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40 Shades of Foundation: Meet BASMA Beauty

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BASMA Beauty

The Foundation Stick by Basma Beauty has a bright, magenta tube with the brand’s wordmark etched in it, making it easy to spot. TikTok users are unanimous in their praise for the formula within, which many claim that it works miracles by evening out skin tone, locking in moisture, and imparting a fresh, dewy sheen. It’s no surprise that videos tagged with #basmabeauty have amassed over 10 million views; after all, the product has been endorsed by celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and beauty expert Kristina Rodulfo.

Founder Basma Hameed shares that she spent years looking for the right cosmetics to help her feel more confident after suffering serious facial burns as a child. Working as a paramedical scar camouflage artist allowed her to perfect a method to successfully conceal imperfections while also matching the skin’s natural tone. Thus, BASMA Beauty was launched in the same vein, debuting with its Foundation Stick—creators across TikTok and Instagram love the product.

Using the foundation stick from the brand is hassle-free, and the company guarantees that it will not leave your skin looking oily. The addition of skin-loving ingredients including aloe vera, vitamin E, and apricot butter makes the stick easier to apply. The foundation stick is intended to cover up skin imperfections including sunspots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and rosacea, and it comes with a money-back guarantee to boot.

“I can’t believe my color matched perfectly on the first try! I was a bit skeptical and thought I might need to return it because I might have to go through a few tries before finding the right shade. I applied it as directed and it comes on so smooth and lightweight. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and it always either breaks or gets too cakes on my skin. However, with Basma Stick, I think I’ve found the one! Thank you for creating such a beautiful product!”

The brand’s highly coveted Foundation Stick comes in a whopping 40 shades that range from deep dark to light tones. #001, the deepest shade that the brand offers, is a brown hue made for neutral undertones while #040 is a pale color that works in the same vein. One thing that we love about the label is that you can compare your foundation shade to that of other brands as well as take a Shade Finder quiz to figure out which hue works best for your skin.

“I wish I could give these foundation sticks 10 stars! I am amazed at how spot-on the shade matching is! The emails with videos and links to IG posts showing shades I was considering and even DMs were extremely helpful,” one reviewer said. They added, “I love that I can use these foundation sticks as a base, contour, and highlight! I have dry, sensitive, mature skin. I prep my skin as I usually do, and the results are amazing. I am purchasing more to match my skin now that I have a little tan. If you’re hesitating about getting one, don’t! Just do it.”

Retailing at $40 USD, you can find The Foundation Stick via the BASMA Beauty website or at any of the brand’s partnering retailers such as Amazon.

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