AlienBlaze Lovesick RAYDAR

AlienBlaze Opens Up About Her Latest Single “Lovesick”

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AlienBlaze Lovesick RAYDAR

AlienBlaze has traversed multiple worlds, echoing in her a musical cosmos that transcends genres. Drawing on the isolation of her youth, she breathes life into the “alien” in her name, merging herself with an outsider identity that has defined her artistry.

In her latest incarnation, she unleashes a genre-bending anthem, “Lovesick”, featuring artist OmenXIII. This is not a simple foray into rock meets rap; it’s AlienBlaze staking her claim in a newly minted universe of sounds, commanding the scene with her hard-hitting guitar work and poignant lyrics that echo in the hearts of her listeners. “I’ve always envisioned ‘Lovesick’ as a tortured love song, but with the interplay of OmenXIII’s verse, it elevates into something more— an intensified duet that illuminates the convergence of our individual styles,” AlienBlaze reveals.

True to her moniker, AlienBlaze is not content with blending into the musical landscape. Instead, she carves her own path, touching on universal themes from the common trials of young adulthood to more poetic expressions of nature and pathetic fallacy. Her artistry, while undoubtedly shaped by her unique experiences, extends an inviting hand to listeners across the globe, allowing her passionate narratives to be interpreted by listeners alike.

Celebrating the release of her new single and the fascinating fusion of rock and rap that it brings, we sit down with AlienBlaze to discuss the inspiration behind “Lovesick,” touring, and her style among other topics. Continue scrolling to read the full conversation.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. How did you get started with your musical career? Have you always known you would be an artist?

Actually no, being an artist is something that just kind of happened! Originally I just wanted to be a lead guitarist in a band and I first picked up the guitar when I was 15. I wanted to be able to play like my guitar inspirations Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains and Slash. But I found getting a band together was very difficult, so I decided to learn to sing as well and found myself making more alt-pop and alt-rock music as just an artist. I still play guitar on stage at my shows though. 

Your latest single “Lovesick” introduces a new hybrid world of rock meets rap, featuring OmenXIII. Can you dive into the creative process behind this track and what it was like collaborating with him?

It was so amazing collaborating with Omen on this track. I’ve always wanted to do a rock rap and a duet. Omen really loved the vibe of the song and wanted to be on it and I really feel his verse makes the record. The song was also produced by the artist Kid Brunswick and it was really great working with him too on this track. 

What kind of feeling dominates when you listen to your music or what do you want your listeners to feel when they listen to your music?

I believe that listening to music is a unique experience for each person, so I couldn’t say. However, for me personally, I like my music to make me feel empowered and badass, so I hope it does the same for others. 

I feel like it’s about finding a balance between being in your personal experience and in those basic human emotions everyone can relate to. Do you feel like your work is super personal and focuses on things that you’re going through?

It is very personal, yes, I suppose in part because I first started playing the guitar and getting into being an artist when I was very ill. I missed years of school and couldn’t do anything or even leave the house, so music was therapy. 

Being that your sound and look as an artist is very much influenced by rock and grunge music, how do you use beauty and style to convey or express your identity?

I believe fashion is so important and actually, a part of the music. I feel like you can’t have one without the other, for instance like how Vivienne Westwood and punk fashion was a key part of the punk movement and scene. I am actually personally very inspired by high fashion and creating looks that are still rock and grunge but also have an element of high fashion design. I also make a lot of my own clothes and like to upcycle them, inspired by other designer pieces I’ve seen. 

When it comes to fashion, what types of looks do you usually gravitate toward?

I love to wear clothes that make me feel empowered, so it can be anything from a vegan leather top and trousers set to a Diesel dress to something I’ve hand sew myself! 

And what are you most excited about in regards to touring?

Two things: planning my outfits for the tour and hopefully going out on stage and inspiring more girls to learn to play guitar.