Published: March 21, 2022

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

All Eyes Are On Chris Patrick

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Love, heartbreak, college loans, and determination: Chris Patrick weaves it all into numerous mixtapes and songs that narrate a story of its own. Born and raised in East Orange—a city in New Jersey—he attended Rider University followed by a handful of jobs before taking the music route seriously.

Chris Patrick made his way around the Internet through a series of SoundCloud releases, from freestyling over cult classics and original songs of his own. His music can be described as none other than an extension of himself, encompassing all of his dreams, pain, and circumstances over heaving bass and synths. We were formally introduced to the artist upon the release of 2020’s “Dreams,” a record that depicts creating a destiny of your own while trying to sustain. Elsewhere, Chris made some major waves with his Deante’ Hitchcock-assisted track “Typical Shit,” which currently sits at just under 1.8 million Spotify streams.

Towards the tail end of 2020, he dropped off his critically-acclaimed EP From The Heart, Vol. 2, a follow-up to his previous full-length. Among several deep-cutting records that have amassed tons of plays, “3AM” and “Peace of Mind” stand out as songs that are not only irresistible but display his range as a musician. As a young musician, there’s a great deal still to learn and, as a result, a great deal to share which is shown throughout his catalog. The following year, Chris Patrick dropped off cuts like “Gang Activity,” “Insane,” and fast forward to now, the artist is preparing to release his forthcoming project X Files.

As Chris Patrick states in “Up Now,” his previously released song, “We been down so long, we deserve to see a check ’cause we up now.” His creative efforts allow him to be change incarnate. For the New Jersey native, it’s indisputable that the sky is the limit and with everyone rooting for him, he’ll reach new heights soon. Stream his discography below.

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