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B-ahwe Opens Up About “Ride 2 Nowhere,” Dream Collabs, and More

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B-ahwe Press Photo

Breaking through the monotony of the ordinary, B-ahwe rides in with an exciting wave of artistic ingenuity. Born and raised in Nottingham, the 27-year-old songstress intertwines elements of her personal journey into her music, exploring relatable themes such as self-worth, mental health, and feminism.

Interestingly, music isn’t just a hobby for B-ahwe. It serves as a form of liberation, a means to escape, and a tool to empower. Just listen to her new single, “Ride 2 Nowhere,” and you’ll feel it. Produced by her close friend and collaborator, TAMBALA, this immersive sonic creation takes you on a vibrant, dream-like journey that marries perfectly with the musician’s compelling tones.

The track, which was co-created during a transformative trip to Vietnam, reflects their shared passion for adventure and freedom. B-ahwe has a unique ability to distill life’s complexities into something beautiful and relatable, and “Ride 2 Nowhere” is an exquisite testament to this talent.

The music video for the release is nothing short of a visual feast. Co-directed by Seb Luke Virgo and B-ahwe herself, the video showcases a tantalizing blend of animation and cinematography. It draws inspiration from the artist’s love for the fantastical, effortlessly reflecting the themes of escapism and liberation present in the song. The sets’ backdrops and the single’s artwork, crafted by the talented graphic designer and illustrator Ralph Berryman, further contribute to the narrative’s immersive portrayal.

Ahead, we got to chat with B-ahwe about “Ride 2 Nowhere,” her wardrobe, dream collaborations, and much more. Continue scrolling to read our conversation.

Hey B-ahwe! How is the year going for you so far?

Hey! 2023 has been a rollercoaster and we’re only halfway, I’m excited to see what the rest of it has coming. Been a lot of firsts and a lot of hard work, I can’t wait to share everything I have coming this year. But first things first, bring on the sun haha, how I’ve missed her.

Did you always know you wanted to do music? Do you remember a moment where it became a career that seemed a viable reality?

I think a part of me always knew, but I was a very shy kid who grew up in a working-class family in a tiny mining town where no one did music. Music didn’t seem like a possibility or an option at all, we were pushed to go study English or become a teacher. All I knew is something didn’t feel right about the options they presented to me, I didn’t make a decision about what to do after school and my anxiety kinda sat me back hoping for the path to present itself.

The day everyone got their A-level results, something switched in me, and I just knew I wanted to go study music, and I worked hard for two years working full time to pay for music classes for the grades I needed. And then, for ⅔ years at Uni, I battled with admitting I wanted to be a musician. I thought my family and everyone I knew would think I was mad because no one did that it was a mad decision to make. But everyone was incredibly supportive when I finally started admitting it out loud, even if they didn’t understand it. 

Congratulations on your new single, “Ride 2 Nowhere”! How did it feel to put out your first record of the year?

Thank you!  Ah, I’m mad excited. It really captures summer for me and is the beginning of so much this year. Beautiful to have it out living in the world. 

What was the inspiration behind the track? I know you’ve spoken about it helping you channel themes of liberation and escapism in the process?

Me and TAMBALA wrote it while we were traveling in Vietnam just before lockdown. It captures that moment of freedom and sense of self you regain when you get some space, regain perspective on everything you’re going through. Remember, things aren’t as bad as they seem, and actually you can do anything. 

It follows “Be True” and a string of other singles in 2022. How do you feel this track evolves from your previous release? Do you feel like you learnt things from the release of that track you’re putting into your new music?

Ride 2 feels like a new evolution of sound for me which introduces the new sonic world I have coming. The first tracks I’ve produced myself and working with new producers, which I’m excited to share. My previous singles have all been quite different, celebrations of the different genres I’ve been inspired by. I like to get lost in the world each song creates and the lyrical journey it inspires. I definitely feel I learn a lot from every release and grow with the next. 

Let’s talk about the visuals — how did the concept come along and what exactly were you going for?

The visuals for Ride 2 Nowhere were inspired by my love of the fantastical, which married well with the escapism themes of the tracks. Working closely with the artwork painter Ralph Berryman we brought the journey to life in a Mary Poppins painting moment, in the style of 1930s 2D animation. Falling through my desk, we enter my ethereal daydream on a ride to nowhere. Directed by Seb Luke-Virgo, co-directed and edited by me. The project was a real learning curve, with an absolute dream team. So happy with what we managed to achieve! 

Your outfits for the music video looked equally as exciting! Can you tell us a bit about your wardrobe?

The amazing Kami Jogee styled me on the video, with mainly UK independent designers. The beautiful hand-knitted piece in the moon scene is by designer Paul Aaron, I’m obsessed. The lush fluffy sleeves were by Senja by Maddie and the jewelry by Strictly Bizzness. The trousers were pieces I found by Manchester-based Murci. 

What artists would you love to collaborate with in the future?

I’ve been obsessed with Ego Ella May and Yazmin Lacey for a long time; that would be a dream. There’s so many amazing musicians and producers that I meet in London, I’ve found more and more that the perfect collaborations could be the person you least expect, so I remain open to where life takes me. You’re always magnetized to the right people naturally.  

And lastly, what personal goals have you set for 2023?

I have a lot planned for this year, which I can’t wait to announce, hopefully, you’ll come along for the ride! I have two London shows in July and I’ll be playing We Out Here festival. 

As for personal goals, I just wanna see through all the things I have planned this year and finish my vision to the highest standard possible and enjoy the process as much as I can. Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into it all, it’s all a real passion project.