Bailey Spinn Chats With Us About Going Viral, Beauty Tips, and More

Content creator and mega-influencer Bailey Spinn was motivated to start making videos after seeing the success of the viral POV trend on TikTok, and she has now established herself as a leading creator on several other platforms. She’s amassed a massive online following, including over 572 million likes and 13 million followers, thanks to her viral comic skits and point-of-view videos.

We caught up with Bailey Spinn to find out more about how she continues to go viral, her beauty routine, navigating the endless possibilities of social media, and much more. Scroll down to read the full interview.

TikTok has seemingly been a major gateway for you to reach millions of people through POV videos and various other content. What is it about the platform that gravitates you towards it?

TikTok is such an easy way to connect with fans in an instant. I’ve met so many new friends and content creators through the app as well. A short video can have a large impact in only a matter of minutes or hours. I was on the app since the beginning, when it was Once they switched over I did too, and it became even more addicting. I never had a way to express myself, but TikTok made it so easy to build a platform where I can be my creative self!

What does your creative process look like when making content, from initial ideas to rendering the final product that everyone gets to immerse in?

I usually pull an idea just out of thin air. My ideas are triggered by sounds, words, or even pictures sometimes. I’ve always been quite artistic, sometimes creating a whole plot just off hearing one song. I don’t typically plan out any videos, I turn on the camera and see where my brain takes us today. Usually, I take about 15 minutes to film and then have to edit for an additional 25 minutes. I like to let my creativity shine, following a script never felt authentic for me!

You’ve cultivated a massive audience across YouTube as well, particularly for your covers as of late—what kind of music are you into? What’s on your playlist now?

I’m a huge fan of rock/punk-rock music. I started weightlifting a year ago and would listen to it as a joke to hype me up, but I soon realized I loved it. Anything with electric guitar and drums is perfect for me. It makes me feel so powerful! My typical playlist includes Blackbear, Paramore, Maggie Lindemann, Machine Gun Kelly, Against The Current, Pierce The Veil, Chase Atlantic, Arctic Monkeys, and My Chemical Romance. Anything a little bit emo is right up my alley.

Obviously fashion plays another pivotal role in your life, how would you describe your style and in what ways does it empower you?

I would describe my aesthetic as rocker-chic. It took a really long time trying to figure out what clothing made me the most confident. Eventually, I started wearing darker tones, a lot of leather, and anything with holes in it. I take a lot of inspiration from musicians that I like, taking bits and pieces of their style to make it my own.

Ever since I started dressing a little darker, my confidence has gone up so much. I finally found a way to express myself on the outside and I felt like I could do anything. Wearing leather and chains lets me feel like a rockstar every day, and that’s exactly the dream I want to live. I’m empowered by my ability to express my interests directly through my clothing!

Similarly, skincare and beauty have the ability to make or break your confidence. What does your day-to-day routine look like?

I have a pretty simple routine day-to-day, only using about 4-5 products. I’ve always had acne-prone skin which is also very sensitive, so I made sure to find products that were right for me. I found using too many things made my skin even worse, so I stick to the basics.

I start out with an acne cleanser from Natiurum, scrubbing for about a minute to release any dirt or oils. After I dry off, I use a salicylic acid serum which is great for acne-prone skin! After, I use a moisturizer also by Naturium, my final steps are to apply an acne treatment to any spots I may have, and a lip mask! I have a pretty lengthy makeup routine as well, I do almost every step. I love to make my cheekbones pop with a ton of contour! 

As someone who is always in the public eye, what are your go-to beauty and wellness tips for navigating the world?

I always try to take care of myself to the best of my ability. It may be as small as just washing my face, taking a shower, or meditating just to feel put together. I believe that you should dress like what you want to achieve, so I always find ways to make my outfit represent my personality.

A cute outfit lets me feel confident day to day while feeling ready for a close-up at any moment. Every day I have a short skincare routine in the night and morning, which is so refreshing. I try to clean up after myself throughout the day, fixing any messes I may have made, to set myself up for success the next day. I also love going to the gym! Staying in shape not only makes me feel more confident, it’s a great way to relieve stress and get some happy endorphins!

Having gained millions of followers across social media, what’s one takeaway you would like to share with the women seeking to transcend traditional boundaries?

Don’t let the hate stop you, let it fuel you. Sometimes things will blow up for the wrong reasons, and you may be hurt by what others are saying. But through my time as a content creator, I’ve learned it’s important to look further into it. You have the confidence to put yourself out there every day, being vulnerable with strangers on the internet. The people hating on you behind a screen are either kids or someone with a heart full of hate.

Many of the comments come from a place of insecurity or jealousy, so don’t take it personally. People have nothing better to do with their time, and social media makes it easy to avoid confrontation. Instead of letting it hurt you, run with it. If they don’t like something that you’re doing it will just get them commenting, generating more traffic to your account. Sometimes you can even see what you can do to improve your content! 

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