comfortable use. The adiPRENE+ technology provides impact absorption and high-rebound padding in the midsole.

Yeezy 500 Brown Clay

The “Brown Clay” has an earthy color scheme across the branding-free upper, which is constructed from a breathable open mesh foundation, plush suede overlays, and a reinforced rubber mudguard. The high-rebound adiPRENE+ midsole of these sneakers mirrors the muted color scheme of the upper; it was inspired by the ‘Feet You Wear’ technology of Kobe Bryant’s 1999 adidas KB8 3 sneakers. As a result of its construction on rubber feet, it offers superior grip like much of the footwear label’s other releases.

Yeezy 500 High Wakaran

The adidas Yeezy 500 High “Wakaran” has a neutral beige color scheme on a stretchy elastane upper with a cushioned collar and supportive suede and leather overlays. The upper is constructed entirely out of tan suedes and nylons, making it almost identical to its low-top version only higher up. The laces are a complementary detail, and the signature bulbous sole of this shape tends toward deeper navy and grey tones.

Yeezy 500 Enflame

The brown, dark blue, and orange tones of the adidas Yeezy 500 “Enflame” are to be seen in the shoe’s colorway. Mesh makes up the majority of the upper, with leather and suede overlays strategically placed for support. In addition to the upper, an orange AdiPRENE sole provides superior comfort. The low-top version of this colorway debuted in May 2021, while the high-top variant can be seen further down this page.

Yeezy 500 High Frosted Blue

Following in the footsteps of the KB8 III, the “Frosted Blue” release has a striking multi-tone color scheme that appropriately fits its name. The top is made up of light blue suede overlays and stretchy elastane in a vivid blue finish for further support. The shoe’s segmented eyestay and reinforced toe wrap are both constructed from brown suede. Toggle laces and a high, padded neckline are two further notable features. To provide comfort, adidas included a podular adiPRENE midsole, a tribute to the company’s Feet You Wear tech.

Yeezy 500 High Mist

This high-top iteration in a “Mist Stone” tone, like previous releases, is constructed from a neoprene foundation surrounded by leather and suede layers. The design is based on a number of rounded shapes in a lighter earthy tone. Rope laces with toggle fastenings and sculpted adiPRENE midsoles with rubber outsole pieces round out the design.

Yeezy 500 High Tactical Orange

The 500 High “Tactical Orange” has a distinctive design that is, for the most part, unobtrusive. The overlays on these sneakers are made of blue suede, and the mesh upper is covered in a brown color. Comfort comes from the high-cut collar padding and the soft tongue, while the snug fit is ensured by the brown rubber mudguard. Cushioning comes from a podular Adiprene+ midsole, and traction comes from a rubber outsole with a more vibrant finish. This colorway, which dropped in the middle of 2021, clearly draws inspiration from the 500 “Enflame,” which dropped earlier that year.

Yeezy 500 Granite

The adidas Yeezy 500 ‘Granite’ is among one of the newer takes on the retro-styled lifestyle sneaker loved by streetwear enthusiasts. Absent any bold logos, the upper is constructed from grey mesh with matching suede and leather overlays. Cushioned lycra lines the collar for a snug, comfortable fit, and the welded rubber mudguard ensures it will last.