Anjelo Disons Breaks Down Records With Kali Claire, Rasida, & more

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Anjelo Disons is an exciting voice for the UK Jazz and Soul scene. The 22-year-old songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist exudes an expansive and soulful sound and is the founding member of the Jazz collective ‘The Oracle,’ which includes musicians who work with Tom Misch, Dave, Kali Claire, and Blue Lab Beats.

Working on many prominent projects and records over the course of this past year, Anjelo Disons stops by Raydar Magazine to break down his writing placements on records with Kali Claire, Mula, Rasida, and more. Read our conversation with Anjelo below.

Anjelo Disons – “Stay The Night” feat. Kali Claire

Kali is someone who has been key in my journey as a writer and producer. Phenomenally talented with an ear for melody, sonics, and what makes a song a record she will forever be one of my favorite people to work with. Despite writing several songs together, “Stay The Night” was one of the first songs we properly recorded together. I remember writing the song acoustically with Kali in a session we had.

I began writing the For The Love project and knew straight away it would have to be a single. I programmed the drums at my house before bringing the track to Jay Wilcox, a producer whom I worked with a lot at the time. We brought the amazing Dan Rogerson to grace the track with his guitar. Once Kali recorded her vocals the track really came together in a beautiful way. The rest is history! I look forward to releasing all the types of stuff me and Kali have made over the years.

Anjelo Disons – “Time” feat. Mula, Vels, Xngo

“Time,” like most of my songs, started in a jam with my brothers Jordan Hatfield and Wilf Cameron Marples that was recorded as a Voice Note. The Garden as a project for me is the first project of mine where I fully comfortably fit into the role of producer for my own music. I really looked to push myself sonically, musically on my instruments, and vocally.

Many songs of mine start in jams like that night with Jordan and Wilf but I usually don’t end up playing the instruments on the record. Being blessed with an amazing band like The Oracle means usually I’ll get one of them to play the parts on the record. That is why me playing guitar on “Time” meant a lot. I wrote the chorus with Jordan and Wilf to then go to the studio straight after to lay down the track. They did it one take!

I would write the song eventually and invite the talented Oracle Saxophonist Deji Ijishakin and Mula who brought in fellow Society of Alumni member Vels to bless the track with beautifully constructed verse. It was the last song written for the project but I knew straight away it had to be one of the first released.

S7VEN – “Nothing To Lose”

I’ve known S7VEN from secondary times and we’ve always been close since. Ridiculously talented, and intelligent S7VEN has always been a frequent collaborator from young. I worked on the production of this song with Lorenz and wrote the song in about two sessions. S7VEN then locked in with us to develop the song and took it to the next level for his project. S7VEN is someone who, like me, is an advocate of how good FL Studios is as a music program. I enjoy working with S7VEN as he pushes me to get the best out of the DAW, we also have many collaborations on the way.

Anjelo Disons – “Lullaby” feat. Rasida

Lullaby is a song that formed in a session with Oracle members Lorenz and Rasida. I remember programming the drum pattern before Lorenz laid down the phenomenal synths. We loved it, me and Rasida wrote our first verses and chorus within the first session !! Rasida is phenomenal to work with because of how musically talented she is, her ears are so good. A member of the Oracle band as a backing vocalist and one of my closest friends for years I’m excited to be releasing music with Rasida.

I’ve worked with Lorenz often, he is a true scientist in synthesis and sonics as we look to push the envelope in our production always. Conceptually the song is about your partner bringing you peace to sleep at night in a wholesome, comforting way. The playfulness of the beat and the childlike sounding synths is what gave us the inspiration to write.

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