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7 Beauty Influencers Share Their Go-To Makeup Tips

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Influencer Makeup Tips Temp Photo 2

Makeup is a world filled with color, creativity, and fun. From bold lip shades to eye-catching eyeliner, the options are endless. But getting the makeup just right can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re trying new styles or looks. Wouldn’t it be great to get advice and makeup tips from the pros who have mastered the art of makeup?

That’s why we’ve reached out to seven beauty influencers and MUAs who know makeup inside and out. They’ve spent years finding what works best and have created some of the most exciting and trendy looks out there. From getting the perfect eyeliner to choosing the right shade of lipstick, these pros have shared their favorite makeup tricks and techniques with us.

Get ready to dive into a world of makeup magic with tips from those who know it best. Whether you’re a beginner looking for some basic guidance or you’ve been playing with makeup for years, these influencers’ insights might hold the key to your next favorite look. Their advice is practical, fun, and easy to follow, so grab your makeup bag, and let’s learn from the best in the business!

For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us more about yourself?

I’ve always enjoyed makeup and art as far back as a little girl, playing with my mum’s makeup. I’m Nepal-born, Hong Kong-raised, and lived half my life in London. So I have a mixed culture background that allows me to get creative and use my diversity in creating. For example, my love for K-Pop, makeup, fashion, and music, but I can also appreciate those same inspirations from US and UK trends and aesthetics.

And so you will see a mixture of all these cultures through my makeup looks and content on socials. It’s almost an identity crisis, but in a good way because I get to experiment with all!

What skincare practices do you incorporate to ensure a smooth and flawless makeup application?

I can’t stress enough how important skin prep is for a flawless makeup application! A smooth canvas = smooth application. See, I have dry skin, so I always make sure my skin is well-exfoliated and moisturized. I’ve been obsessed with the Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid Exfoliant and have been using it for the past five years. It’s minimized my pores, removes any dead skin cells, and leaves the surface of my skin feeling smooth. The next thing is to use a rich moisturizer to plump the skin. Just think of a dry raisin being injected with moisture.

With all your experience and expertise, what is the one makeup tip you believe everyone should try?

When doing eye makeup, always start with your bad side or the opposite side to your dominant hand. I’m all about symmetry, and this is the best way I’m able to achieve the most identical eyeshadow or eyeliner looks (Thank me later).

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to experiment with makeup and step out of their comfort zone?

Firstly, just do it, and see what makeup styles and colors suit you. If you’re learning from beauty creators online, make sure they look like you. I grew up watching beauty gurus on YouTube, and for the longest time, I wondered why my makeup didn’t replicate theirs, and only after going to makeup school did I realize that no two faces are the same. The makeup we apply on ourselves should be customized to suit our features depending on our face shape, eye shape, and skin tone, but again, just do it even if it looks crazy because that’s the only way you can learn!

Could you kindly introduce yourself to those who might not be familiar with you?

My name is Daniella, and I’m 24 years old. I’m a beauty and fashion content creator, licensed esthetician, MAC Artist, and a mom of two. 

How do you care for your skin to ensure your makeup goes on smoothly and flawlessly?

Skincare and skin prep are crucial to a perfect makeup application! I always start my makeup process with a fresh, clean face followed by a toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF, eye cream, lip care, and then finally, a primer to finish up my “skin prep” process. 

Given your vast experience and knowledge in the field, could you share one makeup tip you think everyone should adopt?

 One makeup tip I think everyone should adopt is blending out your under-eye with a fluffy eyeshadow brush followed by gently pressing in loose powder to set the eye area. I’ve always struggled with darkness and creasing underneath my eyes, but once I started freelancing and learning new techniques, I stumbled across this combination and haven’t looked back. We love a bright under-eye!

Do you have any suggestions for those who are considering trying new makeup techniques and challenging their usual style?

Yes! I’d say don’t give up on your first try. Makeup is a trial and error process with no set limitations or no wrong way of doing it. It’s all creative, it’s all personal, and that’s what makes it so great. Now suggestions for challenging your usual style, I’d say don’t be afraid to try new things. Try that crazy TikTok trend, you never know it may be your new favorite way to apply makeup, or it may make your makeup application process a lot more simple. 

Could you give a brief introduction of yourself for those who might not know you?

My name is Samantha, although on socials, I go by Asap Samantha! I’m a beauty content creator that does a little bit of everything. I create beautiful and aesthetic product videos, as well as reviews and makeup try-ons! I like to test out new makeup, jump on trends early, and I’m truly a sucker for all things pink! I mostly showcase affordable beauty products, dupes, and products that are easy to use!

How do you balance between following the latest beauty trends and maintaining your unique personal style?

I love a good makeup trend! I think that they’re fun, and they keep things fresh, allowing everyone to feel at home in the beauty community! That being said, I don’t chase trending products out of my budget, or things that I know I’ll never use as part of my routines! 

What’s a unique or unconventional makeup technique that you’ve discovered and you feel everyone should know about?

Okay, now hear me out: I have asymmetrical eyebrows, and I have the hardest time filling them in so that they look somewhat the same! That is until I started wearing glasses. I realized that using my glasses as a baseline, or a “level,” so to speak, allows me to compare the shape of both as I fill them in! It has helped me to learn how to draw them in symmetrically!

Do you have any tips on managing makeup during different seasons or weather conditions?

I’m a Canadian girl, and the weather where I live goes from freezing cold and snow to hot, humid air, depending on the season! My rule of thumb is, glowy and bronzed in the winter, and matte and minimal in the summer! I like to use the e.l.f Halo Glow to add color and shine back to my pale, lifeless winter skin, as well as load up on the bronzer!

That way, you still end up looking healthy and warm! For the summer, I make sure I load up on the loose setting powder to reduce oil and hold that makeup in place. I also like to keep things light – I go foundation free in the summer and just stick to using concealer only!

Could you kindly introduce yourself to those who might not be familiar with you?

Hi! I’m Allison Yang. I’m a beauty lover based out of NYC. I love focusing on more colorful beauty looks, and I am also a makeup artist! 
What are your thoughts on makeup trends emerging this year?

I have been loving all of the graphic looks that have been coming out of all the creatives! I love that we’re not using just our lid space anymore and expanding it to our cheeks, brows, and using the whole face as a canvas.

People used to just do those looks inside their rooms, and it would never see the light of day, but I’m so glad that people have been rocking more avant-garde looks outside and not just on social media! 

Given your experience, are there any particular makeup tricks or techniques you’ve found that you believe are a must-try for everyone?

The K beauty spatula technique where you use a spatula to apply super thin layers of foundation for the most natural-looking base, is definitely a technique everyone should try! It really makes a huge difference and puts into perspective how different application techniques can change your entire look!

Can you suggest a beginner-friendly makeup technique that anyone can try?

I think everyone should play around with different blush placements! One day place it on the highest parts of your cheek or only put it on the center of your cheeks. I think it’s really fun to play around with different placements to see what suits your face the most. Some days you’ll want a more lifted look or some days, you’ll just want the perfect “I just worked out” flush. All of these can be accomplished with different blush placements. 

For the newcomers to your content, could you give a quick intro about who you are?

I’m Kait, and I have a lifelong passion for beauty, but I work in the corporate world and need products that are easy to use, quick to apply, and last all day. My YouTube channel is review-based, and I like to look at beauty products through a critical lens to help my audience avoid unnecessary spending.

In a world where we’re constantly being told, “Run, don’t walk!” and “You need this,” I’d rather give people a reason to save money. 

From all the makeup wisdom you’ve accumulated, which makeup trick stands out the most?

One of my favorite makeup tricks is letting my concealer sit for 30 seconds before blending it. Concealers these days tend to have very stretchable textures, and that can be nice if you want something lightweight, but I need more coverage under my eyes. If you let your concealer sit under your eyes or on blemishes, the coverage will stay in place better, and then you won’t need to keep applying more (Or you can just buy a concealer with a more tacky finish).

How do you handle makeup mistakes, like a smudged eyeliner or overdone blush?

I make makeup mistakes constantly because I’m always in a rush. I tend to overapply blush, and when I do, I use my foundation brush to smooth over the cheeks to make the blush appear more seamless with my skin. I also have a heavy hand with bronzer, so I only use products that are sheer but buildable. For that, I recommend the Makeup by Mario Skin Enhancer, which is a super sheer bronzer that’s impossible to mess up!

If you had only five minutes to do your makeup, what would you focus on?

If I’m in a hurry, it’s all about the skin! Once I do my skincare routine and sunscreen, I’ll pop on a small amount of a full coverage concealer under my eyes (my favorite is Fitglow), a luminous blush, brow pencil, a tinted lip balm, and then I’ll finish by curling my lashes. Boom, good to go!

Could you kindly introduce yourself to those who might not be familiar with you?

My name is Anh Nguyen, I am a Vietnamese-American beauty influencer who has been doing both freelance and social media work for seven years. Doing makeup has been my outlet to maintain stress and has been a great way to channel so many different creative styles of me.


How do you care for your skin to ensure your makeup goes on smoothly and flawlessly?

Skincare is so crucial, I stand by using Korean skincare! For years I used whatever products that would get the job done, but by doing research over the years, I found that using “Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream” and “Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Power Essence” has elevated the way my makeup looks when applied. Not only are these my holy grails for skincare, but these products are also great for prepping too!

Given your experience in creating looks, could you share one makeup tip you think everyone should adopt?

Always go light-handed with any part of your makeup routine and gradually build up the intensity of your hard work. Take your time on making sure everything fits according to your skin type, face shape, and overall look you’re going for. 

Do you have any suggestions for those who are considering trying new makeup techniques and challenging their usual style?

It’s okay to fail and not be intimidated by new techniques. The beauty of makeup is being able to try again and customize makeup products to accomplish any look. The most important part is having fun with the process and expressing yourself to your heart’s content! 

Could you offer a quick self-introduction for those who are just tuning into your content?

Hey guys! I’m Sofia, a self-confessed beauty and skincare addict. I have been working and creating in the beauty space for around four years now, after entering the industry after an 8-year-long modeling career. I definitely prefer this creative space much more, and I love to get to share my love for products and brands.

You’re able to express yourself much more when you’re not a model, because you don’t need to be a blank slate for brands. This is one of the reasons I really love to express my individuality through beauty, jewelry, my hair color and get to try whatever skincare I want, without fear of breaking out before a job, haha!

Out of all the makeup techniques you’ve learned, what’s your go-to trick that always impresses?

Mary Philips’ Under Painting technique is one of my favorites. It focuses on laying down the “bones” of your facial structure, with cream contour and concealer, before adding your foundation and blush on top. I find that it really helps me create a natural looking contour, and make sure that I’m placing products in the most flattering location for my facial features.

What’s your secret to fixing common makeup blunders such as smeared eyeliner or excessive blushing?

How to fix excessive blush… Is there ever such a thing as too much blush? You could either embrace the strawberry girl trend and enjoy the blush moment, or you could (gently) apply a bit more foundation on top with your beauty blender. This would help to neutralize the blush and make your makeup look more cohesive.

When it comes to eyeliner, the MyKitCo have these precise cotton buds (The MY MINI ‘ON POINT’ BUDS™), which are perfect for getting your eyeliner super neat. Just clean it up with a bit of concealer and you’re all set!

If you were under a time crunch and had just five minutes for makeup, what would be your priorities?

I’d go in with a quick and natural layer of concealer, instead of foundation, to start with. Then I’d add a quick contour, and use that same product to get some color on my eyes too. I usually go with a very quick brow routine and a tinted brow gel takes 30 seconds to apply! Then mascara (obviously).

I can’t live without mascara… I’d then probably use the lip balm or lip stick as a blush too so that those steps are done really quickly! Then I’d finish with a quick spritz of setting spray and that would be me done in, hopefully, five minutes.