Bellah Prototype Video

Bellah Unveils Her Visuals For “Prototype”

British singer-songwriter Bellah, who’s become an undeniable force in R&B over the last several years, unveils the music video to her new song “Prototype.”

The visuals, directed by former collaborator Ray Fiasco (Lost Girl, GoldLink), see Bellah introducing us to a new world, boldly embracing the process of finding herself, as she transitions from a young girl to an adult. The singer is on a mission of upgrading herself and heart, soul, and endurance are among the characteristics that she chooses on her new journey of growth and self-development.

“I gotta upgrade now, you claiming that I’ve gone Hollywood? / How you figure that I switched up, it was so obvious,” she sings. In the latter of the opening verse, she copes with the challenge of those closest to you coming to terms with who, and what, you are becoming. “Little girl that you knew she can’t be recognized, the old me that you knew is dead and gone.” Her delectable tone and true-to-life lyricism ascends over a polished instrumental, effortlessly detailing the process of self-development.

“Prototype,” which was initially released earlier this month, marks Bellah’s first release in just over a year. 2021 saw the release of “Evil Eye,” a cut that proudly referenced her Nigerian heritage. It also debuted on COLORS and received widespread acclaim, as well as a nod from R&B superstar SZA. Hopefully, the new song and video signal more music from the songstress this year, but in the meantime, catch “Prototype” below.

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