Artists To Watch: Facesoul, Joyia, Charlie Noiir

Here at Raydar Magazine, we believe in spotlighting emerging creatives across music who have an undeniably irresistible sound and bring something unique to the culture. Check out this week’s list of artists to watch featuring Facesoul, Joyia, and Charlie Noiir!


A child of the diaspora, 27-year-old FACESOUL lives his life in service and offers his music as a form of medicine. He was born in Somalia and raised in London where he overcame hardships with a powerful determination to find and share the beauty that life has to offer. He’s since devoted his life to exploring his spirituality and solidifying the immense power of his voice, of which he refined within medicine circles.

His debut album, YSRA was born from his own healing journey following the passing of his close friend. Meaning “with hardship comes ease”, YSRA is the culmination of that self-exploration and his contribution to human healing and unity. His past releases, “Grow” and “Through The Dark” via COLORSxSTUDIOS beautifully display his brilliant artistry and unparalleled ability to create music that connects deeply with the soul. Watch the video to standout track “All I Need” below.


Canadian songstress Joyia unveiled her newest body of work, Baptism, an EP that is teeming with raw honesty and self-exploration. Baptism tells the story of her life thus far and draws on her early sonic influences of old R&B, soul, jazz, and bossa nova. She considers the project as a return to her roots, opening her heart to the creative process and finding her voice through the music.

Speaking on the project, she shares, “This was the first time I felt like my feelings were truly translated onto paper. Yes, this project is more acoustic than anything I’ve ever done, because it’s raw, and it’s authentic. It is the farthest I’ve ever pushed myself not only musically, but creatively.” Watch the video to focus track “Home” below.

Charlie Noiir

Like many creatives, Charlie Noiir used his art as a conduit to explore the nature of his closest relationships; the people around him, the state of his mental health, his pursuit of love, success, and happiness. Charlie Noiir has recently released “Poltergeist,” the second incredible single in the run-up to his debut solo album, the follow up to the STAYOUTLATE collective EP, FABERGÉ, and the ‘Northern Bars’ featured single, “REASONS,” released last month.

“Wrote this song on one of those days when people were asking me if I was okay and my answer was a lie. If you’re wondering right now though, I’m in a bless space and that’s on big bro,” Charlie shares. “‘Poltergeist’ is my next offering to y’all. My hope is that it encourages everyone who hears it to push through whatever holds them back…” Watch the Shak Chandra-directed music video below!

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