Alysha RAYDAR Interview

Alysha Chats With Us About Her New Single “Lord, Help Me,” Influences, and More

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Alysha RAYDAR Interview

Whenever the clock strikes midnight, the world seems to come to a halt, and R&B artist Alysha‘s melodies comes to life. Her music is equal parts intriguing and enthralling because of the way it combines lo-fi neo-soul and throbbing R&B in its own distinctive way. With her velvety vocals and intuitive songwriting, the bubbling musician has established herself as a rising star in the music industry.

Born and raised in London, the Cuban-Indian singer has always been influenced by the sounds of the city. Her music captures the heartbreak and coming of age experiences that are all too familiar to many of us. Nonetheless, it’s not merely her words that make Alysha stand out; it’s also her distinctive style of music as a whole that has made her a 2023 prediction across the genre.

Alysha’s highly-anticipated album is slated for release this year, with the lead track “Lord, Help Me” written and produced by her and former collaborator Cassell. The song’s catchy hook is the result of the interplay between the nostalgic bass line, lighthearted vocals, and a smoldering neo-soul chord progression that departs from anything we’ve heard from the singer thus far. As she explores topics like envy, faith, and limits, it’s clear that Alysha’s musical personality has matured with time.

“Following in the footsteps of some of my favorite gospel and soul artists… the lyrics discuss my exploration into spirituality—and the realization that I had to fill the void I found within myself,” she shared regarding the record. Alysha continues, “That it wouldn’t come from anywhere else.”

For our latest interview, Alysha chats with us about “Lord, Help Me,” exploring the different sides of her artistry, and her bucket list for the year. Check out our conversation below.

What did you learn from being in the modeling space and starting off in such an audience-facing role that has helped you now with navigating being in the public eye as an artist?

I’m very comfortable around cameras now and I can get away with acting things in front of others without feeling weird about it.

How do you balance the pressure of building in public with making sure your output is truly representative of yourself?

I’m not sure, I think I’m rebuilding myself always, especially now as I’m growing into a woman.

Let’s talk about your new single, “Lord, Help Me,” what inspired the making of that song?

God. My relationship with God and how I want to be this perfect person through His eyes although he already thinks I’m perfect.

I want to get into the music video for the record as well, which you teased on socials, because it looks truly amazing. What was the creative vision behind it?

I always knew what I wanted when thinking about a music video for this particular track so it was very cool when I got treatments sent back. I would say a medieval gothic church and the director even mentioned Morticia Addams on the day of the shoot which we all agreed with. It came out really well.

This is your first record since your hiatus—what have you been creating in the meantime and what made this record “the one”?

I’ve been creating much darker music which is more representative of both me and my style now. I actually wrote this song just over two years ago but as soon as I came up with the melody for the chorus, I knew I was going to love it.

What artists or creatives, if any, do you draw influence from when you’re working on music?

To be honest I gain inspiration from all sorts of music but recently I’ve been gaining my inspiration from fashion and art, especially Martin Margiela and Rick Owens, two of my favourite designers, as well as Francis Bacon’s art pieces.

For you, the avenues and vehicles of expression that you can turn to are endless. How do you think music and fashion are intertwined?

They’re both creative things and as a creative person, I believe all creative things go hand in hand but for me, music is the most important creative art.

Considering everything you’ve been able to accomplish at such a young age, what’s been your biggest pinch-me moment so far?

Being able to travel to Miami and record music there. 

This past year has certainly been a learning experience filled with growth, do you have anything on your bucket list for 2023?

This year, I want to study new things and new techniques, I’ve been taking up both DJing and bass guitar lessons. I’m also taking up classical singing lessons. I pray that this year will be the year my career as an artist skyrockets.