Behind The Lens With Evan Murphy

NYC-based photographer Evan Murphy is captivated by the endless configurations of interpretation, subjective association, and possibility that the world of digital media has to offer.

Delving into his childhood, the photographer shares, “From a very young age my parents got my twin brother and I cameras for Christmas, and we both fell in love with the world of digital media. I would take it everywhere and just take photos of whatever I thought looked cool.” He continues, “Each year this hobby and passion of mine grew and developed as a form of expression and an escape from reality. It truly is just something I love to do and always will be.” 

Drawing on his own lived experience, Murphy’s photos invite us on a journey through a constellation of both dark and dreamy imagery complemented by the environment, lighting, and surrealism. Each set of photos is embroidered together in a loosely chronological sequence. Having accumulated over a million likes on TikTok—and several thousand across socials—Evan has also photographed the likes of Angus Cloud, Mandi Macias, and more.

“There truly is nothing particular I want to articulate through my images, which I guess creates its own meaning. I want a viewer to be able to look at my work where I incorporate aspects of storytelling and create their own,” Evan tells us. “I’ve more recently incorporated words or unfinished sentences to the bottom of my images to help create this. These words usually come from a place of real thoughts, feelings, or conversations I’ve had in my life.”

For our latest interview installment, Evan Murphy walks us through some of his most meaningful photos over the past several years. Read on for our conversation below.

“Perhaps I was meant to see this world alone” (2021)

“This image sparked from an overwhelming feeling of loneliness I’ve carried my entire life, and I’m sure many others have felt as well. Since I can remember I’ve been surrounded by an incredible support system and friends that mean the world to me. However, romantically this has not been the case. Throughout most of my life I’ve genuinely felt I am meant to experience all of the highs and lows of life by myself. This image is a representation of the acceptance of this feeling, and finding peace in being by myself.”

Angus Cloud (2021)

“One of my favorite portraits I’ve ever taken would have to be of Angus Cloud. I was given the opportunity through his management who has assisted me throughout my photography journey in many ways and I’m still so grateful for this connection. Being a huge Euphoria fan, I was naturally very nervous but overall ecstatic about the opportunity. He genuinely is the person you see on screen, extremely humble, kind, and very funny. I shot with Angus not too long before the second season of Euphoria premiered, and can remember being astonished by how quickly he became loved by everyone.” 

I Missed You Too (2021)

“A common theme I like to visit in my work is a rekindling of some kind. Whether it be two friends or lovers coming back together, the basis is a strong connection that stays with you. People move on, grow up, and move on, that’s life. But life can be very funny when you can’t seem to escape someone. This image is a representation of almost an exhale, the longing of missing someone being over, reuniting.”

Mandi Macias (2021)

“My twin brother, Miles Murphy is an extremely talented videographer, director, and editor. His passion grew from a young age and he’s inspired me creatively my entire life. Miles created the music video for Mandi Macias’ song “Some Nights” and I was in turn given the opportunity to create the album art. This was one of my favorite projects to work on because I got to do it with my brother and with an artist who wanted to be creative and trusted our visions. You get better results working with people like Mandi where the focus is the craft. Not your image, ego, but art. This is what that shoot embedded, truly just trying to make something great.”

Evacuation (2021)

“The inspiration for this photo came during the height of COVID-19. I was living in Las Vegas and visited the strip as it was entirely empty. Earlier in the day I watched the Blade Runner 2024 movie and was heavily inspired by the dystopian orange landscapes. Each building is a separate image, and through editing created the other worldly look. I wanted to emulate this strange time in everyone’s life during isolation and almost panicking within a small space.”

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