Artist To Watch: Big Jade

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Artist: Big Jade

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You can’t deny that several dozens of female artists are completely dominating hip-hop and carving their own lanes, surpassing their male peers in unimaginable ways. From artists like Flo Milli to Erica Banks, the Internet has projected several talented young women into viral fame. Amongst that list is the multifaceted rap artist Big Jade, who is globally recognized for records such as “Period Pooh” and “Respectfully” to name a few.

Big Jade was born in Beaumont, Texas, a city just hours out from major music capital Austin. As she describes her childhood, Jade says, “it’s seen as dangerous now but when I was a kid we literally stayed out all night. Everyone knows each other in the North end, we were just running wild and turning up.” The 26-year-old rap phenom later adds, “I was at the rec every day, I played basketball. Every store that was on the way to the recreational center I stole out of to get some snacks for my brothers and sisters. I had a lot of fun growing up.”

After watching her mother rap while she was young, Jade discovered her natural musical talent and began using her songs as an emotional outlet. “My mom was actually a battle rapper when I was way younger. When I got to elementary, she started going to the studio, and her and my uncle would freestyle all night. I had my little verse ready but I was scared.” Like mother, like daughter, Jade would eventually follow in her footsteps and put Beaumont on the map via her musical talents. Though she hints that it wasn’t her first pick, making a witty nod towards her dreams of being a comedian long before she touched a mic.

Although she was briefly held back by jail time, Big Jade moved forward with laying the groundwork for a rapidly-rising rap career as soon as she was released, driven by an overwhelming urge to establish herself as an industry heavyweight. Songs like “First Day Out” and “RPM” quickly laminated her as one of Texas’ most prominent artists to watch.

Another major part of Jade’s life is being a mother, emphasizing that her daughter means the world to her. “She’s going to do what she sees me do no matter what, there’s not much I can do about that. My daughter literally sits in her room and raps on freestyles all day, that’s how she plays,” Jade tells us. “I have to be the woman I want her to be because she’s going to copy what I do. In a sense, this is no longer about what I want to be anymore.”

With a social media following growing quickly every day, Big Jade has similarly become a role model for several other ladies who listen to her music. “Advice I’d give to young women that look up to me is find your own way. Don’t get caught up in worldly pleasures or what other people are doing. Just be the best version of yourself that you can be because you can sometimes get lost in the hype and everything going on in the Internet.” She further adds, “Saving your happiness is more important than all this other shit going on.”

Last year, Big Jade further leveled her career up by inking a life-changing deal with Alamo Records, the music powerhouse behind Lil Durk and Rod Wave amongst others. Having successfully navigated the digital realm with several smash hits under her belt, Jade was able to once again introduce herself to the masses as the effortlessly fun and confident artist she is. “I don’t live in the hood no more, I was living in the projects still doing shit that I shouldn’t have been doing,” she states. “It really changed my whole life. I stay in a whole ‘nother city now, I’m in a good neighborhood, my daughter goes to a good school district.” Jade further emphasizes how important it was for her to actually know people at her label and team when making the decision to sign. It’s a commitment that hopefully skyrockets the femme fatale into viral success and becomes a pivotal moment for several other women in rap.

Speaking on her goals, Big Jade shared, “we need that hit song and I got it. My long-term goal is just being able to actually have them streams up, literally to have everything musically going up. My short-term goal is to just consistently drop music, I want to have bookoo freestyles and music.”

With 2019’s BSBBJ in the rearview, Big Jade is already focused on what’s next. She’s only focused on music, thinking about her follow-up project and eyeing potential collaborations for the future. “I’m not going to lie, my hard down focus right now is music because that’s what I always wanted. I was never actually able to taste this shit properly because of money situations and legal troubles so now that I got everything I ever asked for,” she shares. This year is ultimately shaping to be one where Big Jade is the star player and thousands of fans are rooting for her success. “Anything that I did want to do is on the backburner, my mind is only on music.”