Published: September 24, 2021

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Artists To Watch: Unusual Demont, Neila, & Nia Sultana

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Here at Raydar Magazine, we believe in spotlighting emerging creatives across music who have an undeniably irresistible sound and bring something unique to the culture. Check out this week’s list of artists to watch below!

Unusual Demont

Unusual Demont has been stirring up noise for the past few years and with the release of his latest EP, the LA-based musician is finally getting the limelight he deserves. After signing to Avant Garden, he recorded and wrote the entirety of the project in his home town of Madison, Wisconsin, detailing the conflicts he faced just trying to get by. Hues contains eight stellar songs, with some of my favorites being “Vanta” and “Gold.”

Speaking on the project, he shared, “This specific feeling and love for color hues blended into my making of music.” He adds, “The world is dark and I want this project and these songs to be a light, even if dim at times. I’m so excited to share these sounds and hope you enjoy.” Watch the video for “Vanta” below and let us know what you think!


Born and raised in South Florida, singer-songwriter Neila is a young daring beauty currently flourishing in the music capital of Atlanta, GA. With her eclectic and relateable mix of classic R&B and Pop, the songstress’ music reaches undiscovered planets with her wide range of vocals. Over the past year, she has continuously taken listeners with her through her journey of self-betterment, especially with this new single!

“Wanna Do It” is a pop bop of caution, a warning to copy cats, energy vampires, trolls, and anyone in your life that pushes you to the metaphorical edge of your patience. As a new artist, this is a bold stance, which is explained by Neila as “I’m just urging everyone to be themselves, there is only one you, only one person in this world that has your exact DND, only one person with your mind, why try to be like anyone else?” Watch the video below!

Nia Sultana

A Brooklyn girl through and through, Nia Sultana is a singer-songwriter who possesses a special edge in her music as she explores the beauty in the struggle while building comforting affirmations with every bar. Newly signed to Interscope Records, her potent blend of Quiet Storm soul and Nia’s lyrical nature delivers a tantalizing dose of R&B the world craves for.

Her latest single and video, “Ambience,” is definitely one to tune into. It’s a sensual and introspective track that calls to the goddess within accompanied by Nia’s honey-drenched vocals and heavenly instrumentals to complement the record. The visuals, very much like the song, transport us to Nia’s soothing world as she welcomes new energy into her life. Peep “Ambience” below!

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