Baby Tate

Baby Tate Shines Bright In Her New Song Pack “What’s Love / Sl*t Him Out”

Atlanta rap starlet Baby Tate returns with the release of her new maxi-single “What’s Love / Sl*t Him Out.” Both songs, which were teased on TikTok earlier this month, showcase Tate’s range as she explores new territory while also giving fans yet another raunchy bop.

“What’s Love” takes a more amorous approach as Baby Tate balances a feel-good contemporary R&B with a pop appeal about things not being what they seem in a relationship. The adjacent track, “Sl*t Him Out,” is filled with sexually fluid takes on the burgeoning subgenre of pussy-rap. It’s clear that Tate’s bars are abundant and flawlessly delivered on the latter, with the snappy pre-chorus chanting: “I said ‘Slurp me up like spaghetti’ / He thought he was a freak till he met me.”

Listen to “What’s Love? / Sl*t Him Out” below.

In other music news, Yiigaa continues her enthralling triumph with the release of her new single “Edge.”

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